Aunt Passed Away

I have been attending to my Aunt house for at least three days after she passed away last Friday morning. Another sad years losing my beloved auntie but I am alright now. It just I do not have any single mood to write anything now. Not until I was trying yesterday and no one really predict the fucking suddenly the power trip at 7.30PM. I have to put myself on early sleep as there is totally nothing to do at dark hours. Geezz…I totally lost what to write anymore.

Anyhow, I will be hitting up my Gunpla work log soon as I already finished building my Gunpla for submission to Danny Choo AFA contest before the end of October. The remaining works left are applying decals (just arrived today) on it and setup my own budget photo booth for taking photos next month. September Order 2009

I haven’t brought anything from quite a while. After they start summer deal promoting for Visa card holder, getting another 20% off from the bargain toys section anyone simply should missed out. I manage to get two Final Fantasy creatures (Phoenix and Gilgamesh) figures and two Shana trading figures for very good price. Wasn’t actually suppose to get the trading figures but the FF creature for Shiva is finished so I need to get another items to get free shipping.

Anyhow, simply too bad I didn’t manage to get Shana! I have to say the Bandai made trading figures is not bad and has a good quality.

Moon Cake Present from Singapore

When my mom came back from Singapore last Sunday, she gave me a mini moon cake present from my sister-in-law over there. This is the mini moon cake set and it comes with four different tastes. There are the Traditional Lotus, Chocolate White Lotus, Pumpkin Taro and Espresso chestnut.

IMG_3394 (800x600)

IMG_3395 (800x600)

After looking at it, I couldn’t hold myself yesterday and I eat all of them. It was truly damn good! The box is nice and best for giving gifts to friends and relatives. I really hope we can find such products in Brunei.

IMG_3404 (800x600)

Hari Raya Day Off - Update

It’s good to have at least three public holidays. Well, three days is fast and I was able to complete my Gunpla to 80%. The whole kit is almost finishing as there are few additional weapons and booster I decided to add to my MG. I think I wasted quite a few hours of soft mod and looking for correct parts to fit in by digging some of the old stuffs.

My spray paints also ran out and I need to get it soon. I should have run down to KB town to get it but simply too lazy to do that when doing the soft mod. Got dammit! I haven’t received my decals yet from the post and even order until now. Damn so slow! Hong Kong post tracking is so lousy unable verify where it is. EMS is the best out of all.

Speaking of EMS shipping, HLJ is now offering FREE shipping until 28th September for using Paypal! I am so heart break seeing this kind of surprise promotion when my credit card hits me with annual fee this month. Those of you haven’t brought anything yet this month should not missed this chance!

However, I am quite worry about this HLJ terms and conditions below. While we can’t received any money. I do not know how they able to refund to us. Anyone care to try it?

Important: Your PayPal billing agreement will initially be charged for the cost of the merchandise AND shipping. The cost of shipping will then be refunded to your account in one or two business days.

Stars Online Shopping Discovery's #1

Here are the lists of the online toy stores I found are almost based in Asia. There are the most trusted and safe online shopping zone for everyone seeking for Otaku collection and especially those rare stuffs. I will list out those I already reviews and direct links for you all to check out.

I will update the lists again from time to time. If you have any other links you would like to shared with me. Just drop me a line or comment on this post. BTW make sure you provide the links and let me know if you ever shop with them before so that I can personally check out the site myself.

However, I also want to make it clear that:

  • Please don’t ask me which online store are the best to shop with. There are good and bad services in every online store. To me, whenever I am looking for something I want in my collections. I will definitely seek those are available and best offer price. That’s all and same goes to you all looking for best price as possible.
  • Please note that “Other Online Stores” website lists have not personally review by me yet and so do not expect me to gives you any grantee all of them are safe to shop. I pay using own pocket money to check and ensure they are safe before I run any reviews on it.
  • Also if you got fuck up losing money or get cheated. It’s your own fucking problem, not mine. I only shared what I find online. To ensure they are safe to shop with, search the community and forums for more information’s.

Click read more for the full lists and Selamat Hari Raya to all!!!

Stars Review Online Shops/Stores

Next/Upcoming Reviews

Other Online Stores (That Not Yet Shop With)

Telbru - eSpeed on Demand Service

eSpeed on Demand is one of the new feature for temporary boosting your internet speed. Yes, you can simply boost your line to either 1MB or 2MB (higher in the future) anytime with a single click on the Telbru web login account. This will only last for one hour and you will need to log in again to boost it.

(Note: The link appear to be broken, probably something wrong at Telbru. xP)

Just remember that this is not a free service because you have to pay for a rate per hour depending on how many times you boost your speed. Of course, you have to apply before you can use it. If you wonder how this work before you decide to subscribe it. Well, it’s very easy to use, very easy. Log in to the website (like picture below), enter your phone number (your eSpeed line) and the password given by Telbru.

Login Page @


Here’s the screen shows some of the information from your account and your Hua Wei/Alcatel modem. The available boosts information is below and shows either 2MB or 3MB speed option. Click one of them (I click 3MB) and you will see the terms and conditions. My advice is you read it before you used.

espeed2 On Demand - Screen1

espeed2 On Demand - Screen2

After you click accept button your line will temporary boost to 3MB for one hour. You can verify your speed through Brunet speed test and test any download.


espeed2 On Demand - Screen3

Here’s the test results using Steam downloading my Half Life 2 games together with Free Download Manager downloading AVG Free Edition program.


It’s a real deal. Although I can’t say for the performance on the website I visit. Sometimes it does lag for a moment and hell fast. I did tried Team Fortress 2 game and RF Online. TF2 work pretty well on the server I joined and my ping time was really good low. However, not for RF Online game. I still get kick out often and lost connections even the server population is low. Not to mention the gameplay was same as usual, nothing much improved. There could be the connection issue in the DNS configuration I believe.

Anyway, eSpeed on Demand service is just a feature to help you dealing with large downloading files. But to me, it makes no different putting my PC idle doing the download for all days. Even if it slows, I am not paying any extra on it. Don’t talk about my PC power usage, mine is gaming machine but my motherboard has the ability to tweak all the hardware performance down, which means lesses power usage in normal operation for downloading stuffs using torrent. Kekeke…

Notes: It took a while for Telbru announcing their new eSpeed on Demands service. My post has been on hold almost at least coming five months now waiting for the right time post it. You might ask why. Well, it simple. As long it was not officially announce by Telbru, I have no single rights to reveal their upcoming services. This is how I feel about it.

Nonetheless, the information I provided is based on the beta test. Any updated or changes may different from what the current screenshots provide above.

My Aunt Ling in Hospital

Simply can’t believe I was the last person to know my auntie Ling currently in the critical conditions yesterday. This is starting to trigger my hate towards the relatives and cousins more why any one of them bother give me a call about her situation happen so many days ago. It’s not like I was traveling to anywhere to long distance and not to mention we are the most closes to family.

Without taking a second thought, I take an half an hour earlier from my work and rush over there to check her out. It was really sad after seeing her condition worsen and her face become so different lying in the bed. She was blurring and almost can’t recognize who I am anymore. This kind of scenario is very hurt and the only thing I can do is watch her taking care by the maid and uncle.

My mother is coming back this Sunday after canceling her trip with my big brother to Australia from Singapore. I hope my Aunt Ling can stay put until my mom backs to Brunei.

I also really hope the researcher could find a way to cure cancer. Even though, I believe last or two years ago there was news about the vaccine for it. It was not public announced the availability. It’s really sad seeing anyone suffering from it even my classmate were the victims of it who already passed away.

Walter Hobby Online Review V1.0

It’s funny that sometimes if I seriously looking for limited on Gundam or other toys. Those unfamiliar online merchants will just suddenly pop up in my Google search list. The Walter Hobby store was the latest for this month new discovery while looking for MG Aile Strike Gundam with limited bazooka version.

Not a Japanese store for this time. The online store itself is based in Hong Kong. Since the Gunpla competitions and toy events were quite popular over there. We are expecting more hard to get and limited stuffs access to international buyers sooner or later if we can’t get in Japan.

First Impression

Walter Hobby is not a big store like any others, so expecting to be less selection items from it. Currently you can only finds plastic models, action figures, resin kits and Chinese magazines for now. Some special limited items as well.

It’s funny that he is also selling China made Gundam also. I’m sure most of you seen it else where in Brunei and the brand name is called TT Hongli. There is another one called GHD. Not sure if both are the same company but I will never lays my money on non-original or copying stuffs. But I do like them selling the MG hands a lot!

Registering an account before making any purchasing is requiring. On the side note, the website needs resolution larger than 1024x768 sizes to view properly. However, I do find some coding errors viewing some of the toys page and many pictures simply go all the right.

The good news is, the store has just reached its first anniversary not long ago during last month and now Walter is currently putting up two events for the customers until October 31st, 2009.

  • The 1st event is when you buy over any USD $85.00, $150.00 or $250.00. You can choose one selected free gift during check out.
  • The 2nd event is you will be automatically entered to lucky draw. One order, one lucky draws ticket.

The Bad

You have no idea if items are available in stock. That’s the bad point about Walter Hobby I encounter so far after I checkout. Although, I believe the site is only manage by one owner only. But informing the customers about the available stock items is important and should be update often.

I have waited almost more than one week without any news about the item and I have to use the MSN chat system tried to enquire about my stuffs. Not to mention he went offline so often I have to send him an email for the second week.

Payment Methods

Walter Hobby only accepts Paypal and Western Union payment methods. But for Western Union, its best you contact him through his email (walter [at] walterhobby [dot] com) first before you made any orders because I didn’t find any selection payment options during on the check out.

By the way, no extra charges for the Paypal users. But do note that this require direct payments for both orders and pre-orders.

Packing and Shipping

The items weight is calculated by the system and it’s not a good sign for us. Chance of getting over charge on the shipping fee is possible. So far for me, the total weight for the EMS shipping fees is quite reasonable. Until my biggest surprise was, he actually sent my limited MG Aile Strike Gundam first without my 2x Unicorn Resin Gatling gun and he didn’t even inform me or send the tracking number. He just put a note in front of the cover that he will sent later for the other two soon.

I am also stunt by how he packs my stuff. He did mention about using bubble plastic sheets to protect the items. After looking at it, I was so lucky it was not badly damage it. Look at the photos below.

He uses the bubble plastic to warp around with simple weak cotton box to pack and tide it with a string. Man, Walter Hobby really does save a lot on this shipping. I have to be honest, but the risk of getting stolen and damage is quite high, worst than packing I have seen so far.

The shipping method offer both EMS and Hong Kong post airmail.

Final Thought

What do I think? Well, to me. Walter Hobby can consider as a newcomer in toy business. I can’t say it’s really disappointed, but the only thing I am complaining the most is how he packs my stuffs and shipped to overseas. He really needs to do something about it.

As for the price, I can’t say they are cheaper or affordable. Like I always said, the best are looking at the special offer products page. But it’s good to see the store selling resin kits and upgrade accessories parts for plastic models with quite a good price point. For example the MG Unicorn Gatling gun selling at USD$11.00 each and MG Sinanju Bazooka is selling at USD$13.50 each. Not bad for a resin kits, huh? Well, just without the novel books.

Nonetheless, this store looks promising for me to drop once in a while to check out special or limited items. I’m not sure how he able to get hold on the MG Aile strike Bazooka limited, but it was a rerun production which includes Seed VS Astray brochure inside the box and I was happy getting one myself.

About Walter Hobby

Walter Hobby Store was established in 2008 and has since been operating as an online retailer in Hong Kong. We provide a wide variety of Japanese toys at prices much lower than those you can find in your country.

Also we believe most of them are hard to come by in your own country.

Walter Hobby September Order 2009

This is my first time ordering it from Walter Hobby online store in Hong Kong. It took me a while looking for the limited version of MG Aile Strike Gundam in Japan. Although I do remember this was actually sold in Bandai events only in Japan, Korea and other Asia regions. I am really happy getting hold myself one at the price of US$35.00. Happy~!

I also order two Unicorn Gatling gun resin kits from him for US$22.00 (@US$11.00) and currently out of stock. I hope I can received it soon and see it myself how the resin kits actually looks like. Anyway, I will be posting up Walter hobby review tomorrow and update for review soon.

Read more for the pictures and some special stuff I find in the box.

Simple cover black and white color

Strange? How did the Seed VS Astray brochure ended in here? If you are curios what is all about, the back says that Bandai have release four different special marking stickers for the 1/100 Gundam Seed model kits. It also mentions that each kit is marked with a label so you know it contains a special sticker.

I’m not really sure when did it actually started but those of you encounter might interested getting one or two from it. The following available selected HG 1/100 Seed kits are:

  1. Launcher Strike Gundam
  2. Sword Strike Gundam
  3. Aile Strike Gundam
  4. Saber Gundam
  5. Sword Impulse Gundam
  6. Force Impulse Gundam
  7. Providence Gundam
  8. Justice Gundam
  9. Legend Gundam
  10. Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd
  11. Gundam Astray Red Frame

BTW, those of you who wanted to pre-order PG Gundam OO with special clear parts is also available over here. You do not need the special ticket to purchase it online!

Coolest Free-Style Gunpla #3

Spend the whole afternoon working on the legs and the outer armors. Not yet finished, I still feel that it needs the decals and the parts present I order to arrive. Can’t explained why but I was totally distract by it without any of them.

On next week, I will begin assemble the wings and used the remaining Tamiya pure white spray paints on it. It really sucks I couldn’t find the white spray in town. I won’t use cheap spray paints on my Gundam because it will definitely spoil the colors. Unless it’s a good brand that works well on plastic, I will gladly try it on my 1/144 kits if there are one out there. But none were found at the moment.

Anyway, hope my stuffs arrive by this week. On the side note, I have been inactive posting anything lately because I was busy with my work (before running to a new company) and dealing with some personal life. Even going to bed was earlier and suddenly falls asleep on my chair quite often lately which is why skipping so many days without any post.

No worries, I already prepare some new online toy shops review to be posted soon. It just that one of my orders hasn’t even shipped out yet so I was terrible worry about it.

Coolest Free-Style Gunpla #2

Phew! My gunpla is progressing well especially the color matching. At first I was quite worried about the Tamiya colors I brought in the town. Most of them are finished or not even restock. The white color was the most concern in my list. I got a pure white spray and it doesn’t turn out really good for me. Not to mention that was the last one. That was a big mistake I shouldn’t be committing as a modeler during the contest period.  

The Tamiya pure white was used almost half from it and little worry for use in remaining arms and leg. The main head and body were fully assembled and extra details upgrade. I will begin my work on the legs this week and revise the colors again if I could reduce the use of pure white. This is going to be very challenging for me. My decals are on the way and should be arriving this week using register mail. Hopefully able to used the flat clear coating to see how the pure white turns out. Man, I still love using Gunzo and My Hobby spray paints as they are really the best for Gundam kits.
Picture? Not yet at the moment until I finish it.  

On the side note, is now reviewing the HG1/100 Gale Strike Gundam (Hail Buster Gundam coming soon) and I am impressing with the kits. It evens a bit larger than the original HG Aile Strike. This is going to be on my next year buy lists.

Halo 3 ODST Live Action Trailer

I wanted to post this two days ago. But forget it when I was busy preparing my stuffs before transferring to the new company. Anyway, enjoy this trailer, even you are not a gamers or Halo fan. Every live action Halo  today is the best commercial you simply going to amaze with it.

Entering Coolest Free-Style Gunpla

Okay, it took me quite a while looking for parts and idea to work on Cutest Super-Deformed (SD) Gundam category. Somehow, it’s doesn’t work out as I wanted too, instead I decided to go for Master Grade. It’s really hard finding the material you need in Brunei. Mostly require to be done online store.
I have some MG kits lying around my room I brought last year. Although I don’t really want to spend my money like no tomorrow. But what is done is done and I own my mom extra money from last month until now. Well, she’s not in Brunei so I just going to keep quiet about it. Yikes!
Anyway, I don’t want to reveal anything about my latest work in my blog yet. This is to prevent someone one might steal your ideas because end of November is still a long way. I will announce once it finish and submit to Danny Choo x AFA x Bandai World Gundam Competition. Most of the things I need already done in online order from HW Japan and Samuel Decal. As for the spray paint, I am going to get in my nearest local toy shop. I really hope the colors are available tomorrow.

Stephenus Prime

One of my oldest friends from kindergarten/primary back then and the only one I have longest communicated until now, from person to Facebook. He has been in Singapore for many years now and also a Transformer collectors. You can check out his blog at Stephenus Prime for bunch of photos.

Although the blog post is really long and takes time to load. It’s worth your time checking out his Transformer and Kamen rider toy collections. The most amazing thing is that, if you know and read about the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convection held last month. He is the exhibitor who display his Optimus Primes and Megatrons at Hasbros booth. Shocking for me and wanted to kidnap it!

Hijack one of his photo! ^^;

It just too bad I didn’t had a chance to go there to meet the old friend and STGCC 2009. Same goes for next year because I just finally got accepted to a new company starting next month so I have to work hard until year 2011 before I can start traveling. To be honest, after looking at his Transformer. I am so crazy wanted to start collecting them again. It also sad remembering my father throw away all my Transformer into the fire and burn them alive. oh My Scorpion King!!!

HW Japan Last Pre-Order for June 2009

I nearly forgot to post it here. It was received two days ago and damn crazy about the conversion XN kits for Gundam OO Raiser. Due to the recent discovery a new Hong Kong online store, I have to cancel my order. It was a right decision because no one really expecting Bandai to release new version Gundam OO raiser with GN Sword III. Heck! I haven’t start reserved for it yet but currently just making two pre-order for MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise. Yeah, I am going for two!

BTW, it really strike me this time that the two magazine cost me almost hundred of damn dollar. I can’t believe it was so heavy with almost over 400 pages. If you wondering why ordering magazine are so expensive on shipping, just remember the ‘weight’. I have no regrets over this magazine because it provides clearer information inside on how to build XN kit and extra tips for working on 1/144 kits. Another good thing is I can read in the toilet. ^^; More importantly, if I am not mistaken. Gundam 7th or the enemy new Zaku/Gouf like from Gundam Senki might be the next upcoming Master Grade kits according to the Hobby Japan at the last pages.

China Anime Rips Off 5cm Per Second

Wow! This is getting more interesting. A China anime industry is reporting ripping off “5 Centimeters Per Second” anime movie? I can’t believe it when I saw the news at Sankaku Complex. This is totally so disappointed over the Chinese in China and come to question about why these people unable to come up with their own creativity arts. Ripping off other works really make them looks terrible forever. I’m sure this will strike huge anime fans criticisms around the world.

Soul’s Window 2009 (China)

5 Centimeter Per Second 2007 (Japan), Original Below

(Visit Sankaku Complex for all other screenshots comparison.)

5 Centimeters Per Second is one of my favorite anime drama movie and I really hate to see this sucker rip off entirely. These artists may think of their survivor in their homeland, but they simply lose their professionalisms as an artist respect from us all.

China is a really big country, there should have at least thousand beautiful places around there can be used in their anime work. It shouldn’t be that hard by taking the photos to support your original works, right? Is it time consuming? Is it because of the limit budgets or is it just about money? No ones know.

Not only that, 5 Centimeter Per Second anime movie locations is entirely originally based in Japan. The artists should have known that, but they simply took almost everything and tried by adding extra unnecessary objects into it. They are seriously pathetic and make China looks like Japan. I don’t know if they really destroying the images on their own country. But, their art and drawing cannot not easily lie the people eyes especially the Otaku and Anime collectors.

Truly a big shame like showing China has no artists at all showing their own original works.

Bandai World Gundam Competition at Figure.FM

Danny Choo just announce the opening Bandai World Gundam Competition in Any Gundam modeler who are interested should join because there will be exclusive prizes waiting for you and also will be selected to display your Gunpla in graphic print at AFA event. This is open for worldwide with four different categories.

The deadline will be on 1st November so there will be plenty of time for you to work out! I haven’t decided which categories to go for. At first I was planning to go for MG challenge, but my guts telling me not to because September is not a good month for me so I have to keep my money very tight. Three years in a row I was fuck up on the same month so my budget is limited.

Probably the best category for me is going for SD Gundam. I haven’t got any idea yet and I need time to think over again if I should join. Anyway, there is a lot of time so I hope the locals would join in! Head over to the official contest website for more information's!