KIA Sportage 2011 High Spec 2.0 Get!

Having a new car really bring lots of joy in my life because now I can drive anywhere without worrying the old car broke down. The version I brought is Sportage 2011 2.0 EX Auto Petrol 2WD. In case you wonder, EX is the high spec version for 2.0 Engine which includes two front air bag, rear view camera, front safety led light, side mirror signal light and 18 inch sport wheel. The good thing is the car cover with five years warranty or 150,000KM (which ever come first).

I’m not a car expert, so writing review is never a good idea. But as an owner, I have to say the car is a beauty pack with features you don’t really need to waste money on upgrade. It is fast and comfortable during long distance drive. The only problem I encounter so far is parking because I haven’t get use to cramps parking lot on the front. Side and reverse parking is okay. Well, thanks to the rear sensor and camera. It sure helps a lot warning me whenever I am too close to the objects or cars. As for the rest, same always you need to take care of the car buying polishing kits and worry about replacing the 18” wheel in the future. =_=;;;.


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