11 August, 2022

Treasure Toy Hunt – Land of Freedom July 2022

It is quite a while since I shipped something from the US. During the COVID, I was a kinda headache figuring out how to ship out my orders from TF Source after six months expired of keeping them at their warehouse. Luckily one of the local collectors I am friends with told me about a good forwarder service, I was able to get it sorted out. So this year again, I decided to do some online shopping at eBay and look for a great deal while taking advantage of their local free shipping (for some).

26 July, 2022

Joining JoyToy x Warhammer 40K Craziness

It all started with the PC game. From Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate to Dawn of War II, this is where I started to grow interested in the W40K universe and its story (always watched at YT 😂). I always hoped there will be action toys to collect but back then it was all about the tabletop figures. These hobbies are entirely out of the question and are just freaking expensive hobbies to invest in. Not to mention, you need to paint them. Gunpla is a way cheaper investment. Opsss…I hope I didn’t trigger the W40K fans but hey, it’s the truth 😙.

Getting the action figures is a different story. When it was first announced that JoyToy got the license to produce Warhammer 40K last year, I was filled with joy and happiness seeing the prototype in June 2021. These guys are well-known and produced high-quality action figures. The size of the figure itself is 1:18 scale, which is smaller than both Bandai and McFarlane current released as a 1/10 scale. The price is also in between the two but JoyToy price can go beyond Bandai depending on the W40K character and vehicle we are looking at. So far the Outriders bike is expensive, I rather invest in Dreadnought or tanks.

Originally I started with the McFarlane Toys version (only one, phew!) but the quality and painting are meh. There’s no denying that their price is always affordable and does offer a non-painted version for collectors to customize themselves. Too bad, I am not interested and already put up mine for sales on FB. Yeah, I know. The recent teasing first look of Darktide 40k action figures does look amazingly good. Nonetheless, I choose to stay with JoyToy brand. I may consider buying the Bandai version, depending on my budget and the character they intend to release. But I do hope it’s the Blood Raven because they are my favourite chapter of all.

22 July, 2022

Brunei Gunpla Value is Fuck Up!

Gosh, what the heck. I have no idea what to blog about these past few days except for being busy sourcing toys on the internet around the world. Even my Gunpla was put on the side for almost a few months without any progress. Seriously WTF is wrong with me.

This changes me after moving out of the old house into the new house. My time with Gunpla has been interrupted and much more into doing housework way often. It’s like I don’t even have a single minute to look at it and touch the tools. My Gunpla is piling up non-stop because the locals are dumping their collection cheap, like awfully cheap. For example sake, I got HGUC Xi Gundam just for BND60.00. If you think that was the best deal, well, let me tell you the worst freaking cheap deal I sees last month was two MG Zaku Warrior and PB Blaze Zaku Phantom (Rey Za Burrel Custom) were sold together for BND110.00. Holy fucking shit! 😱 What happens?

It’s like these guys are so desperate for money without thinking twice about how much they are making losses and forgetting how much they paid for the actual value of the toys. If we can receive money from Paypal or other methods. I can guarantee you folks from overseas will get all the toys from us without hesitation. We sell freaking dirt cheap and the increased shipping fee means nothing at all, especially for delivery across the border for Malaysians.

I get it, you guys either want to get rid of the toy collections completely or for some, start a family or move on with your life. I also understand the global pandemic has affected us economically. But I just don’t see any reason to dump your brand new toy value way below 60%. This is seriously bad for everyone and those trying to run Gunpla business especially now we are producing asshole and low ballers in the marketplace.

06 July, 2022

Hello? HELLLOO!!! Hehehe…

One thing for sure is I am still alive during the worst pandemic we human beings once again have to face on earth. Whenever I am ready to find a new job, shit just gets worse than ever and everyone is struggling to find new jobs these days. Although this is very frustrating, I am still grateful able to continue to keep my job (for now), especially at the age of forty, there will be much more difficult and seeing companies using age tactics. It is understandable they want to lower your current salary. So if you have an opportunity to work overseas. You should take the challenge, this proved that companies from other countries recognize your talent and also, a sort of mitigation against the local companies'.

So, the main priority goal in mind is to clear my bank loan. I only need to struggle one more year, and that’s it. I will be free and able to relax. My next move will be to focus on saving money, topping up my TAP/SCP every month, and making sure there is a backup fund in the bank in case of emergency or ready fund to pay my life insurance until retirement or worst scenario, prepare for another pandemic. I began working at the age of 23 and stupidly loses TAP for 10 years. This is a huge backfire losing so much during that year and having to keep up a bit by topping up both TAP/SCP. You kids, better are not like me. It doesn’t matter if your salary is $300 starting, just make sure you get the local companies to transfer to your TAP/SCP. If your parents are rich and have no worries financially, well, I got nothing to say.

18 July, 2020

Weeee! I am not DEAD!

Well, a lot of things happen in with my life and terrible busy especially during CONVID-19 period. I wanted to restart posting again, but I got sick during Lunar New Year (not CONVID mind you!) then too busy doing the house cleaning weekly and doing my best trying fixing problem myself, and clearing out the infinite boxes (mostly toys) for recycle. Yes, I am finally free from my dead father home rental nightmare.

My step-mother surely pissed off knowing after we decided to move out last year. She basically loses her 70% income from us which why the more reason my sister and I should move out. It took time to convince my sister making move buying a house because it was huge financial risk to both of us, so we have to turn to our brother for support and expertise on the lawyer agreement. Even now, I am barely sustained and losing money every month fixing developer shitty work which I plan to blog about how fuck up this developer can do to you if you are not very careful buying a house from them in Brunei and even the danger these lawyers can screw you.

13 April, 2019

Plexus Wheel Plus for Backpainer

Damn, my blog is so dead and almost half a year now without any update even the year 2019 already started. There are lots going on but for one of the biggest reasons I stop blogging so long because the terrible back pain I’m experiencing and cannot sit for too long in front of the computer to focus writing. The pain interrupted me quite often and sometimes I need to stand and watch TV series while ironing my clothes to reduce the stiffness of the back wearing back support.