My Car is Fix!


Waking up early on Sunday is a waste. If it wasn’t my car brake got problem. I should be sleeping comfortably like an angel. Argg…after having my breakfast and met up with my friends. I bring my car to Mastiah Tyre and Accessories car workshop to check my car in industrial area in Kuala Belait. It turns out my brake water pump (I think) is totally fuck up and can’t be replace any small parts inside the pump. My only choice is replacing it and took me at least more than two hours waiting over there because I asked them to check my brake at the same time including servicing and replacing oil filter.




Everything turns out to be good news to me as my brake still can used for longer period. I remember my last replacement on my brake was one and a half years ago. Manual car really saved my money on maintenance and replacement parts if you maintain it well. It’s quite an old 90’ Toyota wagon and still working good conditions. A lot of people have asked me if I want to sell it. I never consider thinking about selling off. But still, I better keep it for work and not to mention the body is harder comparing to the new car these days. It might save my life on the dangerous crash, I guess. If you happen send your car for servicing and replacement parts in Kuala Belait. You might want to check out Mastiah Tyre and Accessories car workshop.


Mastiah Tyre and Accessories

  • Block 1 No.B6 Kompleks Perindustrian Pekan Belait,
    Kuala Belait
  • Tel: +673-3332853

Saturday Fever - March 2008

I just read the local news today about the anti-piracy watch article at My country has been selling pirated stuffs almost more than ten years by now. Now they are still talking about copyrights for so many years that never once seeing them taking any real actions against the music and movies shop selling them in the public. Well, no one will buy the original if the movies and music are selling so expensive. Our local online QQestore do talks about the people looking for genuine products, I am one of them and Vista is in my list. But I am afraid will not buy in Brunei as they are selling too expensive, unless they pull the price down maybe I will reconsider it. For now, I am waiting for my original C&C 3 Kane Wrath expansion limited edition and DOW 40k expansion from Singapore. Damn I can’t wait to play the Red Alert 3 Beta!!!


I also went to the car workshop to check my car. It just happen again my car got fuck up on the brake and I’m going to send it over tomorrow morning to fix it if there is necessary replacement needed. I was told to be going to folk out B$180.00+ just for the new part, FUCK!!! I told the guy I’m going for the second hand instead. Whenever I wanted to get something change this year, it just always had to turn out so BAD! Thanks to my sister fuck up my car. She is going to pay for half and I don’t care.


My mom is also starting to become disturbing, she likes expecting me to buy her a new DVD player this year. It seem like she doesn’t how bad my current financial are like these days (Otaku, hehe…). This is the reason why I do not have any chance to get out of the country and join any tour all these EIGHT years! I simply starting not going to give what she want these days, she is becoming spoil and spend too much on unnecessary things that shouldn’t buy in the first place. I have to stop her.


Anyway, for the latest blog update. Xia Xue wrote a good article going to Langkawi recently. My cousin also went there last month and he loves it. Lampe Berger Help also got a few latest update posts. Its worth to check it out if you are curious about the DCHL pyramids (SCAM @_@) program. Those of you who used Google blogspot, Download Squad got a very good articles guide and teach you how to make you blog look professional and tidy! Check it out!


For the local site, Brunei Kitani is offering a free registration on for setting up your own local blog. The blog is using Wordpress, and I’m not sure if they allowed you to put up any advertisements but you can check with them if you are interested. According to Brunei FM, they said Brunei Kitani is the first local blog offer email and blog. But to me it’s they are not the first one who done this. I already forget the name of the previous one I apply before. However, I have to admit the previous they didn’t offer free email. What’s the point having one if you already had one? Grab it while it’s still available.

The Forbidden Kingdom

This is a must watch list movie of the year. Love it!


"A discovery made by a kung fu obsessed American teen sends him on an adventure to China, where he joins up with a band of martial arts warriors in order to free the imprisoned Monkey King."



As part of Chinese myself, I have been watching the latest Tibet news closely on Youtube and of course, follow up the headlines on the internet. I never knew the hatred blow their mind away and started the serious protest ever and seeking for Independence in Tibet this year. While the Olympic is so damn close, the Chinese Government didn’t realize this protest would break out so badly. Well, they deserved on this originally if the bloodshed and war didn’t happen 50 years ago. This kind of things cannot be easily forgotten and forgiven. This will still pass on to the new generation.


It’s hard to trace how the development from the past until now especially when Tibet is one of the best place to tour. There could be the financial issue and maybe probably the good benefit only goes to the China that causes so much heat on the Tibetans. But as far I little know about it, the China did indeed spend quite a lot of money improves the Tibet and that’s the fact. However, I was really surprised they were so many rural towns and people living there after watching the news video.


Doing peaceful protest is ok, but hitting people who are innocents are truly not acceptable. I heard there is a Chinese woman ear got cut off by the protestors when she tried to save two young girls. But both of them are safe and only the women lose one ear as reported. Maybe I should visit there one day when things cool down.

Shutter 2008 - Remake!

This movie was original director from Thailand and they are pretty good. ^^ I didn't expect it there will be remake by the Japanese director and not to mention it's an English version. We will see if this new one is better than the previous one. Love watching horror movies with my light off. BOOO!!!


Good News To All eSpeed Subscriber

That's right, if you haven't know what good news is coming from Telbru. All espeed residential subscribers will be paying only B$68.00 (512kbps) for monthly rental starting this upcoming May and will be automatically change on the system, so all of you need not worried according to the official. The modem price also affected and gone down from $100.00 to B$65.00. This also includes the corporate subscriber’s monthly rental pricing which is also half the discount.




The espeed pricing at the official website also have been revised and you can take a look on the official registration page. You may wonder why this sudden moved has been secretly going on in Telbru. According to some source (rumors), there is a new internet service provider coming in to Brunei soon. Not much information was told, but the company somehow offering WiFi internet services to home subscribers. If that is true, we might see yet another competition for the internet.


For the time being, don’t take too much on my words. But the new espeed pricing is definitely a joy for us.

Order Kane Expansion & Soul Storm

This few months has been too quiet for PC games release. I can’t play Supreme Commander RTS game because it needed high-end gaming system to run which is kinda suck. I can’t play Crysis FPS game because I can get sick easily with it. Well, it doesn’t mean I can’t play the others! That’s why today I decided to order Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars: Kane Warth Expansion and Warhammer 40K: Soul Storm expansion.


Buying C&C title is totally worth it! This time around they bundle with Razer RTS mouse, DeathAdder. And it cost only S$89.00 all together. Damn this is the best collection I can’t miss out! Due to this sudden online purchase, I decided to cancel some Gundam orders at and control my budgets for next month carefully including replacement brakes for my car. T_T;;; Hate my sister, doesn’t know how to drive. The brakes are badly gone.


Warhammer 40k Dawn of War is also one of my favourite games and Soul Storm expansion will not missed out in my list. I already figure this new expansion would come out because of the ending at Dark Crusader. Well hope I can get both of them next month. The shipment is becoming expensive I have to say, thanks to the stupid oil price rise recently that affecting the whole market and I am still worried about my online purchase in Japan. Tomorrow will be quite busy from my worked. Hopefully I am able to manage it to solve my purchase soon.


Anyway, don’t miss out the great price bundle for C&C expansion. Go to Gameshop Singapore to get it.


To Miri!

I was off to the neighboring country last Thursday. It’s been a long time since I step out of my house and went for some visit after two years. That’s why my passport pages are so clean without any stamps. Since it’s been a long time I didn’t travel to Miri. I decided spend my public holiday down there for little fun instead enjoying only watching animes and playing games. I really need some new air to relax and also look for my Utada Hikaru latest album recently just hit the store.


miri_21082008 (4) (1024x768)miri_21082008 (9) (1024x768)

(Photos Taken by Nokia N80 & Resize to 1024x768)


We first head over for lunch at 2020 place, around 10.30AM before we headed over to Mega Mart for doing exchange money. I really missed the foods there and I was like an idiot who hasn’t eaten for a few days. It was so damn delicious (sorry the picture is a non-MUSLIM food). After that we head straight over to Goldsmith for exchange money. The exchange rate is 2.29 (Thursday), which is quite good for us, Bruneian. I decided to exchange for B$100.00 for just in case my mom needed it. She is a money spender! Damn! No money for Figures and Gundam! ^^;;; Well, it’s our turn to take care my mom. But she can't stop me being Otaku!!!


Quite sad I have to say. It was so boring in Mega and I just follow around with my mom. We stop by at International Optical Co while waiting for my sister looking her new frame and purchase on contact lens. According to her friends, that shop was quite popular and not to mention they are many nice frame selections can be found there. There’s one more shop for some Chinese and Malay manga reader. There is one Chinese shop selling hugh manga on the second floor. If I am not wrong, there are English version too.


miri_21082008 (11) (1024x768)miri_21082008 (12) (1024x768)

(Photos Taken by Nokia N80 & Resize to 1024x768)  


Next stop, we headed to Parkson. After a long year I haven’t visit the place. Parkson is still a great place to shop and not to mention I finally found some Mugenbine toys actually selling over there. But damn, in the end I still didn’t buy it even there is 20% discount promotion. >_>;; I also went to check out if I could find Utada Hikaru latest album. By the time looking for it, I ended at the Popular book store. This is where you can find tons of books. There are so many people over there looking for books and checking out new recent release novel. If you are crazy book lovers, I’m sure that is the place for you.


I went to the upper last floor for my last sightseeing. I didn’t even expect that place has a cinema. That is the biggest reason why many teens like to hang out there. Of course, the Boulevard IT Superstore was there too. They are doing quite well these few years in the Miri market. I brought two CD-RW blank discs while I was there. The store is not as big as the one at original Boulevard building. You can still find tons of accessories and blank disc over there. I was surprise seeing them selling the DVD Dual Layer blank disc which cost RM$8.50 each. I also check out the speaker especially the Edifier products. Well, some of them are quite nice actually and the looks might not look that good. But judging by the looks is wrong I had to tell you that. I owned one of them and until now, the sounds are still beautiful and strong. I will never buy Altec Lansing. Why? They suck, that’s why!


miri_21082008 (17) (1024x768)


I was as tired as I decided to go to Sugerbun and order a drink. Love the ice Choco Loco, they are pretty nice including some chickies. Whenever the Bruneian goes down to Miri, they will definitely stop at Sugerbun or KFC or McDonald fast food restaurant. No other particular reason I think and it’s cheaper eating there. Parkson is also a really good place watching pretty girls too. XD I also met my clients and cousin back there.


miri_21082008 (24) (1024x768)


Our last location was Boulevard centre. Same as always, bunch of shoppers! I went up straight to second to E’Ling Reflexology Centre with my sister to get a foot massage and it cost only RM$24.00 for half an hour. That is considering enough for me as it was painful to keep going for another hour. That is also proofs I am not healthy. My sister when for another back massage and I decided to head over to third floor looking for my friend working at the PC shop near the Boulevard IT stores (again). Have a nice chat with him since I didn’t meet him for two years. Oh well, talk most about the schools and the PC stuffs. After that, went to check out for Utada Hikaru again. It seems to be nowhere to be found in the shops. The most unimagined things are that most of these music shops are selling more VCD & DVD movies than music. I am hardly able to find many of them right now. I think because probably the pirated copies causing them a bad business all these years. Of course same goes to the internet torrent. So Sad I couldn’t find Utada Hikaru album instead. So I decided to check out the rest of the shops to see what stuffs I could get there. Few minutes later, I found a shoe store name Meliwah Sports Centre. The shoes are pretty nice I have to say and spend quite a while over there choosing a right one. I wanted to get those shoes with graphic on it a long time since it look pretty cool and finally found a right one. But I can’t believe there are no available sizes for me to wear. In the end, I got a sport type alike. It looks good for me as it’s a non-graphic and simple. Check the picture below.


miri_21082008 (21) (1024x768)IMG_1903


I was supposed to get the brown color version, again, no more big size for my foot. Well, got it for RM$41.00 only and decided to wear to work next day. After finished buying my shoe, I went to buy some foods and wait for my mom and sister on the ground floor before you go for dinner before we head back home to KB. My leg was so tired after massage and muscle is starting getting pain. On and all, it was a nice one day trip and watching babes. ^^;;;

MG Shin Musha Gundam & More!!!

WHAT??? I was totally surprise Bandai would releases a samurai Gundam, a well known name Shin Musha. I am looking forward getting this one. But damn! Going to lose another 4,725 yen and possible another purchase together with other order after I find the pre-order listed in HLJ. I think this time around I will focus more on buying spray paint and accessories.


  • MG Force Impulse Gundam - May, 4,200 yen
  • MG Shin Musha Gundam - June, 4,725 yen
  • HGUC Zaku FZ - May, 1,260 yen
  • 1/100 Overflag - May, 2,310 yen
  • HG Tieren Space Type - Sergei custom, May, 1,575 yen
  • BB Senshi Sangokuden Kakouen Dalas - May, 630 yen
  • HCM-Pro Gundam Deathscythe - June, 2,940 yen
  • HCM-Pro Tieren Space Type Set - June, 3,360 yen
Dates not set for the following:
  • 1/100 Tieren Ground Type
  • 1/100 Gundam Avalanche Exia
  • 1/100 Gundam Astraea Type F
  • HG Enact - Saachez custom
  • HG GN-X
Muahaha, can’t wait to get it!

Picture & News source: ngeekhiong Blog & Gunota Headlines

Free One Year McAfee VirusScan Plus 2008

HA!!! Another free full version anti-virus from McAfee. I'm not sure if they allowed Bruneian to used it. But I somehow manage to get it free download and account including printable receipt. ^^ I will install it once I reach home after work.

This is full version contains VirusScan Plus 2008 6 in 1 PC Protection from viruses, spyware and hacking so you can safely surf the web. I recommend using it on Vista or WinXP and also make sure you have enough memory ram loaded in your PC, at least 1GB is required. It might overkill your PC and laptop performance if you only have 512MB. Good luck with the free download while it still available.

Will I Buy DIY PC Parts in Brunei?

Probably for some accessories, but my answers will always "hell NO!!!" for high end parts when it comes with buying in Brunei. I have been monitor Brunei PC markets for such a long time and it just causing more nightmare for me running away to neighbouring countries instead. It’s not like I do not want to support local business. They just make the price like a joke or something especially when it comes with worst warranty ever. I will never buy a hardware warranty carry only three to six months which is ridiculous and imagine you are paying for a high price for it. I think the worst warranty ever I have seen so far is the CPU sold at QQeStore. I laugh so hard when they told me they only cover only for ONE month warranty. I wonder if there are idiots in Brunei would buy it. Luckily QQeStore decided to remove from their list, I check few days ago. If QQ want to dominate the PC market in Brunei, the only simple way is get the original warranty cover directly from the manufacturers just like how Malaysian and Singapore did.


Although I don’t want to grantee about that, after my hard drive were having problem. I only paid $15.00 only for the shipping sending back to the manufacturer for repair. I did pay around one time more the purchase but it was definitely worth it for three years warranty. In Brunei, you can just dump to the rubbish bin after six months if anything happen on it. But you can tried to bring down to Miri to see if any PC vendor willing to help you to send back to manufacturer for repair and that’s the only I can see this way.


Only few things I can't really deny and I have to admit on buying new PC desktop and laptop are more affordable in Brunei comparing to other countries. Of course, there are also few reasons why we can get such a good price when it comes to pirated operating system. But some idiots still went all the way to neighbouring countries to get it which I still don’t understand these days. Every desktop PC and laptop covers one year warranty in every country, unless you purchase extended warranty. If you are local staying in Brunei. Just get it at your nearest PC shops and if anything happen you can go directly to them instead spending another fee going back to neighbouring PC shops for warranty. What a waste of time and trouble after seeing some people and even my customers doing that. Who knows they simply like to do that. >_>;


Anyway, if you are buying new hard drive, memory rams, main board, graphics card or processor in Brunei. Please do remember asked them about the warranty and check if they able to give at least one year and if they can send it back to the manufacturer for repair. Let’s hope it really does happen. But its better than nothing if that really happen!

Sad News In Town 2

I just read the full news on Saturday BB last weeks. They finally responded about my earlier post about the public complained the fire fighter were late for one hour. Here’s the response:


On web site reports of late arrival of fire fighter during the KB fire that killed seven people, Assistant Director of Operation Awang Shabandi bin Hj Halim said: "We received the call at 3.51am from a policeman using a mobile phone. The KB fire station responded to the call and arrived at the scene within three minutes. The account of the fire happened one hour before the Fire and Rescue team arrived is not true. The time of the emergency call was recorded in a device."


Well, not sure if they are referring to my blog. >_>;;; But are you satisfied with their answer? My concern is not the emergency call. Phone call and arrival time is totally a different story to me. Only the witnesses at the scene know the answer very well. Since I was not there, I do not want to accuse the fire department are lying and admit that really happen on that night. Like I said earlier in my previous post, many of them told me they only see the fire fighters from Seria. I also watch the video someone who record it down before the fire started not long ago and neither do I see any fighter were arrived within three minutes after watching that clips.


Please note that this video was record by someone else I do not know and I did not get it because I do not want to get into any trouble. I’m sure this video has been passing around using Bluetooth phone. However, somebody actually dare to upload it to Youtube and that guy even said “Satu saja, Bomba? Bodoh!” (Only one fire bombo? Stupid!) So, are they from the KB or Seria fire department? I do not know either.


Here's the video from


Offensive Comments in Your Blogs

I can’t believe somebody actually writes and complained about the users leave offensive comments in Borneo Bulletin Opinion page. I find it very funny about this blogger, I wonder if he or she really knew about the feature called comment moderations system? Here’s the funny complain post::


I am a frequent blogger and have been blogging for years. Recently there have been some offensive comments originated from Brunei posted on my blog.

I am unable to track down who posted the offensive comments but only know they are Bruneians.


Does Brunei deal with cyber crime like this like in Malaysia or Singapore where the offenders can be jailed or fined?


This incident has made me emotionally disturbed and I am too afraid to go to school to face everyone who knows me.


Luckily, my family and friends gave me strong support to ignore the offenders and face them.


They are wondering why don't I just shut down the blog but why do I have to end my hobby just because of some unknown offenders?


For your information, currently Brunei's tourist ambassador and famous star, Wu Chun, is also using this blog as he is well received in Taiwan.


I don't want to delete all the messages sent and also the photos already uploaded.

- Blogger


It is dealing with offensive comments such a problem? I think the spam comments are far worst then that and I hated that. Now, my point here is that, why do you need Brunei to deal with Cyber Crime on your blog? Did that person criticize our His Majesty and the family? Did that person leaking Brunei Governments secret documents and the unknown stories? Is that person stalking you every time on the internet and harassing you with your own modify pictures even disturbing phone calls? I am really interested on checking what the hell those bad local offensive comments and see it myself.


If that person violated one of the above questions I have asked. Then you can phone the local police to take action on that local users. If that person only personally attacks your blog, then it might probably one of the students from your schools or even likely your own friends. Any other possibility can be happen or maybe that local really hate you in the first place. It just depend on how you going to deal with the harassing or offensive comments. You can either close your comments or used the moderation for approval comments to protect your blog. That is the best solutions to deal with it.


I think every bloggers or non-blogger should already know the rules. Once you start running your own blog including posting the photos (your own too). You are already facing danger by putting yourself online. No one in Brunei will be able to protect you on the internet world. By the way, I’m not trying to attack the writer on the BB opinion, because I find this kind of complains doesn’t make sense in the first place.

avpo/avmo.exe Removal - Revisit

I just got my SD G Generation Spirits PS2 game not long ago and I was totally addicted with it without realizing to write something on my blog. Anyway, as for now, I believe many of you out there might have problem getting rid of these nasty avpo.exe and avmo.exe viruses from your desktop PC and laptop especially the flash drive in Window XP. Not many anti-virus program able to detect it (even today), even if they do, it only manage to cleans or delete certain files only.

After a long search for tools on the web for solutions, this is currently the best tested utility known as Dr.Web CureIt tool manage to clean many related avpo.exe and avmo.exe. But I still find some lacking in cleaning remaining left over related unknown files in system32 folder. Restore the previous Window XP hidden folder setting and unlock back the Task Manager including remove from the startup programs is not a problem for me. Only for those who have no knowledge on computers might have a hard time dealing with this annoying virus and carried all the way to the PC repair shops.

Well, today I am going to spoil the PC companies business a bit. I was lucky to found someone at My Geek Side blog written a best removable script with less than 1kb to help to clean your Window XP. I have tested it and it’s safe to use with one click. This is the best one so far I could find on the internet and it’s recommend to saved it in your flash drive incase you caught again from other users.

For more information and instruction (must read), please visit the blog for download. Please note that there is latest script for enable or disable Autorun USB device as an optional. However, for safety reason, I would advise you to choose and download the script with disable Autorun version to prevent any infected flash drive auto load into your Window XP.

*Learn More About avpo/amvo.exe (known as Trojan.AutoRun.A) at PC in Danger.

Why Mac Book Air Is Not Likely A Good Choice

I don’t hate Mac Book Air or dislike it as a Window fan boy. I simply don’t like the concept of its design and how it ended without any DVD drive with it or upgrade might eventually causing it problems in the future. People might think that it’s a cool gadget to own. But to me, I would rather prefer go get normal laptop that have a room expansion and upgrade in the future long run. Cool looking laptop doesn’t really worth buying as it doesn’t last long for years and not to mention everyone knows Mac book Air hardware are expensive. Well, unless you have money to burn then Mac Book Air is for you. But I would rather get an iPod Touch if I am going to burn my money.

News has been floating around everywhere complaining or talk about bad thing on Mac Book Air. But I still like this Gone, Without a Trace article on how he lost his Mac Book Air, which is quite logically and understandable why it’s call ‘Air’.

Room Cleaning For March 2008

My Cooler Master prizes are coming shortly and my current room is quite occupying especially by the storage and old table. It was annoying actually. Both of them take so much space and causing very dirty on the floor and hard to clean up sometimes. So I decided to do some adjustments and extra work space for PC repairing including better access to my parts. What I did here is just simply put my storage cabinet on top of the old table. Since it’s not heavy and I don’t use the table often. I better off putting there, not to mention old table still not shaking for more than 30 or 40+ years which I got it from my Grandmother when I moved into my father house. Imagine those days the furniture are actually a top notch quality and handmade.


IMG_1897 (1024x768)IMG_1898 (1024x768)IMG_1896 (1024x768)


It took me at least four to five hours to finish it moving and rearrange the stuffs and throw away the useless stuffs. I also spend time packing my clothes on to the box for donations. Of course it’s the old one. Others, I also do a testing the ceiling lamp hardware I got from my previous boss. Luckily it works perfectly. I only need to do some spraying on the colors as it getting worst and dirty looks. Anyway, ignore the hat on top of the papers. I haven’t started checking what are those stuffs contain with. Well, I do find some letter I wrote to my cousin from Canada. Really bring backs the old time, not sure how she doing over there now. I will talk about that later. Back to my anime!

Sad News In Town

I just got words from my sister and friends that there is fire in the old house (nearby St John’s school) in Kuala Belait today which occur at the morning around 3.00AM. It was reported that at least seven people have burn to death. There were survivals (number were unknown) who made it and no serious injured were reported. However, the most serious issue has happen at the same time. No one knows if this is true or false. But this public’s voices were raises and very concerned when everyone heard this.


According to the survival, our local and the only nearest fire station firefighters were late for at least one hour. How did that happen and the distance can be reach between six to seven minutes? I was really shock and disappointed to hear this kind of news because they were actually should arrive at the scene the earliest. Not to mention they hit the biggest rock ever on their faces because the first arrived firefighters were actually came all the way from Panaga at Seria which took them at least fifth teen minutes, and also they are belong to Shell.


This has even lead to the investigations directly from the head officials at the capital. Everyone will have to wait for the BB news tomorrow or BB Sunday for answers as this is the worst case ever happen broke out in Brunei records.


Rest in peace to the victims.

Support Anti-Aging Research

Have you ever think about living more than 100+ and enjoy seeing what changes might happen on this earth and new discovery on other planets? I am the person who is really interested if there are chances to prolong my life (not immortal) and prevent many diseases like cancers and heart diseases or any other worst scenario where children’s born still carries the same diseases from the previous generation. I really wish to prevent that happening or even wanted it happen. That’s where it comes with longevity research and anti-aging research had to be happening now, not just only in the future.

However, they are still many people don’t agree on such research these days. Truly, I don’t know why and not even really see much blogger really voicing or bring up any articles about the research. But Scott Wainer from was the only one I read so far, wrote a very good post about anti-aging research articles yesterday and I believe everyone should spend sometimes reading it including blog post about in your site to bring more attentions to the world.

Also, if you are the first 100 bloggers who blog post about the researching issue. You guys will receive $20 paid via paypal directly from Scott. More information can be found on his blog.

Cooler Master Kode5 Prize Update!

I just got my mail today directly from Cooler Master Event teams and asked for confirmation on my prize. Hell YEAH!!! I can’t wait to receive my prize next weeks. Well, the problem here is that, CM still owned me two more prizes that they didn’t send last year which is known as X-Craft 360. I already giving a quick reply for an answer and hope I will be getting good news later. ^^;;;


I am still planning on what should I do with the extra chassis, but I am going to check it out first if it there will be any different build version. I already prepare to sell off my Hyper212 CPU fans as I have four of them. Not I will keep two with me until another two sell off. I hope I can generate much money to save more from it to do a best upgrade ever on my next gaming PC. Anyhow, still waiting for reply…

IKEA Online Products Survey - Lovin It!!!

IKEA is the very popular in saving your pocket money when it’s come with their products and quality. Not to mention a very good DIY for your own home and rooms using different combination from it, no matter if it’s an old or newly brought. I already download the IKEA catalog 2008 from Singapore official website which weight around 18MB. You can grab it for free, simply go to this link.


I can’t take my eyes off the catalog after I see it and how amazing IKEA products really are. I know most people will tell you not to judge anything by the picture of the books. However, it has been proven from around the world and not to mention IKEA fans site were even create on the World Wide Web with many members showing their own mod or DIY using IKEA products. You can also check out IKEA Hack blogger site. The blog also shows DIY products and even guide on making your own. You guys should take a visit if you want to get some idea how to make a good used on your old IKEA or maybe other left over stuffs might become handy in the future.


Now, the real problem is. Where the hell am I suppose to find IKEA in Brunei? I know and I heard there are companies supplying and selling it in the local. As far I know, some of them complained they are selling too expensive and even over price. I have not seen it myself about this complained and I would like to take a peek because I am seriously looking for DETOLF or BIBY (on page 60) for my Gundam and figures. My collection is getting more and more as I have to think of something to arrange it. I do not want to go and buy the lousy furniture that made from Malaysia or Thailand. You know the yellow type one. They are getting worst and worst every year I saw it as I am worried it might break sooner or later. I am still planning going to the capital to look for it as I know where the location is to find IKEA this month.


I really wish to know more if they are other company selling it with better price. I remember one of my sister friend are doing online IKEA order from Australia, but the shipping cost is definitely not the likely choice to go for it.

Next Hugh Order For March 2008

Alright, looks like this month and April going to be a little tough for me as I am going to spend more on online shopping as I am planning to stock up my Gundam before it hit 20% price increase on May as I do not wished it to happen. I already made an order and pre-order in Hobby Link Japan including at as well. Here’s the list.


Hobby Link Japan – Order for March:

  • Master Grade RX-78-4 Gundam M.S.V
  • HGUC RX-79BD-3 Blue Destiny Unit 3
  • Ryuuni SD Gundam
  • Chouhi SD Gundam
  • Kan’u SD Gundam

Hobby Link Japan – Pre Order for April:

  • Revoltech Jun (Dokodem Issho)
  • Revoltech Suzuki (Dokodemo Issho)

I decided to make the pre order because of the 5% discount off. I simply can’t hold myself off ordering it! However, I am waiting for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I have to get it no matter what! The picture below rocks me!


As for Play-Asia, I will be ordering one Nohohon, Gundam OO, Disgeas and interesting trading figures. I am still waiting for it.

Brunei Going For World Cyber Games Rumors


Alright this is just a rumors, it seem like someone in the local companies have received the license to organize the popular gaming world known as World Cyber Games (WCG). I do not have any information on the name of the company. If this is true, that will be good news to all local gamers and those of us who wish it so hard for so many years to make it happen. The reasons are pretty simple, if they organize the tournament and start qualifier players in Brunei. We will be heading straight towards to the WCG stage instead wasting your money and time going to other countries for qualifying which is truly rubbish when I heard these stories about it. Do you think other countries would allow someone from other country take over their seat? Comon!


However, since so many well know cyber cafés have been closed for so many years. I wonder how many gamers were still playing Counter-Strike Source, Warcraft III, Starcraft or maybe Halo. Even if they are many out there still playing, I have to say they are likely only 30% out there are playing the latest version of the game in the cafes or at home. Not to mention our local Cyber Cafes doesn’t really follow the official rules until these days. However, if this becomes official, local gamers should start get the latest update available today or get more information from WCG website for the version of the game used in the tournament. Or else, you can’t even catch up and know the balance of the games.


If you think about organize World Cyber Game in Brunei is quite impossible, because number of sponsors are needed and not to mention huge amount of cash and license of the games required to funds the program including proper consoles, PC and servers setup. However, if this is going to happen, this is going to boost our country tourism, better economies and popularity because it will be the first Muslim country holding such huge events in the world. But I’m sure Malaysia will be the first and I know, they are still trying to get the official organize World Cyber Games.


About World Cyber Games (WCG)

The World Cyber Games is the world’s first “Cyber Game Festival”, designed to build a healthy cyber culture. The best gamers around the world gather into different cities to share excitement and fun of the game tournaments.


WCG Meaning:

  • 1. A global tournament in which sport is conducted within the medium of cyberspace, also known as e-sports.
  • 2. A rapidly growing international olympics in which nearly one million players complete against one another for the title of world champion in separate events.
  • 3. A gaming industry conference drawing industry leaders and technology experts as speakers and
    attendees to share ideas about the present and future of e-sports and their cultural relevance to society.
  • 4. A worldwide youth festival inaugurated in 2000 and held annually.
  • 5. The only single e-sports event organizing competition from six continents.
  • 6. The largest cyber-gaming event serving what is becoming the largest sports market in the world.