Good News To All eSpeed Subscriber

That's right, if you haven't know what good news is coming from Telbru. All espeed residential subscribers will be paying only B$68.00 (512kbps) for monthly rental starting this upcoming May and will be automatically change on the system, so all of you need not worried according to the official. The modem price also affected and gone down from $100.00 to B$65.00. This also includes the corporate subscriber’s monthly rental pricing which is also half the discount.




The espeed pricing at the official website also have been revised and you can take a look on the official registration page. You may wonder why this sudden moved has been secretly going on in Telbru. According to some source (rumors), there is a new internet service provider coming in to Brunei soon. Not much information was told, but the company somehow offering WiFi internet services to home subscribers. If that is true, we might see yet another competition for the internet.


For the time being, don’t take too much on my words. But the new espeed pricing is definitely a joy for us.


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