Figma Drossel Review Delay

oSorry, this is happening which is why I didn’t post until now. I just found that one of the Drossel I brought is badly produce and I have to make a complained to Good Smile Company for parts replacement. So far, only the right arms spotted and appear much more like broken. It’s still able to pose without much problem, but I am not happy with it. Another problem I found also is the helmet also was not properly aligned. Guess what, I was told by the GSC can’t do anything about it, damn. You can find my complained post and picture at
They didn’t say anything about sending me one, but they already asked for my addresses and details. Since I just received the reply yesterday, I have to wait for another response and see how it is first because Drossel is really quite a popular Figma. I believe GSC won’t easily able to get me the replacement parts. No problem for me as I can wait and also it’s a good opportunity to test how good their international customer supports so that I can include in my review.


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