When There Is Crime, There is Con.

Took me a while to hold this post. I was waiting and making sure my new official receipt with warranty was received before I start saying anything. Nightmare? No, like a stupid joke. I really like this local computer shop and usually get quite a lot of stuffs from them for both personal and for company. After the bad warranty experience, I am now had to be extra careful dealing with them and reconsider new way to counter the problem.

What happen? My home wireless router two LAN ports suddenly went kaput last month and I couldn’t get it work again. The LAN ports is important because I have headless PC running taking advantage of the gigabit speed feature for file sharing. Since the wireless router cover three years warranty, I search for the receipt and send for replacement the next day.

The technician need to inspect confirming the problem before he could arrange the replacement. After few days, no news which is strange for the delay. I decided to call up for an update. The technician confirmed the problem, but then he told me the wireless router no longer cover with warranty. Excuse me? I asked him did you looked at the official receipt I gave to you? It says 36 months. He said yes but their system only register one year. My answer to him that’s not my problem. As long, I am holding the original receipt, you guys must honor it. Then he say they will investigate and get back to me soon the next day which btw already one week. The technician call up and gave me bad news they unable to find any replacement and similar model. Well, what are you guys going to do about it? You guys have to provide options and solutions.

Now, this is where they started to piss me off. First of all, I do not want to blame the technician. Apparently it was the mystery's idiot known as purchaser gave him the instruction. The offer here was forcing me topping up $60 to get different model. The stupid part, the warranty will continue up to May 2018. You can’t even provide me the replacement or refurbish device, even they don’t intend to send for repair. Why the fuck should I take that garbage deal that doesn’t make sense? The answer is no.

The only condition I will accept if they provide me new warranty deal for another two years by continuing the existing then we will call it even. I gave the purchase another week to reconsider. However, the answer say no after the PC technician told me and insist to pay for the top up. I told him I am giving one last chance to that idiot to think twice, if he/she can’t even offer me better options then I have no choice but to bring this to the consumer affairs department and let them deal with all these nonsense. As long, the official printed receipt is with me. My case against the computer shop are very strong and confidence that the official will agree that this was ridiculous deal when they were supposed to honor warranty replacement at no cost. Do the purchaser really want to fight with me and risk damage the shop reputation over $128.00 BND replacement? Nonetheless, the idiot think smart and the problem was settle with new warranty deal. Am I happy? Not really.

The way how the local computer shop handle the customers register purchase information has become clear to me they can replace the information anytime they want or likely where employee's may made mistake inputting wrong data. My strong advise was scan and keep your purchase receipts in good condition especially three years warranty devices. Make sure you keep one of their brochures (and promotions) with warranty information printed the better. These guys can simply say my device only cover with one year when the receipt printed three years. Can you imagine what happen if you lose it or the printed fonts fated in the receipts? Probably I will let you think the outcome yourself.