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According to what it advertises in the banner at Danny Choo website. (AE) is another unfamiliar online merchant from Japan. Just like the others, they also sell action dolls, diecast (action figures), figures and plastic kits.

The website has a really clean design layout and all anime title is well categories. I did quite enjoying browsing around as it was really fast until I found one problem. I have no idea how they managing the out of stock items on their website and because of that, there are not that much available or listed items I can find in the categories.

For example, like Revoltech Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. It suddenly missing in the list after I found last two days ago and it didn’t even mention anything about it. To me, this is a bad impression without knowing if it runs out of stock or are already discontinue. Of course, the only way we can do is contact them by email directly. I choose not too because I currently not buying anything yet on this store. However, if I couldn’t get it, I will just give up and look for something else. That’s my habits.

I’m also sorry to say is not everything we actually hope for that exists when it comes to all 10% off. I find it quite a misleading. I did indeed find most of the items do not have any discount at all. The most shocking on my finding is the Figma Hatsune Miku. You won’t believe it when it was selling at 3,980 Yen. The price is nearly double compare to current Hobby Search selling for 2,261 Yen. I don’t know if it was a mistake from the system or from the moderate.

Nonetheless, I recommend buyers to be extra alert when you buy things over there. Even though, they do offer very good prices for some of the figures and diecast Japanese toys. Just remember that, most of their price may be double like the above finding.



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- Anime Export Co. Ltd. is established in 2005 with a mission to export all kinds of anime-related items outside Japan. For the first 2 years, most of our business has been wholesale while the company has grown fast to become one of the direct wholesalers of the major Japanese toys / games manufacturers (such as Bandai, Banpresto, Aoshima and so on). Besides, we achieved a long-waited goal to produce a line of our own exclusive collectibles items in cooperation with Aoshima Bunka Kyozai Co., Ltd. including Neo Gettar black, Metallic, Arcadia,Shin Gettar ...

- Located in Taito-ku, Tokyo, the core of Japanese toy business, the company has been operated by the members from Anime Import s.a.s., established in 2001, a leading wholesale company in Italy for Japanese anime-related items.

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