Working in Capital

Its been a while for not going to the capital since I last quit my first job. Nothing much changes over there, but apparently I did drive a wrong way to my HQ instead taking a shortcut :lol:. After looking at the locations for few time, I was able to remember which shortcut directions I once used it often especially escaping those traffics. :!: But I was amazed when I riding back at around 4PM. It was full of vehicles in the high way and even in Lumut :shock:. Hehehe...Huh? What am I doing in the capital. Well, just received an order from my manager to fixed the server problem in my HQ.

Dinosaur toy

Found this big Dinosaur in the HQ and its quite big!

Before leaving the HQ, my friend tell me about the new bakery shop in Gadong near the Mall. She says the bread over there are quite good and especially if I can get there between 2 to 3.30PM. I could get a fresh and hot delicious breads. Sadly, I was so tired and its nearly 4.15PM (arrived in KB at 6.00PM). Maybe next time I will visit that place and try the breads including a special visit to the Mall checking out the Kiosk! Anyway, today I did missed out meeting my new colleagues over there too! :smile: