Hospital Nightmare

This morning, I went to the government hospital in KB to get my blood suck. I already reach 27 years this year, so it’s time to get myself check up. No matter how old are you, it would be wise to go for health check once every two or three years even you are very healthy. If you had money, i recommend you should go to Jerudong for full body check up. The government hospital doctors these days are now unreliable and they give a lot of excuse saying this and that until you slap their face with the proof of the result from other hospital, then they will start shutting up and take seriously on your case. I find it very unacceptable seeing this kind of doctor’s behaviors nowadays.

Why do I have to be so rude? I was pissed by one of the doctors over there few days ago when I went to hospital to made appointment for health check. My request nearly got rejected and giving me a lot of rubbish excuse that I am young, there’s not necessary for me to do check up. What the fuck it got to do with my age anyway? How dare this doctor bringing my age for an excuse trying to getting rid of me like that?

This same happen back last four or five years ago, whenever I said I want to do a health check, the doctor simply reject straight away. Sooner or later, one day we are going to see more youth die in Brunei because of such way of thinking.

I don’t really mind if they just mention to me the current hospital here does not have the equipments to do a full health check up. I only wish at least to hear the doctors can offer another option for basic health check that available or can be done in KB rather than just kicking me (other patients) away.

Never mind about that, it was a good lesson for me not to put my trust on the government hospital. Next time I won’t request any health check anymore because I will die early going over there listening to nonsense. I am going to saved some of my money and just go to Jerudong hospital for full health check up better. I can’t imagine experience like that ever again and had to convince the doctor myself for some health check. Geezz…


  1. Hey friend, it's good to know that you're willing to invest some time to do a full body checkup and it's actually a good thing to think like that.

    Does the Jerudong full check up cost a lot of money?


  2. Im not sure yet, but I believe it might be around $200-300 dollar. I need to asked Jerudong for more information.


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