A Backup Plan

These past few days are definitely bullshit. Working in a big private company puts me more pressure than before and things get complicated every day. Recently I just got a heat up argument with an admin girl that makes me very angry because of her irresponsible act.

The things I hated most is being accused of wrongdoing and becoming a primary target for not following up the urgent stuffs. Thanks to the technology today, all urgent communications shit uses email only. People tend forget about telephone beside their table and never bother to use it. That really pisses me more.

Another thing is working at night at the video live feed control room. It’s cool but the problem here is that I never volunteer on the job. I am dead busy working in the morning and afternoon. Of course, I am expecting other manager doesn’t care. So in the end I am forced to take the job and worked until mid-night without any pay. The funniest thing is that they even dared to say is related to IT.

Now I am poor and car loan payment is coming sooner. It’s time to get rid of any unnecessary stuff in my room and saved for back up. In case my anger burst out of no way hitting the table of my manager. Although I don’t want it to happen, money is everything today. No matter what happen, I will endure and wait until receiving my bonus. After that I will starts to find a new job again. Time to update my CV as well.


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