I Hate Private School Donations

Yeah, I definitely hate and very rage whenever I see my cousins or friends child bringing the school donation cards to me. How broke can they be every year? No one really can understand how the private schools capable of losing so much money on something we don’t even know. For one I can always think of is CHMS KB, which is the worst when it comes to donation. As far I remember, nearly asking three to four times a year.

No matter if it was once my mother school. I already show no respect and the system beginning in my primary back on the days. Whenever my school teachers handed me the donation card, I simply put in $2.00 from my pocket money and pass it back. Of course, the teachers find very disrespect and mad at my action. But logically thinking why should I help the school donation when our parents are paying them every month?

I do not know how the today chairman’s and principle handle the school financially. But seriously, using Kindergarten kids to ask around for donations sure really disgust me and if I not mistaken, they have been warned before using such tactic last year. Damn these bastards….


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