Gundam Astray Red Frame Clear Version

Any limited plastic clear kits will be straight build for me. I don’t really like to spoil the good looks for the clear parts. I already had seen how the HG1/144 Astray looks like. This is a good opportunity to have closer looks on HG1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame design and at the same time if any improve can be done.
It took me at least two and a half hours to complete the whole Red Frame. The time I spend is worth because I was able to find few flaws on this kit. It’s not really a serious issue but there is one I believe it was a bad made. It’s the shoulder, just look at the picture below.
Did you see? That’s happen when I tried to turn and it was lucky I spotted that. All else I might even broke it playing around. That’s required some work on the modification other than just sanding. This brings in a question why the HG1/144 version does not have this kind of problem? Only Bandai knows why, but I am not impress with it’s design for High Grade.
Gundam Astray Red (normal version), Green and Gold Frame have been in my must buy list in the past. After seeing this problem, there are no mistakes that all frame sets are also affected except Blue Second L and Amatsu version (only right arm) kits. I am going to reorganize my buy list this time for Astray and might only consider collect just Blue Frame Second L, Gold Frame Amatsu and others upcoming Seed Vs Astray kits. Unless, there is promotions or huge discount then I will reconsider it again.
It’s not like I am giving up to challenge this Astray kits version, but I just don’t want to spend it on unnecessary money for this kind of problem. Hopefully, this might even went into Master Grade production, then I will collect it.


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