EA Con 2011 – Gunpla Competition 2011 Update

Alright, I got the response from the EA Con 2011 staff. According to Johnny, any scratch built, using Kotobukiya weapons units and option parts must be in open Category C. Not in category A and B, disappointing.

However, for category A and B which some of you might still confuse. To make it simple, you can either do mixing (eg GM + Gundam) with some mod or straight built with your own choice of colors with slight mod like those found in Hobby Japan or Dengeki Hobby magazines. You can also take an example of my Striker Custom. But do remember that the Gunpla and other kits must be original made by Bandai as well which he told me about Digimon mixing with Bearagguy.

Anyway, I won’t be joining because the only free time I can work on Gunpla either Sunday or public holiday. My previous Gunpla works doesn’t seem to fit in the current competitions and some of them already participate in the past. So it always best to work on the new one instead. I might attend the EA Con but not sure how am I supposed to get the ticket while living in KB. Maybe I should drop a message to the staff see if could work out paying the ticket during the opening.

Frame Arms: SA-17 Rapiere

Finally completed the kit last two weeks after I spending time fixing up the loose parts on Frame body including finishing up sanding and then spraying. The color result did turn out quite nice, but I did however over done the Rapiere face. I should have goes with lighter color.
Anyhow, SA-17 Rapiere posing does turn out disappointing and need a lot of improvement on the articulations. The movement entirely very limited even having a hard time working a posing especially the shoulder fins (or bits whatever you call it). Because of this issue, I am much more careful not to scratch or damage the colors.
If you plan on buying this kit, I highly recommend you guys do some study and modify the articulation before assemble.
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EA Con 2011 – First Brunei Gunpla Competition 2011

If you remember the previous CH-Toy Nation Gunpla survey, they are now open for registration. Expressive Art Convention (partner with CH Toy Nation) will host the Gunpla contest on July 16th (Saturday) and 17th (Sunday) 2011 at Asma Hotel, Jerudong. For your information, the competition is divided into 3 categories which you may refer below.
For category A and B, I am a bit confusing but disappointed as well. They didn’t seem to mention clearly if you can work on scratch built and use Kotobukiya option parts or weapons units on the Gunpla idea. I already sent email for clarification so expect latest update from my blog.
I do understand they wanted to restrict modelers using 3rd party resin and conversion kit. However, I don’t see why Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby exclusive/limited kits have to be restricted as well in 1/144 category. Those kits were officially made by Bandai, not to mention they are Furoku and High Grade kit too which does not consider as resin listing. I do not see any reason why it will harm the competitions anyway when you can see more great 1/144 challenging work compare to 1/100 category.
What I am saying may offend the judges and organizers. However, as a modeler, I am hoping to see others can unlock their full potentials and show their Gunpla idea work in both A & B category because those parts of the important key resources. Why only open categories get all benefit and make both A & B category boring?
Category A – 1/144 Scale
- Only Gundam franchise models are permitted to enter the competition.
- The 1/144 scale model can be of any grade (whether FG, HG or RG)
- Weathering and battle damage is permitted.
- Diorama construction and the use of commercial full resin or resin conversion kits are not permitted.
- Aftermarket conversion or special Hobby Japan/Dengenki models are not permitted to enter the competition.
Category B – 1/100 Scale
- Only Gundam franchise models are permitted to enter the competition.
- The 1/100 scale model can be of any grade (whether NG or MG)
- Weathering and battle damage is permitted.
- Diorama construction and the use of commercial full resin or resin conversion kits are not permitted.
- Aftermarket conversion or special Hobby Japan/Dengenki models are not permitted to enter the competition.
Category C – Open Category
- Any plastic models are permitted to enter this category e.g. military models, car models, gundam models (irrespective of the scale), transformer models, etc.
- Weathering and battle damage is permitted.
- Diorama construction and the use of commercial full resin or resin conversion kits are permitted.
- Entries can be entered as part of a diorama. However, the base dimensions of the diorama cannot be larger than 30cm long and 30cm wide.
- A diorama can consist of more than 1 model.
Judgment criteria:
a) Technical ability (10 points): Build, finish, modifications and enhancements.
b) Painting (10 points): Quality and detail
c) Presentation and Creativity (10 points): Beauty of presentation of entry

A Backup Plan

These past few days are definitely bullshit. Working in a big private company puts me more pressure than before and things get complicated every day. Recently I just got a heat up argument with an admin girl that makes me very angry because of her irresponsible act.

The things I hated most is being accused of wrongdoing and becoming a primary target for not following up the urgent stuffs. Thanks to the technology today, all urgent communications shit uses email only. People tend forget about telephone beside their table and never bother to use it. That really pisses me more.

Another thing is working at night at the video live feed control room. It’s cool but the problem here is that I never volunteer on the job. I am dead busy working in the morning and afternoon. Of course, I am expecting other manager doesn’t care. So in the end I am forced to take the job and worked until mid-night without any pay. The funniest thing is that they even dared to say is related to IT.

Now I am poor and car loan payment is coming sooner. It’s time to get rid of any unnecessary stuff in my room and saved for back up. In case my anger burst out of no way hitting the table of my manager. Although I don’t want it to happen, money is everything today. No matter what happen, I will endure and wait until receiving my bonus. After that I will starts to find a new job again. Time to update my CV as well.

RGM-79FC Striker Custom ‘Early Type’

Due to the previous loses to an surprised attack by Delaz Fleet in Australia base. The Earth Federation Forces have decided to tighten up the security including upgrade its aging GM series and create new range weapons to counter the remaining Zeon remnant forces hiding on earth.
One of the chosen series is RGM-79F GM Striker. While the mobile suit performance has upgraded showing vastly improved with outstanding test result on the missions. This is still an early type Striker Custom version using the remaining Gundam RX-79 (G) head and same GM equipment's which originally are not design for range combat. So the Federation made a specialized design interchangeable range shotgun and modified chaff backpack defense against incoming missiles.

KIA Sportage 2011 High Spec 2.0 Get!

Having a new car really bring lots of joy in my life because now I can drive anywhere without worrying the old car broke down. The version I brought is Sportage 2011 2.0 EX Auto Petrol 2WD. In case you wonder, EX is the high spec version for 2.0 Engine which includes two front air bag, rear view camera, front safety led light, side mirror signal light and 18 inch sport wheel. The good thing is the car cover with five years warranty or 150,000KM (which ever come first).

I’m not a car expert, so writing review is never a good idea. But as an owner, I have to say the car is a beauty pack with features you don’t really need to waste money on upgrade. It is fast and comfortable during long distance drive. The only problem I encounter so far is parking because I haven’t get use to cramps parking lot on the front. Side and reverse parking is okay. Well, thanks to the rear sensor and camera. It sure helps a lot warning me whenever I am too close to the objects or cars. As for the rest, same always you need to take care of the car buying polishing kits and worry about replacing the 18” wheel in the future. =_=;;;.

YesAsia and RK for April 2011

Sorry for not updating recently, work and online gaming bring lost of time. Well, I finally did rebuilding my DIY budget photo booth so you guys should start seeing new photos again this week.

As mention before, I am now trying to stop purchasing toys online unless there are any exclusive or limited items up for pre-order. The RK order is just a coincidence. The Perfect Effect Scouting Force put a curse on me and its unavoidable getting them. For Optimus Prime Takara G2 version, the answer is because Optimus Prime. Hehehe… XP

At last for comic book, mostly all of them are Gundam. Only one Gundam volume I made mistake and one free randomly pick. I am planning to get the rest to complete it this month.

I Hate Private School Donations

Yeah, I definitely hate and very rage whenever I see my cousins or friends child bringing the school donation cards to me. How broke can they be every year? No one really can understand how the private schools capable of losing so much money on something we don’t even know. For one I can always think of is CHMS KB, which is the worst when it comes to donation. As far I remember, nearly asking three to four times a year.

No matter if it was once my mother school. I already show no respect and the system beginning in my primary back on the days. Whenever my school teachers handed me the donation card, I simply put in $2.00 from my pocket money and pass it back. Of course, the teachers find very disrespect and mad at my action. But logically thinking why should I help the school donation when our parents are paying them every month?

I do not know how the today chairman’s and principle handle the school financially. But seriously, using Kindergarten kids to ask around for donations sure really disgust me and if I not mistaken, they have been warned before using such tactic last year. Damn these bastards….

iGear Toys – Kup 01 Head Kit

Kup 01 is one of the latest iGear head replacement products released this month for US$12.00 (with shipping) at their store. I got it on last week and totally forget posting it up after I check the camera memory card. Anyway, here he is. Let the photo speak for itself.

Frame Arms: SA-17 Rapiere W.I.P #1

Man, I simply couldn’t stop staring Rapiere. Yesterday was suppose to continue working on Wagtail but somehow ended up with Frame Arms kit. Since the runner wasn’t too many, I would figure why not check it out. Well, never was a good thing.

Every Frame Arms comes with pre-built body frame. But I choose to do the runners first before moving to it because I need to study the design as well. At least 90% of the parts already done sanding for preparing spraying except the shoulder bits like and weapons will be continuing this week.

While doing that, I also trying to improve the details on some areas until I messed up the head fin when making lining. Hate this kind of problem occur on every plastic kits I work on.

Now, the problem about the frame body, I discover the frame easily falls apart so require disassembling and gluing. The articulation points also became limited too after putting together. I suspect this is either the frame body or the armor designs. This whole frame body really need to rework and improvements.