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The Best Place to Buy Nintendo Switch in Singapore *Plus GST (Tax) Refund

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Buying Nintendo Switch in Brunei is currently not a good idea even though it was release year ago. Overly expensive and the warranty can be as low 1 month (day too). You won’t be able to find a warranty that covers 12 months standard (only the main unit) and three months for accessories. The last price I inquiry from few local game shop on May starts with BND$529.00 (no game bundle) and the game bundle set version can be set a range from BND$629.00 – $679.00 Why is it so expensive? For one, the excise tax has been increase to 20% last year for any games and consoles system by the Governments. Secondly, anyone importing any WiFi and Bluetooth found inside the system must get and pay AITI license. These are the two reasons I believe we are paying such an outrageous price. The third on the crappy warranty, you need to ask the sellers for an answer why One of my friends who work with one of the game shops before told me they just want to avoid warranty headache whi…

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