My Life Is Reaching An End Sometimes

Quiet life? Yes, as usual, living and trying to see what happen the next day. Looking at how people live their life does somehow impact my mind. Thinking I would able to change my own situation and wanted to create something new itself. In fact it's not that simple especially once the story begin, you can't move back and sudden turn to change no matter how stupid and regrets has been done so far.

Many friends of mine always told me that I should start to settle down and get married. Well, not like I never tried, it just never work out. But I do admit suck at asking girls out and chicken out half way. Maybe I am didn't hard enough, choosy and being such an Atheist idiot. For other reason, probably I am too over concern on my financial status not wanting the love one suffer together with me. Of course, more reason that I buy too many toys.

Even people criticize me being not a party person. Come on, I'm over 30 now, if you ask me to feel the party rave. I don't really think I can feel much enjoyment. Pub is much more suitable for me sitting there enjoying drinks and chit chat.

I'm not really sure what to do with my daily life to be honest for now. Finding for new answer are endless and sometimes feel like coming to a close of my story. But I decided to just blindly face forward hard on this year and stopping myself logging into Facebook often making me feel somewhat miserable seeing how others doing great in life. It's time to stop and start playing my Steam games I got from Summer Sales to kill off my unnecessary thought.