My Way off to BSB

Never expecting it was going to be so boring for window shopping in the capital right now. I shouldn’t have make up my mind going up there and thinking about saving yourself going to the cinema. The worst timing was actually Harry Potter seats were fully booked. We didn’t expect that coming, everyone decided to just walk around to kill our time in the Mall and then to another usual shopping area instead of waiting for another shows in afternoon at around three.

There weren’t much to see anyway, just a few booths setup selling computers and some other unknown medical products. What surprises me is that Blu-Ray goes pirated already? I have no idea if that was just a DVD9 or something. I need to asked if anyone actually test run it. Bridex exhibition is also starting soon on 10th August next month. If anyone interested, you can buy the $5.00 ticket at the first floor. There are open for public visitors, but it’s only on 14/08/09 (Friday 1400 - 1700) and 15/08/09 (Saturday 0900 – 1700). Visit the website for more information.

I also drop by and stalk around the toys in Chong Hock before going to Kiulap Hua Ho and to the main Chong Hock branch to check out the place and the ThermalTake products including other PC accessories. It was really too bad I never get a chance to see how the cosplay clothes quality looks like as I couldn’t find any of them. Nonetheless, it was a good place to drop by once in a while for me. If you guys are looking for Japanese toys, figurine and cosplayer clothes, drop by Chong Hock blog.

After that, I walked back to Hua Ho to meet up with my folks and also walk straight to the toys section. I don’t know why I have these kind habits whenever I step foot on any Hua Ho departments store and even other shopping areas. But it’s really funny to find myself behave this way. However, if you want to shop Hua Ho and looks for toys, I could only think of Yayasan and the airport area (forget the place of the name) that actually selling them the most. There wasn’t much to sees in Kiulap except some Transformer Universe and also unexpected new China Transformer brand call Transmutator. Hahaha….

Lastly, our final place is Giant Department store. We didn’t think about going there, it just my mom want to drop by there and look for something which is same goes to me looking for the foldable chair. I need it because I didn’t manage to find one in Furniture Court, so I would think Giant might sells because I remember seeing them advertise it on the flyers. It just too bad I couldn’t find it there.

Anyway Hari Raya is coming soon, there are also many reason for me to wait. Although the trip to watch Harry Potter is in vain, I can still wait for the free version. Hehehe…


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