Go For PS Vita?

After the PS Vita launched this year, I was so tempting to get one. However the local price does drive me off and not much interesting games giving any attention. New games still continue heading to PSP especially my favorite SD Gundam G Generation Overworld titles is launching in September. Sadly, there isn't any news or mention by the developer on Vita version release.

My plan on getting the device still not yet decided. Most probably after looking at my bonus pay out than I will decide which is the best course either going for PS Vita or DSLR. Until there are more great games are available especially the title I mention above and most importantly not require always download from online. Let’s see how it goes.

A New Start Plans

It's annoying having to think what kind of life should really expect next at 30. I didn't have much answers for myself not until attending my school reunion dinner last week then finally a few answers pops up in my mind.

First off, dieting. I have been gaining weight over 6-7 years now and seeing many of my friends maintains so well at dinner making me so uncomfortable. So it's time to push myself off more on exercise and healthy dieting harder since I love junk foods so much. Yes, I can eat anything without problem.

Secondly, time for saving and start traveling. I really been non-stop buying toys and other silly things online too much. Truth to myself, I haven't been able to save any single cents in my bank account. That was fucked up things in life without saving in case of emergency. It's time to spent less and toys.

Thirdly, a make over. I'm talking about looks and clothing. I totally suck at fashion thingy so probably might as well do some changes over my daily looks which I plan getting new glasses first. I do have long sighted eye problem and hurt my eyes if the sky too sunny. However, I never wears any of them because I am an asshole who can still see clearly today.

Lastly, I need to find ways to clean my room and getting display shelves as soon as possible. It's getting more messier every day and troublesome walking around. Terrible is all I can say. Nevertheless, it's time for start over at age 30.

Who Killed Rosie Larsen?

The Killing season two finale end with great surprised uncover the person who killed Rosie Larsen, very sad ending. I got to admit this is the most enjoying TV drama ever watched under crime category and true to the best telling each of the characters own secrets throughout the episodes in season one & two. Even though the police works and investigations are slowly just to finding out the true killer. The story just can go anywhere with plenty of hints and guessing unless you remember every suspects stories during their questioning.

If you got the chance to see it on Astro or full DVD releases in the future. Recommend you prepare your snacks and watch it! But do note there are F-words and porn scenes. Hey you still gotta watch it!

About: The Killing ties together three distinct stories around a single murder including the detectives assigned to the case, the victim's grieving family, and the suspects. Set in Seattle, the story also explores local politics as it follows politicians connected to the case. As the series unfolds, it becomes clear that there are no accidents; everyone has a secret, and while the characters think they've moved on, their past isn't done with them.

Age 30, What's Next?

Hmmm...I guess age 30 is officially becoming fucking old now. Never imagine time flow so fast that I even realized not until last week. So, what's next? I don't know, really. Everything about tomorrow. The primary things in life, getting relationship. This is the only shit gives me a lot of scary thought, for one I earned low income and doesn't own a house. That's the thing I am facing right now.

I know, people always told me to think that shit later. But for girls and especially the family nowadays, not much to expect these days would accept it. Maybe I just gone too far saying about it, however this sadly simply just happen to be reality. Of course not 100% applies to all the girls including the parents.

All parents do have the right to make sure their daughter married to good wealth man, well treated and doesn't wish them to suffer. Chinese culture are the most fearsome and I happen to witness my younger uncle getting poke by the wife family comparing the sisters husband who happen to be wealthy and successful every years. Even though, I don't really care because it isn't my business to jump in. What if that was me. I definitely get annoy, depress, getting laugh and pissed by people looking down at you like that.

Again, don't think about it too much. Living in new generation world probably changes comparing to the past. I know real life are not simple thing. It just how I think and sometimes I get frustrated fearing getting into relationship. Yes, there are girls do like me. But their family background puts me so much pressure and no confidence in the end. My current age doesn't mean much to me, it just how the girls think about future already puts me into the edge of worry.

IT Technician Doesn't SOLVED EVERYTHING!

I can't really think of any better title fitting for my post. But it just recently having a lot of thought at my work place, beside having shitty time teaching freshman how to work and being forgetful. I am beginning to get pissed off easily seeing how dumb people are becoming and so lazy to learned from it when just very simple thing.

How simple is that I am talking about? For one, inserting speaker jack into the PC. I am talking both young and adult doesn't know how to insert a fucking sound jack into the PC. Imagine how many years that really mentally stressful I had to deal this kind of fucking retarded request every day. Not to mention sometimes I have to rush over for nothing just to fix this kind of problem during the critical. Being a IT Technician which normally people always think of repairing and troubleshooting hardware stuffs. Yes that is correct. It just the rule doesn't apply at all in my place and slowly becoming some kind of help desk solving users problem instead when they can fix themselves and fucking better than me.

I have no idea if Brunei have educations standard problem making people think different or what, it just continue pisses me off and sometimes I have to be so rude over the phone signal them to fuck off. People always continue thinking IT Technician can solve everything when it's not. What worst when dumb idiots asking me how to use AutoCAD, others asking me how to use formulas in Excel and why this software can't do this or that. HOW THE FUCK DO I KNOW!

Pirating sure have make people even more dumber. Not a single common sense or whatsoever making them think we are the one who develop the Microsoft office programs and suppose 100% to fix it. This is seriously heading way over and question why we need pathetic arguing with the users. These continue never ending pointing finger really have no end. I'm so tired and hopefully can find a new job can get away all this nightmare.

Gov’t Web Down!

Again, nothing big surprise. I'm sure many of us expecting that silly hacking stunt coming. Either the website security never update or check or even scan for suspected virus and malware in the server by the IT. Although I have no right making such baseless claim in this post, but I do believe the Governments' employee's PCs or servers may largely infected.

I know because I encounter (few) Governments employees pen drive contains virus when transferring presentation data into our office PC. Even the burn CDR data I discover were all fake with infected files after the people complains to me why it can't open and the AV annoy message keep popping up blocking it.

You may say probably our office PCs were infected, sorry that ain't going to happen under my watch. My practices always disabling the autorun, installed good USB Guardian and AV program including latest Window updates keeping the system virus free as long as possible. Yes, it takes longer time to do and get complains by users for being slow delivering on time. Sometimes it worth the risk when you are monitoring over 240 PCs alone in the headquarter. Do note I haven't includes the CCTV, site office PCs and other system just yet because it stressful thinking about it.

Microsoft Windows is the only OS easily target by every hackers in the world. Without doubt majority of the Government system were mainly running Windows today. If the IT staffs didn't take good care updating the security patches, deploying good anti-virus programs and controlling daily use of USB storage’s. You already know what will happen next.

Rebuild Window 2012

I was busy finalizing my programs install this past few weeks after reformatting my Window into 64bit and restoring data. I don't really quite like reformatting Windows nowadays when they easily becoming unstable for long use and can't be easily repairs. No matter how new the Window version going to be, there always repeating same problem in the end.

For now, the headache are gone and decided almost everything running freeware programs including some are giveaway licenses too. Many of the programs I installed are already enough for daily use without require spending single cents. I do have to admit moving away from Microsoft Office does feel uncomfortable but the current LibreOffice does do the job very well with grammar checking feature. It just the CV I am working does mess up LOL!