IKEA Online Products Survey - Lovin It!!!

IKEA is the very popular in saving your pocket money when it’s come with their products and quality. Not to mention a very good DIY for your own home and rooms using different combination from it, no matter if it’s an old or newly brought. I already download the IKEA catalog 2008 from Singapore official website which weight around 18MB. You can grab it for free, simply go to this link.


I can’t take my eyes off the catalog after I see it and how amazing IKEA products really are. I know most people will tell you not to judge anything by the picture of the books. However, it has been proven from around the world and not to mention IKEA fans site were even create on the World Wide Web with many members showing their own mod or DIY using IKEA products. You can also check out IKEA Hack blogger site. The blog also shows DIY products and even guide on making your own. You guys should take a visit if you want to get some idea how to make a good used on your old IKEA or maybe other left over stuffs might become handy in the future.


Now, the real problem is. Where the hell am I suppose to find IKEA in Brunei? I know and I heard there are companies supplying and selling it in the local. As far I know, some of them complained they are selling too expensive and even over price. I have not seen it myself about this complained and I would like to take a peek because I am seriously looking for DETOLF or BIBY (on page 60) for my Gundam and figures. My collection is getting more and more as I have to think of something to arrange it. I do not want to go and buy the lousy furniture that made from Malaysia or Thailand. You know the yellow type one. They are getting worst and worst every year I saw it as I am worried it might break sooner or later. I am still planning going to the capital to look for it as I know where the location is to find IKEA this month.


I really wish to know more if they are other company selling it with better price. I remember one of my sister friend are doing online IKEA order from Australia, but the shipping cost is definitely not the likely choice to go for it.


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