RGM-79FC Striker Custom ‘Early Type’

Due to the previous loses to an surprised attack by Delaz Fleet in Australia base. The Earth Federation Forces have decided to tighten up the security including upgrade its aging GM series and create new range weapons to counter the remaining Zeon remnant forces hiding on earth.
One of the chosen series is RGM-79F GM Striker. While the mobile suit performance has upgraded showing vastly improved with outstanding test result on the missions. This is still an early type Striker Custom version using the remaining Gundam RX-79 (G) head and same GM equipment's which originally are not design for range combat. So the Federation made a specialized design interchangeable range shotgun and modified chaff backpack defense against incoming missiles.
About the Build
The work was originally plan to make a minor improvement on the kit. Somehow I lose the visor and use the Gundam head as a replacement instead from the ‘Gundam Ground War Set’. Since I also already finished sanding and prepare for spraying. I see no point wasting more time on the mod because I might accidently damaging it.
There weren’t many changes to the kit except testing new modifies articulation in the shoulder using Hobby Base Roll Swing Joint. I‘m not sure how much does it really improved. But it allows more movable area on the shoulder for posing. This will be tested on the HG1/100 Seed VS Astray line in the future because of them are fixed point.
I also added small armor to the pilot hatch as well as chaff pod to the backpack using Kotobukiya option parts. Well, the GM Striker was meant for close combat, logically thinking he needs to interrupt incoming missile attacks. That was a nice addition to have that on it.

I do have other plan to include combat knife on the backpack as well. Too bad I am suck at working on weapon holder mod. So I just give him a shotgun rather making further complication. But the interchangeable equipment's are really great. I recommend getting one of this for your plastic kit.


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