IT Technician Doesn't SOLVED EVERYTHING!

I can't really think of any better title fitting for my post. But it just recently having a lot of thought at my work place, beside having shitty time teaching freshman how to work and being forgetful. I am beginning to get pissed off easily seeing how dumb people are becoming and so lazy to learned from it when just very simple thing.

How simple is that I am talking about? For one, inserting speaker jack into the PC. I am talking both young and adult doesn't know how to insert a fucking sound jack into the PC. Imagine how many years that really mentally stressful I had to deal this kind of fucking retarded request every day. Not to mention sometimes I have to rush over for nothing just to fix this kind of problem during the critical. Being a IT Technician which normally people always think of repairing and troubleshooting hardware stuffs. Yes that is correct. It just the rule doesn't apply at all in my place and slowly becoming some kind of help desk solving users problem instead when they can fix themselves and fucking better than me.

I have no idea if Brunei have educations standard problem making people think different or what, it just continue pisses me off and sometimes I have to be so rude over the phone signal them to fuck off. People always continue thinking IT Technician can solve everything when it's not. What worst when dumb idiots asking me how to use AutoCAD, others asking me how to use formulas in Excel and why this software can't do this or that. HOW THE FUCK DO I KNOW!

Pirating sure have make people even more dumber. Not a single common sense or whatsoever making them think we are the one who develop the Microsoft office programs and suppose 100% to fix it. This is seriously heading way over and question why we need pathetic arguing with the users. These continue never ending pointing finger really have no end. I'm so tired and hopefully can find a new job can get away all this nightmare.


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