Frame Arms: SA-17 Rapiere W.I.P #1

Man, I simply couldn’t stop staring Rapiere. Yesterday was suppose to continue working on Wagtail but somehow ended up with Frame Arms kit. Since the runner wasn’t too many, I would figure why not check it out. Well, never was a good thing.

Every Frame Arms comes with pre-built body frame. But I choose to do the runners first before moving to it because I need to study the design as well. At least 90% of the parts already done sanding for preparing spraying except the shoulder bits like and weapons will be continuing this week.

While doing that, I also trying to improve the details on some areas until I messed up the head fin when making lining. Hate this kind of problem occur on every plastic kits I work on.

Now, the problem about the frame body, I discover the frame easily falls apart so require disassembling and gluing. The articulation points also became limited too after putting together. I suspect this is either the frame body or the armor designs. This whole frame body really need to rework and improvements.


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