Weeee! I am not DEAD!

Well, a lot of things happen in with my life and terrible busy especially during CONVID-19 period. I wanted to restart posting again, but I got sick during Lunar New Year (not CONVID mind you!) then too busy doing the house cleaning weekly and doing my best trying fixing problem myself, and clearing out the infinite boxes (mostly toys) for recycle. Yes, I am finally free from my dead father home rental nightmare.

My step-mother surely pissed off knowing after we decided to move out last year. She basically loses her 70% income from us which why the more reason my sister and I should move out. It took time to convince my sister making move buying a house because it was huge financial risk to both of us, so we have to turn to our brother for support and expertise on the lawyer agreement. Even now, I am barely sustained and losing money every month fixing developer shitty work which I plan to blog about how fuck up this developer can do to you if you are not very careful buying a house from them in Brunei and even the danger these lawyers can screw you.

Plexus Wheel Plus for Backpainer

Damn, my blog is so dead and almost half a year now without any update even the year 2019 already started. There are lots going on but for one of the biggest reasons I stop blogging so long because the terrible back pain I’m experiencing and cannot sit for too long in front of the computer to focus writing. The pain interrupted me quite often and sometimes I need to stand and watch TV series while ironing my clothes to reduce the stiffness of the back wearing back support.
I have been looking for alternative ways to combat these back pain issue for years especially gotten from work after carrying heavy stuff and sometimes had to go massage therapy to loosen the back stiffness once (twice sometimes) per month. It is unavoidable and can only fight this by going exercise to strengthen the back. Planking really help much and it’s challenging since I am aiming to slim down the fat belly at the same time. But I felt that it's not enough (sometimes lazy) and have to turn to other methods searching through at YouTube channels. Some of them don’t seem to have any effect or work instead gotten me an injury.
The only thing I never think of bother trying before is using yoga wheel. I research and found the method quite positive saying that it can help back pain relief including at the same time relieve tightness in your back. One of the products, Plexus Wheel Plus, came to my mind back in September last year when the Kickstarter highlights in one of the newsletter. I looked back, read the buyers comments, find reviews and watch some video how these sexy yoga ladies use it. Take the gamble, hit the purchase ‘3 wheel pack’ (US$119.00 + shipping) button and wait for it to arrive.
My order comes with three wheel sizes and each of them has different uses according to the instruction below.
For a beginner, I start with 12” wheel for gentle pressure and then follow the first time warming up 2 minute step instruction. After I began positioning my back, I can already feel the upper pain and sore on the muscle. Then slowly I moved to the second step rolling upward keeping the position for 5 minutes. Now the final step began rolling back and forth. On the spot, I immediately experience enormous pains in the lower back. It was very challenging for a few days, once I try to do the back stretching two times a day (morning and before sleeping at night). I can tell my lower back feels much better slowly.
While the Plexus Wheel Plus does it magic relieving back pain and also good exercising option for back stretching. I still need to motivate myself further on the workout everyday and learning few yoga moves to strengthen the back. Once you stop, it will eventually come back again especially when you grew older. Sometimes sitting position can affect the back which is why I also purchased Weightless Sitting: Zero-Gravity Upright Posture Cushion. It doesn’t seem to work for me but I am suspecting current chair may have affected it.

The Best Place to Buy Nintendo Switch in Singapore *Plus GST (Tax) Refund

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Buying Nintendo Switch in Brunei is currently not a good idea even though it was release year ago. Overly expensive and the warranty can be as low 1 month (day too). You won’t be able to find a warranty that covers 12 months standard (only the main unit) and three months for accessories. The last price I inquiry from few local game shop on May starts with BND$529.00 (no game bundle) and the game bundle set version can be set a range from BND$629.00 – $679.00
Why is it so expensive? For one, the excise tax has been increase to 20% last year for any games and consoles system by the Governments. Secondly, anyone importing any WiFi and Bluetooth found inside the system must get and pay AITI license. These are the two reasons I believe we are paying such an outrageous price. The third on the crappy warranty, you need to ask the sellers for an answer why One of my friends who work with one of the game shops before told me they just want to avoid warranty headache which is why they shorten the number of months.
The question is where should you buy right now and feel more comfortable getting at least one year warranty? The advice from one of the active Nintendo community is to get from Singapore. She told me that the prices are better compare to Malaysia. However, this was asked before the GST removal last month so you guys may need to survey the well-known game shops again for any price update. Hong Kong also offers quite a good price according to my friend who happens to be vacation there. If you think about it, Singapore still the best place to go because you can get good promotion air ticket price almost every few months. Do not forget, you are eligible to get GST (tax) refund or tourist refund scheme (convenience fee applied) when you spend over SG$100.00 as long you are not a Singaporean or currently working there.
The current price I survey for the console system starting range from SG$429.00 - $439.00+/- and come with original 12 months warranty by Maxsoft Pte. Ltd. Distributor. Take note, except remote and accessories are valid for a period of 3 months from the date of purchase. Looks good, right? There are some problems with local rules you may not like. I break down the top three I believe worth the attention.
  • Majority of the local game shops (few well-known) I inquiry want it to be cash payment only. Yes, no credit card payment accepted. So you may have a hard time to decide bringing cash with you or not. I for one will not.
  • Secondly, they want the console system to be sold with any one game together. I am not talking about the official Super Mario Odyssey or The Legend of Zelda: BOW console bundle version. But console system, only together with any game in stock with no special discount or whatsoever. No no for me!
  • Lastly, NO GST (Tax) REFUND!?! This is one thing as a tourist cannot fucking accept. We are talking about spending SG$400.00 plus man!
This is just a few advice based on my experience when shopping for Nintendo Switch in Singapore. The only shop I found so far that cross out the three rules above is Qisahn located in Orchard Road. They carry quite a competitive price and sometimes offer discount too. Like majority shops in Brunei, Qisahn do charge additional 3% fee for using credit card payment includes in GST tax refund. You can check the Google map and address how to get there because it really took me a while to find the place due to ongoing constructions blocking the sign and unfamiliar building I never visit before. This is the photo show how the shop entrance looks like.
The current Nintendo Switch console system they are selling price is SG$429.00 and still the same after I post this today. If you plan to add additional 4 years warranty more, it cost you SG$459.00. Don’t get too excited yet, this extended warranty ONLY covers the main unit and not officially cover by Maxsoft. Qisahn will send the unit for repair without any charges if the unit is faulty within next extra four years. However, there are rules and should already fully aware that both original and extended warranty DOES NOT COVER:
  • Self damage or accident, broken screen etc.
  • Brick device cause by third party or non-Nintendo certified docking base like (Ahem..) Nyko.
  • If you flash or use modified firmware to play pirated games. 
  • Modified your own device (changing body case etc)
I do feel a bit regret not paying the extended warranty fee. My mind only focus on slapping a temper glass (SG$19.90) to avoid celebrating screen scratch ceremony including avoiding buying games because there aren’t much discount. You won’t see any single drop for the popular game like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Octopath Travelers was still far from releasing during my trip to Singapore. The future plan here is saving for others accessories which I going to get from online from Ami-Ami Japan and wireless controllers from local shop if their price are good.

Click with Nintendo Switch


Man, I really like a handheld console. The last handheld console I ever owned was the first Playstation Portable (PSP) and able to play a lot of illegal games. Sadly I decided to sell off because I need money badly and stick with PlayStation 2 games instead until no longer working. After that, I haven’t got any plan on buying new console system to play ever since. There is no space for any big TV LCD because my room is getting smaller with toys and LEGO around. The released of Nintendo Switch hardware really change and shock how well it responded to the gaming industry. Now I got it, what’s next?

The Games

First thing, of course, comes to mind there aren’t many great games right now. Both digital download and physical games (stupid tax in Brunei) are kind of expensive. Even I was in Singapore, there weren’t much luck finding discount on any shops discounting The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It seems like I had to wait for sales and check the exchange rate to decide further from the eshop. Nintendo also continue to push the ported existing games into the market. I personally don’t see the point investing when you can get way cheaper existing games discount that already available in Steam.

The reason I brought Nintendo Switch because I wanted to play an old school RPG and the strategy games cannot be found on PC. Octopath Traveler is one of them, played the Prologue Demo and seriously got hooked until the 3 hours limit ended! I am now stuck with which version to go for. Should I get digital or aim for the physical ‘Wayfarer’s Edition’?

Pre-order haven’t open to public yet and the price is currently unknown in PA which we know they will mark up, thus giving more time to consider because the stuffs doesn’t include any art book, Vinyl Statue or any DLC downloadable contents. The site only provide details on the market price of US$99.00 and includes: Game cartridge, Octopath Traveler: Sound Selections CD, cloth double-sided world map, replica coin of the in-game currency, 8-page pop-up book featuring characters and origins. There weren’t much information if the Wayfarer’s Edition give any special in-game items can be use in the game. Since we continue get left in the dark about this, I decided to place my early pre-order for Valkyria Chronicles 4 - “Memoirs from Battle” premium edition open market price of US$99.99.

I read a lot of positive review about Valkyria Chronicles game 1-3 series and recommend the upcoming Valkyria Chronicles 4 - “Memoirs from Battle” to go for since it includes: 100-Page Artbook, The "HAFEN" Tank Vinyl Statue and two Add-on Side Missions (While supplies last.). The DLC in eShop are abit expensive so this is a good opportunity to take advantage on this collector deal. Although PA cost US$20.00 more than the market price, I manage to deduct the express shipping fee and US$10.00 using the unused free PA credit that I kept qutie a number of years.

Speaking about the DLC, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is getting new expansion pack called Torna The Golden Country and receive quite a numbers of update. The review also very positive, so I am interested jumping into this RPG game but there are no discount in Nintendo eShop even the bundle price didn’t get any single special discount. I am not going bother and pass on this one until Black Friday Sales.

It’s Time for Damage Control


Living in developed countries, money is the first thing that keeps you and your family out of poverty. The costs of living in Brunei indeed increase sharply. Some shops taking advantage of this situation trying to scam and even department store fake the discount prices on goods. Because of this, most my Malay friends are on high alert and even create Excel documents comparing prices nowadays to protect themselves getting cheated. Well, not a bad idea, and I am following their footsteps too.

The company I work with may be slowly doing good recovery but my salary remained the same for two years now after % reduction. The good thing is I continue to keep the job and receive my salary on time so it was a plus to allow me clearing the car loan until this final year in January. I am now feeling more relieved and less stressful. However, my spending habit is still number one concern, so I decided to keep tracks every payment and withdrawing money from the banks in order to find out the total amount left every end of the month.

I’m not going to lie. This is not enough, so I decided looked into a better option to save by:

Cooking Your Own Foods
Probably the reason I am getting older and interested to start learning to eat healthier foods. Cooking your own did help me to save more and balance out for fruits. Of course, I am aiming to improve health sake especially fights against my biggest ulcer enemy that plague in my mouth almost every month whenever I accidentally bite and injure. It now takes longer to heal and had to suffer the pain for two weeks. This is not good at all. It's a sign to your body to eat fruits more than ever.

Postponing PC Upgrade
Thanks to the Cryptocurrency asshole jacking up the graphics cards price around the world. The selling price is just too ridiculously high, so I decided to postpone until next year. Man, it did take me months from last year to save the budget and almost go forward with the upgrade.

To be honest, I am happy with the setback. The discovery of the Spectre and Meltdown security problem really hit the global IT security hard and personally, I’m not a fan of flashing BIOS for the motherboard and a bit sensitive on Cybersecurity. My early plan was to purchase both AMD Ryzen processor and MSI motherboard locally but because this involved flashing the BIOS yourself in order to get patch above global security issues. I had to double check with the local shop if they willing to warranty for those DIY builders or the technicians will be the one taking the risk. Otherwise, you will be sucking the cost yourself when they denied the warranty claim. Another truth about local shops business behavior, they are the worst and becomes a jerk when it comes to warranty after sales.

For now, I will be migrating the current Windows 7 to Linux. The security update really slows down the old rig so its time for the switching lighter memory resources since nowadays I am more of surfing the internet and watching TV series than playing games. Actually, I played mobile games the most these days and the heart is telling me to get Nintendo Switch.

Plastic Kits and Toys
Lego has announced the end of Nexo Knights theme which is bad news as I really love the sets. For the good news, I get to slow down mode chasing all the remaining set and the last released sets in the market. I also have more time focusing sourcing army packs, custom mod and different parts from Bricklink to build my own idea armies factions. Almost ready to start custom building but I need few more stuff and waiting for the right time snatching discount price for the large set of the local stores.

As for plastic kits, creating a spreadsheet to record the original selling price and compare the after discount is advisable. HLJ is the reason I started. Everyone knows they are very great online shops to drop by. But the implementation of the bonus credit point system and include together with the discount items are questionable. I actually did discover few times during the sales, some discount items they listed as the original price with additional bonus credit points only. It just doesn’t make sense for me personally. Are they doing sales or just want us to accept bonus credit point for our next purchase? There are even undervalued items I felt like a trap to lure us to add to the cart. I strongly advise you guys open a spreadsheet and start adding for price comparison sake.

New Zealand! I am coming!


Yes, finally one of my wish-list traveling to New Zealand is happening soon! Let’s begin by saying applying visitor visa is kind of nightmare for the stateless person holding a ‘Certificate of Identity’ document especially traveling to the western countries. Being there in Australia got stuck for half an hour questioning by the customs officers and explaining what document we are actually holding. When will the governments or our Sultan of Brunei plan to replace our travel document into a real passport? To be honest, I don’t really see much hope in this country. No matter, my priority in life is enjoying traveling to some favorite countries first.

Now, the question is. Is applying visitor visa to New Zealand very hard? Not hard but enough to make you sleepless and into bad mood during the processing waiting. My brother got the tickets and paid both hotels and places we plan to visit in advance. It will be a big blow to us if not approve.

The procedure of applying visitor visa is now recommended by the embassy submitting through the official immigration online service. You no longer need to go through the hard way paying extra service charges to the local travel agencies for help process visitor visa. But my recent experience tells me these days the travel agencies hardly wanted to provide such services anymore or even want to entertain the stateless person's customers on the visitor visa. Some of them have condition require buying tickets from them and some would charge an insane amount enough to piss you off.

Another question is, do you require sending physical travel document to the nearest embassy after you submitted online? Yes, I did and went nuts after the embassy requires my physical travel document in order to continue processing the visitor visa application. The worst part, they start counting the 20 days from the date submitted. Without wasting any time, the best way to deal with this is using fast delivery services like DHL sending to the nearest visa application centre (I choose Singapore). It cost me $110.00 together with insurance and the prepaid envelope for returning (*a must) to Brunei. Drop them an email to inform my physical travel document is on the way.

The next day, I received a phone call from centre require me to fill the form paying the passport and handling fee for SGD$32.00. I was clueless about the charges. But after finding out they need to arrange to send to the main branch in Thailand. Man, I should have just sent there directly to avoid the fee. Still, it’s hard to say and had to close one eye on the additional fee.

The funny part, my sister did not receive any letter require her to send the physical travel document and even got approved after two weeks. After mine also got approved and check the visitor visa letter information for any mistake like nationality and passport numbers. Then, I found out what’s happening here. Well, I got a multiple entry visa for one year instead of a single entry visa for one month. My sister told me there are two options to choose from actually, which is weird not seeing these question when filling the application and only remember to tick the checkbox for holiday/vacation. Next time, I have to do a triple recheck.

Alright, let’s break down some requirement when you are using New Zealand immigration service for applying visitor visa application online:-

  •  You need to upload the latest passport photo (white or blue background), scan travel document and identity card (*must translate Malay to English), full details of your visit and hotels you will be staying, airline tickets, company letter and at least six-month bank statements.
  • May require uploading Australia visitor visa letter document. Only if you transit from Australia to New Zealand. *, DO NOT apply transit visa for Australia. My sister contacts the immigration, and their feedback requires the stateless person to apply for a visitor visa (around AUD$140.00) even we just only transit.
  • You can upload additional documents, for example like different bank statement etc.
  • NZD$165.00 (currently) visitor visa fee. Pay using a credit card.
  • If required by the embassy, you will need to send your physical document to any nearest New Zealand Visa Application Centre. I believe only when applying for multiple entry visas. Find out which embassy process your visa application at the online and preferable sending there directly. *Recommend using fast delivery service like DHL, FedEx etc. Make sure you buy insurance and prepare returning envelope. Drop an email to inform the embassy your travel document is on the way. Also, includes the sending and return tracking number in an email.
  • Once your visitor visa letter is approved, check your nationality and travel document number. The nationality must not be listed as BN because we are not Brunei citizen. Request the embassy to update to 02 in the system. This shitty code is for a stateless person.

I hope the information provided here is helpful to my stateless fellow.

Angry Rant on P-Bandai Gunpla Wish List #2

GunplaRant_2nd Version (1)

Is the pee Bandai folks focusing a lot on Advance of Zeta theme lately? I say YES!!! It’s already expected to be happened after Bandai released Master Grade TR-1 Hazel last year. I was right that MG TR-1 Advance Hazel released announcement, but I am wrong about the third party stuff. Since Bandai is such an asshole continue releasing limited Gunpla kits only in their Premium Bandai store, there definitely no surprise they might make both MG version of Hrududu and Primrose upgrade available. Well, according to Gundam Kit news. They are making Hrududu and to be announced on later date. How can I not start collecting MG kit again?

Of course, I do have other suspicious that high grade kits may not get left out and definitely not going to be a good news either. I’m not sure we may get reissue limited Hrududu and Primrose for high grade version again. HG Galbaldy-β could be the next victim for P-Bandai future, Galbaldy β High Mobility Type. Why? Looking at its latest picture showing there is removable chest armor. You won’t be surprise that were specially designed for implementing the AOZ parts (or maybe Build Fighter or Diver).

GunplaRant_2nd Version (7)

I know it's too early to speculate at this point especially the HG Gundam TR-6 (Woundwort) is not yet announce coming as retail or fucking Pee Bandai. We know for sure there are some plans for the kit and I really wish the older kits get some treatment too.

GunplaRant_2nd Version (8)

HA! Efreet Nacht is coming to Pee-Bandai again. Unimaginable they decided to pissed off majority of its customers who don’t have any access to their premium shop. Getting from third parties will be quite tricky this time. Efreet Nacht is 500 YEN more expensive than Efreet Custom (EXAM) so we are expecting higher mark up. I decided to wait for the review and see what are we getting inside the box. Man, I love Efreet series...

GunplaRant_2nd Version (6)

Are you a fan of Gundam The Origin? I am, not as much really jumping in to collect MSD series. The only kit so far I wanted is Waterproof Gundam. Now, FA-78-2 Heavy Gundam is coming? I am seriously had no excuse not to buy one. Problem here are, will both Waterproof Gundam and the MG version getting reissue? Please make it happen!

Angry Rant on P-Bandai Gunpla Wish List

Happy New Year and FUCK P-Bandai, they just can’t stop releasing exclusive and limited stuffs. Not to mention it’s getting ridiculous rolling out more than ever and some doesn’t make sense like selling different colors. The most unimaginable so far are seeing previous limited kits getting reissue. There are good and bad. The good is always having another chance to buy in case you missed previously. The bad, I personally find the release date bad timing and crash with the newly announce kits. Putting me in a tough position either spend more or skip for next month.

HGUC Efreet Kai (Blue Destiny)

I already had a bad feeling when they released Efreet Kai as RE 1/100 category and then seeing the pinky Efreet Nacht as limited released. Now the pinky Efreet Nacht get HGUC retail treatment and the Kai get slap with limited released. This is just so fuck up by P-Bandai. Beware, Efreet Schneid was already showcase at Gundam Tokyo Base, the question remain if might be next P-Bandai.



We hardly had much EWAC design release so far. It’s good to know EWAC Zack no longer alone but seeing EWAC Jegan landed as limited release really does piss me off. The price itself even cost more than Proto Stark Jegan. I do hope we get good value unused parts, other than getting extra weapons.

HGBF Weiß Sinanju


There’s nothing special about Weiß Sinanju other than only two new melee weapon and with different shield. I don’t see any new armor mod or whatsoever. All the original equipment's are included since it sell nearly 4,000 YEN in retail. My question will always be WHY THE FUCK NO STEIN for HGUC!?!?!



GN-X IV announcement indeed was a good news when Bandai didn’t fucking bother to release retail after the last Gundam OO movie and now they decided to juice more money by listing as HGBF limited. 3,000 YEN is way too much when the old GN-X/X III only sold for 1,200 YEN. Even the Striker GN-X is better in my opinion for 1,700 YEN.

HGUC RGM-89 Jegan (Birnam Corps)


The Birnam Corps Jegan is a must have in the wish list. The new head with scope part and its unique weapon design really caught my attention. Problem here is all sold out and the availability are none so far from my sources. Hopfeully there will be another reissue. I am definitely going to hunt for three boxes at least because it got extra visor part inside.

HGUC Atlas Gundam – Thunderbolt Bandit Flower

As much I love Gundam Thunderbolt series. I can only see one new railgun design weapon and the rest same stuffs you from retail version. This is way too expensive for one new weapon. Are there water decal or new parts bundle inside we do not know? SKIP!

MG Gundam Hazel TR-01


Seriously, this is fucking original Hazel from Advance of Zeta in MG scale! Unimaginable that Bandai would release AOZ theme after so many years and I give them a rant pass on this. What interest me was the mod indicates that we might see Advance Hazel in the future. Oh I am sure the 3rd party may be working the parts right now.

C3 AFA Singapore - Bandai Booth #1

Pff…can’t believe my two weeks relaxation and vacation just over like that. My mind is now more refreshing so let’s get into the AFA event detail. For starter, AFA is known as Anime Festival Asia and held at Singapore on 24th to 26th November 2017. Sadly, I can only attend the opening day because my flight to Cairns in Australia was tomorrow.

When There Is Crime, There is Con.

Took me a while to hold this post. I was waiting and making sure my new official receipt with warranty was received before I start saying anything. Nightmare? No, like a stupid joke. I really like this local computer shop and usually get quite a lot of stuffs from them for both personal and for company. After the bad warranty experience, I am now had to be extra careful dealing with them and reconsider new way to counter the problem.

What happen? My home wireless router two LAN ports suddenly went kaput last month and I couldn’t get it work again. The LAN ports is important because I have headless PC running taking advantage of the gigabit speed feature for file sharing. Since the wireless router cover three years warranty, I search for the receipt and send for replacement the next day.

The technician need to inspect confirming the problem before he could arrange the replacement. After few days, no news which is strange for the delay. I decided to call up for an update. The technician confirmed the problem, but then he told me the wireless router no longer cover with warranty. Excuse me? I asked him did you looked at the official receipt I gave to you? It says 36 months. He said yes but their system only register one year. My answer to him that’s not my problem. As long, I am holding the original receipt, you guys must honor it. Then he say they will investigate and get back to me soon the next day which btw already one week. The technician call up and gave me bad news they unable to find any replacement and similar model. Well, what are you guys going to do about it? You guys have to provide options and solutions.

Now, this is where they started to piss me off. First of all, I do not want to blame the technician. Apparently it was the mystery's idiot known as purchaser gave him the instruction. The offer here was forcing me topping up $60 to get different model. The stupid part, the warranty will continue up to May 2018. You can’t even provide me the replacement or refurbish device, even they don’t intend to send for repair. Why the fuck should I take that garbage deal that doesn’t make sense? The answer is no.

The only condition I will accept if they provide me new warranty deal for another two years by continuing the existing then we will call it even. I gave the purchase another week to reconsider. However, the answer say no after the PC technician told me and insist to pay for the top up. I told him I am giving one last chance to that idiot to think twice, if he/she can’t even offer me better options then I have no choice but to bring this to the consumer affairs department and let them deal with all these nonsense. As long, the official printed receipt is with me. My case against the computer shop are very strong and confidence that the official will agree that this was ridiculous deal when they were supposed to honor warranty replacement at no cost. Do the purchaser really want to fight with me and risk damage the shop reputation over $128.00 BND replacement? Nonetheless, the idiot think smart and the problem was settle with new warranty deal. Am I happy? Not really.

The way how the local computer shop handle the customers register purchase information has become clear to me they can replace the information anytime they want or likely where employee's may made mistake inputting wrong data. My strong advise was scan and keep your purchase receipts in good condition especially three years warranty devices. Make sure you keep one of their brochures (and promotions) with warranty information printed the better. These guys can simply say my device only cover with one year when the receipt printed three years. Can you imagine what happen if you lose it or the printed fonts fated in the receipts? Probably I will let you think the outcome yourself.

Should I Get OEM Gaming PC or Back with Build Your Own?


Building your own gaming PC usually is the most recommended route to take. But after MOF slap 5% tax in Brunei, my mindset have to change if I want to continue bringing parts from Singapore. The airport and the post office customs are becoming more active inspecting the stuffs coming into the country. So it’s not a joke if you get caught sneaking in and I’m sorry, 5% tax (reported more) is a fucking big deal to me right now.

I’m currently considered getting from the local computer shops. But who is the best should I source the parts from? Few of my friends recommend me Chong Hock computer and told me their price are quite reasonable. In order to find out whether its true or not, I went to their FB and PM for the quotation for CPU, motherboard, graphic card, their recommendation memory ram and power supply unit last week. What do you know, I was surprised the price they quote me.

They are unimaginable very competitive even I admit it was acceptable price you can get locally. Chong Hock also confirmed me their warranty follows the original manufacturer so it's a double plus. In case, you wonder what kind of hardware am I asking for. It’s the AMD Ryzen 1700X, MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon, MSI RX580 Gaming 8GB, lastly their recommendation Corsair 2666 (not sure which model) memory ram and Cooler Master V850 (modular type) power supply unit. All of these total cost around $1950.00 (BND). If I choose AMD Ryzen 1600X, the total cost would be 1,774.00.

Now, let’s compare to OEM gaming system everyone now could get in Brunei. With this money you can get an OEM Acer Aspire GX-281-1700 for $1,838.00. When you purchase from Netcom Computer House (September 2017 brochure), the bundle comes with 24” Gaming LED LCD monitor and Kingston Hyper X Cloud Stinger Gaming headset including free speaker (selected model). You are basically paying with all in one package deal.

Acer Aspire GX 281-1700 is an interesting and likely the most affordable gaming PC compare to Predator series. Not without sacrificing the performance and features. Yes, it has AMD Ryzen 1700X but the rest are basically downgraded and assemble with the cheapest hardware's Acer could put together. The AMD RX480 graphic card 4GB is okay, the motherboard reported using B350 model and chassis design only able to house two 3.5” (2.5”) HDD from what I see from the reviewer photos. The HDD expansion slots will be a future issue not unless I plan to buy dedicated NAS machine to host my files. I am environment friendly person and will continue to use existing PC for custom NAS running so nope.

I felt a bit surprise about the additional 24” Gaming Led LCD monitor. I deal quite a bit with Acer Aspire product and never failed to amaze me with the extra they willing to throw at. While the Acer Aspire GX 281-1700 hardware cannot really compete with the spec I plan to build (incomplete) above, the price and the stuffs you get really just unbeatable.

As for right now, I haven’t decided yet which path to choose. My aim are seeking the right PC gaming hardware able to last around 4-5 years. Yes, Acer Aspire GX 281-1700 does met the requirement and I can loan using credit card payment. Chong Hock computer require in cash payment. It just that I want to keep my spending minimum without regrets especially how do I going to reusing the existing good old Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 (I got two, mind yuo). There is no reason for me to get another chassis when you can’t even sell it off and recycle for money. I know my chassis are classic especially without or upgrade any USB 3.0 ports. Since I am flying to Singapore coming November, I will be heading to Cybermind hunt for DIY parts. From there onward, I may already have an answer for my need.