Figma Drossel (NO.038) Little Review

Figma is a new action toys brand design by Good Smile Company (GSC) and Max Factory. It was started last year and the responses were overwhelming for the first release in Japan and slowly conquer around the world. Only up until this year, I decided to get one to see it myself why this action figures is damn so popular.

Newtype August 2009 Limited Figure Bundle

I can’t believe I would think about buying Newtype magazine for this month. But I’m glad I did before my Hobby Search point expire next month. The magazine is quite nice featuring almost all color pages with nice poster and I got it for 800 yen.
Alright, about this month issue that comes with limited original figure is Makinami Mari from Evangelion 2.0. I wouldn’t say the figure is quite disappointed but it was well made by Kaiyodo. I hope I will be able to get Revoltech Eva 05 soon to join her. It’s funny why they want to used such a large box for a small figure.

China Scammer Won’t Stop Calling

Damn, that China bitch scammer, I can’t believe she was so patient enough non-stops calling to my hand phone for at least two month! I have been ignoring her call since then. But I couldn’t hold it any longer so I started to act like I am somebody else and speak two different languages to fuck her off.

I really have to gives an award though that she manage to keep her scamming job running for coming two years now. If you encounter a phone number starting 5550800, simply ignore it or if it keeps on continue. The only way is challenge head on the phone.

Two months of her disturbing calls is really annoying and hope she get shot in China as a crime scamming other people non-stop. You can read Shimworld post reports the exact as mine.

Wonder Festival 2009 (Summer)

Wonder Festival Summer just started live today in Japan. Many popular toys companies show case their new upcoming products. You can find the latest photos from the links below, I will only post some here that I might planning to get coming November and December.

Side note to parents visiting my blog, there are many erotic figures in WONFES and so if your children watching too. Please don’t blame me for anything that make your children so ecchi. xP

Lookalike Chobit from Clamp will be made by Kotobukiya. Just for your information, this characters does involved in Tsubasa and xxxHolic story.

Some says that this is Miku Hatsune Ver.2 Vocaloid. The design looks okay to me. But still reconsidering.

Lastly, the most I wanted to get in my collection is Full metal Panic – Arbalest mecha. Yummy~!!! i wa thinking about getting it from Tamashii too. Hmm…either one will do!

PR Topics Turn Racisms – Every Time

I have been watching and reading this for quite a while in Brudirect HYS. Every time when someone posted about PR (Permanent Resident) related topics, the commenter will start firing and shooting at one another over the yellow stuffs. Most of the comments I had read so far never turned out to be good and serious answer regarding about the subjects. All are almost involving with racisms and dumb answers. This why staying neutral is the best thing and waits for His Majesty announced the improvement for the PR and foreigners life living in Brunei.

There is topic I was recently reading, No Right To Treat People By Their IC, post few days ago about the rude local driver becomes a barbarian using their local power to threaten either the PR or Foreigners. If I encounter this kind situation who tried to abuse me by using this method, I prefer to bring this case to the police to settle it. Arguing with this guy is pointless thing to do. I don’t really care if this guy has any police friends or not. There are always laws in Brunei, no matter what situation you are facing. If this doesn’t work out, I will sent this complain to the Police headquarter to make this cases more badly and turn it uglier for the bully.

For some reason, that complains above from the writer doesn’t really make sense to me also and question why the sudden bringing in the PR problem? This incident is caused by the human nature and he should rather explain that the Police should impose stricter law against this problem instead to protect being abuse by it. This is what I think it should have been correct way to complain in the first place without bringing up the fuss over a yellow IC issue.

Anyhow, I was able to sometime reading some funniest commenter left in the post. One of them I read whom referring as “THE GOOD OF THE GOOD, BAD AND THE CORRUPT”, trying to slam PR with Alcohol issue and should be strip down. This person is really stupid if he/she is a local. Before you start throwing ugly thing on bad peoples, you have to think twice very carefully. Once you started it, there’s no turning back because someone like me or the others will eventually trash you all like no tomorrow with bunch of crime lists we had in our hands.

Yeah, I know PR commit crimes in Brunei every week. I have friends also commit crimes. Do you think the local does not? Don’t make me laugh by using the word ‘True Bruneian’ to save faces. Just because it doesn’t appear in the newspaper or local TV news, there is no way local is less committing crimes than PR because it was covering up to making sure no shame faces leak into the newspaper and goes to the higher up. How the hell do I know? I have many good Malay friends so I know what the hell happen in the surrounding in Brunei with the source and my own eyes.

My good advice also, never ever jealous or envious about PR are good in doing business or they are rich or clever whatsoever. This is about us. Yes, us, ignore what races you born from. The problems are the environment we raised from that affecting our lives is the causes. Jealousy never makes you grow to be a better person, it just makes you rather worst. Just like the commenter who knows as Dean, read what he reply to the subject.

He may be right at some point about the IC system, but bringing the other countries into the argument makes him look like a donkey. If he really fears Malay may conquer by the Chinese and Indian, then blame the people why they like to choose to work with the Government instead running its own business. The BB news already reported few times about these local unemployed issues and everyone read what the answers came from the mouth of their own. If the Chinese and Indian are to blame for it, then we will start laughing more and more even the foreigners will find this funny.

Well, I kind of blame my own country spoiling the locals by giving free money away by making looks encouraging way to make them studies hard. This method doesn’t help the country growth at all and even motivate the locals. You see, if the Government didn’t gives out money on time or delaying for few months. You will start hearing, seeing complained to the newspaper and telling anyone how poor they are. This is the reason why my suggestion stops giving money and just gives free educations.

The Governments should only give this money to those selected persons that really need and support for their educations, not anyone. If they want money, they should work for it. Do you know why the other countries are better than us? Not just because they have higher standard of living. They learned faster than us through experience on working during their students life. This is why I highly encourage our government to saves this money to fund the educations standard to catch up with the other countries. So we won’t see every local ended up filling forms working with the Government and Shell instead.

Leave your comments in my blog or response from your blog if you don’t agree with me or you think I’m racist (I don’t care). Like I said earlier, think twice Before you starts firing back on me my post or to other PR or foreigners posting in HYS, make sure its a good complete answers.

Pre-Order Fireball – Winter Package

Oh yeah, I am definitely pre-ordering it for December. For some reason, I am much more into buying limited toys version. I feel like they worth a lot comparing to the normal one. Oh well, it still a long month to wait so it will be an enough time to save more money.

For your information, this is a very limited quantities going to be available according to the source from Disney Japan.

  • 1x Fireball DVD (Japan Region 2 / Japanese Language)
  • 1x Figma Drossel with GIZMO (Picture below)

For those of you interested getting one or MORE! You can find at this current online store.

Figma Drossel Review Delay

oSorry, this is happening which is why I didn’t post until now. I just found that one of the Drossel I brought is badly produce and I have to make a complained to Good Smile Company for parts replacement. So far, only the right arms spotted and appear much more like broken. It’s still able to pose without much problem, but I am not happy with it. Another problem I found also is the helmet also was not properly aligned. Guess what, I was told by the GSC can’t do anything about it, damn. You can find my complained post and picture at
They didn’t say anything about sending me one, but they already asked for my addresses and details. Since I just received the reply yesterday, I have to wait for another response and see how it is first because Drossel is really quite a popular Figma. I believe GSC won’t easily able to get me the replacement parts. No problem for me as I can wait and also it’s a good opportunity to test how good their international customer supports so that I can include in my review.

Hobby Search July Order 2009

Another order for this month, I couldn’t really think of what to do with my left over credit points. After hard consideration what I should get from Hobby Search. I finally turn on getting a Newtype August 2009 issue with limited figure from Evangelion 2.0 and Revoltech Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann.

I haven’t start reading the Newtype yet. However, I am a little mad when I look at Revoltech product, this is the first time that I am not pleased with the action figure. I don’t know how to explain, but I am not really happy with it while I am testing and checking out the articulations. I find it hard to believe it was worse than the previous version and smaller than Figma. The head is so tiny and I was hardly to find it attractive. I have to change my mind and careful what I am purchasing from Revoltech next time. Nonetheless, Eva 05 will surely my next buy list to joined the pilot.

My Way off to BSB

Never expecting it was going to be so boring for window shopping in the capital right now. I shouldn’t have make up my mind going up there and thinking about saving yourself going to the cinema. The worst timing was actually Harry Potter seats were fully booked. We didn’t expect that coming, everyone decided to just walk around to kill our time in the Mall and then to another usual shopping area instead of waiting for another shows in afternoon at around three.

There weren’t much to see anyway, just a few booths setup selling computers and some other unknown medical products. What surprises me is that Blu-Ray goes pirated already? I have no idea if that was just a DVD9 or something. I need to asked if anyone actually test run it. Bridex exhibition is also starting soon on 10th August next month. If anyone interested, you can buy the $5.00 ticket at the first floor. There are open for public visitors, but it’s only on 14/08/09 (Friday 1400 - 1700) and 15/08/09 (Saturday 0900 – 1700). Visit the website for more information.

I also drop by and stalk around the toys in Chong Hock before going to Kiulap Hua Ho and to the main Chong Hock branch to check out the place and the ThermalTake products including other PC accessories. It was really too bad I never get a chance to see how the cosplay clothes quality looks like as I couldn’t find any of them. Nonetheless, it was a good place to drop by once in a while for me. If you guys are looking for Japanese toys, figurine and cosplayer clothes, drop by Chong Hock blog.

After that, I walked back to Hua Ho to meet up with my folks and also walk straight to the toys section. I don’t know why I have these kind habits whenever I step foot on any Hua Ho departments store and even other shopping areas. But it’s really funny to find myself behave this way. However, if you want to shop Hua Ho and looks for toys, I could only think of Yayasan and the airport area (forget the place of the name) that actually selling them the most. There wasn’t much to sees in Kiulap except some Transformer Universe and also unexpected new China Transformer brand call Transmutator. Hahaha….

Lastly, our final place is Giant Department store. We didn’t think about going there, it just my mom want to drop by there and look for something which is same goes to me looking for the foldable chair. I need it because I didn’t manage to find one in Furniture Court, so I would think Giant might sells because I remember seeing them advertise it on the flyers. It just too bad I couldn’t find it there.

Anyway Hari Raya is coming soon, there are also many reason for me to wait. Although the trip to watch Harry Potter is in vain, I can still wait for the free version. Hehehe…

HSBC Reward 2009 SUCK!

It definitely sucks big time! My entire favorites foods I wish to redeem were all completely gone! I really can’t believe HSBC latest redeem updates are so terrible bad and they even includes donations list. What the fuck should I am going to spend on my hard earn points and just spend it on a donations? This bank suck big time and going down like no tomorrow.

I can’t really find any interesting shit to redeem on the new reward 2009 catalogue. I have to say that it was the worst update ever seen from HSBC Brunei and in the end I have to choose the $5 cash back rebate for my card. How pathetic and i don’t know who run the bank, but it doesn’t look so good to me going down hill like that every years.

Gundam Astray Red Frame Clear Version

Any limited plastic clear kits will be straight build for me. I don’t really like to spoil the good looks for the clear parts. I already had seen how the HG1/144 Astray looks like. This is a good opportunity to have closer looks on HG1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame design and at the same time if any improve can be done.
It took me at least two and a half hours to complete the whole Red Frame. The time I spend is worth because I was able to find few flaws on this kit. It’s not really a serious issue but there is one I believe it was a bad made. It’s the shoulder, just look at the picture below.
Did you see? That’s happen when I tried to turn and it was lucky I spotted that. All else I might even broke it playing around. That’s required some work on the modification other than just sanding. This brings in a question why the HG1/144 version does not have this kind of problem? Only Bandai knows why, but I am not impress with it’s design for High Grade.
Gundam Astray Red (normal version), Green and Gold Frame have been in my must buy list in the past. After seeing this problem, there are no mistakes that all frame sets are also affected except Blue Second L and Amatsu version (only right arm) kits. I am going to reorganize my buy list this time for Astray and might only consider collect just Blue Frame Second L, Gold Frame Amatsu and others upcoming Seed Vs Astray kits. Unless, there is promotions or huge discount then I will reconsider it again.
It’s not like I am giving up to challenge this Astray kits version, but I just don’t want to spend it on unnecessary money for this kind of problem. Hopefully, this might even went into Master Grade production, then I will collect it.

300GB HDD Gone!

That was really bad timing losing a 300GB HDD at such month. It was not completely dead somehow, but it just always automatically turn off from time to time and freeze up my whole PC. All my previous and current Anime were all fully backup. Lucky me, I manage to kept them in my primary 750GB HDD for a while.

The three years warranty also already expires last month on June. Damn that, I have to do a lot of backup to tried freeing more space for other upcoming download and Anime. No plan yet if I am going to get a new HDD next month due to my heavy purchase recently for June and July. Anyway, continue to backup my stuffs and anime. This is going to keep me busy for a while.

The upcoming latest posts soon will be Figma Drossel review and updated version for review. I currently reviewing it and hopefully one of them will be up tomorrow.

HW Japan & YesAsia Last June 2009 Order

Finally! My last June orders are all arrived! Considering that I also lucky, both HW Japan and YesAsia items I order both arrived at the same day today. However, I don’t know why the custom in the post office so pissed off at me. The other one who knows me came out check out what I brought and have a short chat with me. It just the other one wasn’t so happy seeing me. His face is so mad and like I just stab on him or something. For your information, I don’t know him.


I can only think of one thing I done he doesn’t like it which I guess is when I show him what’s inside my box. YesAisa box is small, so there wasn’t much any special except probably he thinks I am buying erogo manga book because Ecole du Ciel front page are full of girls. Well, I don’t mind showing him the inside and prove non-erogo stuffs. It just the HW Japan packing has too much used newspaper in it probably that trigger him. In the end, he asks me to pick it up and go.

Hospital blood Result and Other

The doctor told me I have a bit high cholesterol according to my blood test result. No other was mention so far since this is only thing I can do in Government hospital. Well, at least I know something what I have to do starting tomorrow. Less (none) fried foods and fast foods are recommended by the doctor and also require more exercises. I’m not sure if I could control my eating habits, but I manage to try changing my eating habits many years now. There will be next blood test on December, so it’s time for a change.

Anyway, damn my stuffs haven’t arrived yet from Japan. I only received one parcel so far and two more to come. Just a bit worried when my Manga might arrive at the post office, well I need to read sometimes when I was in the toilet making cakes. There is no tracking number so I guess it will take a while and read the same Dengeki Hobby Magazine all over again. But the most I can’t wait is the items I order from HW Japan and really hope I might able to receive on Saturday because I really want to see it myself why Figma is so damn popular toy collection. I write a review on it soon.

One last thing, I don’t really like writing about H1N1 in my blog, but after reading the latest update in Brudirect. The raise of the infection is climbing everyday and I hope everyone is following the doctors advise ensure you don’t getting infect by it. Good luck and stay healthy always.

MJ Molesting Case a Lies

Now this news has been circulating on the world and I decided to post this up. According to the news, Jordan Chandler has step forward and admit it was all lies from the beginning because his father wanted to escape from being poor. If this is true story, then we will see how Jackson family going to take this matter.

After the sudden death of Michael Jackson Evan Chandler tells the truth.
In 1993, Chandler told a psychiatrist and police that he and Jackson had engaged in sexual acts that included oral sex, the boy gave detailed description of Jackson’s genitals. The case was settled out of court for a reported $22 million, but the strain led Jackson to begin taking painkillers. Eventually he became addicted.
Now maybe for the remorse of his death Chandler decides to tell us the truth. ” I never meant to lie and destroy Michael Jackson but my father made me to tell only lies. Now i can’t tell Michael how much i’m sorry and if he will forgive me ”.Evan Chandler was tape-recorded saying amongst other things, “If I go through with this, I win big-time. There’s no way I lose. I will get everything I want and they will be destroyed forever…
Under the influence of a controversial father (Jordan Chandler) told his son to tell that Jackson had touched his penis.Jordan Chandler then told a psychiatrist and later police that he and Jackson had engaged in acts of kissing, masturbation and oral sex, as well as giving a detailed description of what he alleged were the singer’s genitals.
” Now for the first time i can’t bare to lie anymore. Michael Jackson didn’t do anything to me, all was my father lies to escape from being poor.” Last June order 2009 Arrived!

It arrived yesterday, but had no time to get it. Today was the only chance to grab it from the post.

What do I get over there? Its Gundam Astray Red Frame Clear Color version and my third GN Sefer to start my project for form 3.

IMG_3267 Damn, my HW Japan haven’t reach KB yet. Argggg…hopefully tomorrow ican received it.

Jin-Roh's Live-Action Coming?

According to Anime News Network news, Production I.G has license Jin-Roh's Live-Action rights. Although, it only mention the movie is going to be film by someone. I hope this one turns out pretty good because the Vampire new movies received quite a criticism from the review and rating.

First Look - All 10% off in

According to what it advertises in the banner at Danny Choo website. (AE) is another unfamiliar online merchant from Japan. Just like the others, they also sell action dolls, diecast (action figures), figures and plastic kits.

The website has a really clean design layout and all anime title is well categories. I did quite enjoying browsing around as it was really fast until I found one problem. I have no idea how they managing the out of stock items on their website and because of that, there are not that much available or listed items I can find in the categories.

For example, like Revoltech Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. It suddenly missing in the list after I found last two days ago and it didn’t even mention anything about it. To me, this is a bad impression without knowing if it runs out of stock or are already discontinue. Of course, the only way we can do is contact them by email directly. I choose not too because I currently not buying anything yet on this store. However, if I couldn’t get it, I will just give up and look for something else. That’s my habits.

I’m also sorry to say is not everything we actually hope for that exists when it comes to all 10% off. I find it quite a misleading. I did indeed find most of the items do not have any discount at all. The most shocking on my finding is the Figma Hatsune Miku. You won’t believe it when it was selling at 3,980 Yen. The price is nearly double compare to current Hobby Search selling for 2,261 Yen. I don’t know if it was a mistake from the system or from the moderate.

Nonetheless, I recommend buyers to be extra alert when you buy things over there. Even though, they do offer very good prices for some of the figures and diecast Japanese toys. Just remember that, most of their price may be double like the above finding.



First of all we'd like to thank you for taking your time to visit
Here on, our goal is to offer the most popular, the latest and the hardest-to-find Japanese toys, games and electronics to our overseas customers at the prices as low as the ones in Japanese domestic market. We consider our shopping site to become a cyber "Akihabara", a district in Tokyo recognized as the capital of anime, games and electronics.

- Anime Export Co. Ltd. is established in 2005 with a mission to export all kinds of anime-related items outside Japan. For the first 2 years, most of our business has been wholesale while the company has grown fast to become one of the direct wholesalers of the major Japanese toys / games manufacturers (such as Bandai, Banpresto, Aoshima and so on). Besides, we achieved a long-waited goal to produce a line of our own exclusive collectibles items in cooperation with Aoshima Bunka Kyozai Co., Ltd. including Neo Gettar black, Metallic, Arcadia,Shin Gettar ...

- Located in Taito-ku, Tokyo, the core of Japanese toy business, the company has been operated by the members from Anime Import s.a.s., established in 2001, a leading wholesale company in Italy for Japanese anime-related items.

-We put priority on Customer Satisfaction and protection of customers' personal data for secure shopping. We hope you enjoy shopping with Us !

Many thanks from Tokyo, Japan !

Anime-Export Team

Hospital Nightmare

This morning, I went to the government hospital in KB to get my blood suck. I already reach 27 years this year, so it’s time to get myself check up. No matter how old are you, it would be wise to go for health check once every two or three years even you are very healthy. If you had money, i recommend you should go to Jerudong for full body check up. The government hospital doctors these days are now unreliable and they give a lot of excuse saying this and that until you slap their face with the proof of the result from other hospital, then they will start shutting up and take seriously on your case. I find it very unacceptable seeing this kind of doctor’s behaviors nowadays.

Why do I have to be so rude? I was pissed by one of the doctors over there few days ago when I went to hospital to made appointment for health check. My request nearly got rejected and giving me a lot of rubbish excuse that I am young, there’s not necessary for me to do check up. What the fuck it got to do with my age anyway? How dare this doctor bringing my age for an excuse trying to getting rid of me like that?

This same happen back last four or five years ago, whenever I said I want to do a health check, the doctor simply reject straight away. Sooner or later, one day we are going to see more youth die in Brunei because of such way of thinking.

I don’t really mind if they just mention to me the current hospital here does not have the equipments to do a full health check up. I only wish at least to hear the doctors can offer another option for basic health check that available or can be done in KB rather than just kicking me (other patients) away.

Never mind about that, it was a good lesson for me not to put my trust on the government hospital. Next time I won’t request any health check anymore because I will die early going over there listening to nonsense. I am going to saved some of my money and just go to Jerudong hospital for full health check up better. I can’t imagine experience like that ever again and had to convince the doctor myself for some health check. Geezz…

Kingston VIP Appreciation Gift Arrived

It really took quite a while from FedEx to send over my Kingston VIP gift after they asked for my IC number last week. I have no idea why it took so long in the custom. Who knows, probably someone who made a fortune comes up with an idea trying to send the pirated copy DVD or VCD using FedEx express to pass through the security or something.

Well, luckily they just send over by this morning. It was a good timing and now I can relax a bit putting more programs without worried much on the capacity problem.

For your information, the gift send from Kingston Technology Company is Kingston DataTraveler G2 (4GB) USB thumb drive. How do I get this free stuff? Well, just head over to Kingston Blog and join their members for free. Earn KB point by posting any of your (MUST) Kingston related questions, picture of the products you purchase in any local computer outlets and post reviews or news etc. The KB point you earn can use for exchange for free prizes. Nice isn’t?

Seed vs Astray – Two Gundam Announced (Update)

This is going to be an interesting years for Gundam fan. One of the latest Bandai projects known as Gundam Seed Vs Astray announced last month at 48th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2009. If I was not mistaken about the source, Dengeki Hobby magazine reveal two of the seven secret Gundam to be release under High Grade 1/100 this year.
So far, no names were given to this two Gundam. Introducing Gale Strike Gundam and Hail Bluster Gundam (source from SRW Hot News) Judging by the looks, we (fans/modeler) know they are same Gundam Strike and Bluster except with different weapons and looks. Both of them going to be release on August, next month for 2,625 Yen each (inclusive of tax).
The color is a bit weird and I’m sure most fans don’t like it as it somewhat looks too fancy. Anyway, they are going to be on my pre-order list. (Cancel pre-order! Not a good month for me as I have to pay my car insurance, yikes!) Hope they reveal the names and the rest of the secret Gundam including the last Astray.