Walter Hobby Online Review V1.0

It’s funny that sometimes if I seriously looking for limited on Gundam or other toys. Those unfamiliar online merchants will just suddenly pop up in my Google search list. The Walter Hobby store was the latest for this month new discovery while looking for MG Aile Strike Gundam with limited bazooka version.

Not a Japanese store for this time. The online store itself is based in Hong Kong. Since the Gunpla competitions and toy events were quite popular over there. We are expecting more hard to get and limited stuffs access to international buyers sooner or later if we can’t get in Japan.

First Impression

Walter Hobby is not a big store like any others, so expecting to be less selection items from it. Currently you can only finds plastic models, action figures, resin kits and Chinese magazines for now. Some special limited items as well.

It’s funny that he is also selling China made Gundam also. I’m sure most of you seen it else where in Brunei and the brand name is called TT Hongli. There is another one called GHD. Not sure if both are the same company but I will never lays my money on non-original or copying stuffs. But I do like them selling the MG hands a lot!

Registering an account before making any purchasing is requiring. On the side note, the website needs resolution larger than 1024x768 sizes to view properly. However, I do find some coding errors viewing some of the toys page and many pictures simply go all the right.

The good news is, the store has just reached its first anniversary not long ago during last month and now Walter is currently putting up two events for the customers until October 31st, 2009.

  • The 1st event is when you buy over any USD $85.00, $150.00 or $250.00. You can choose one selected free gift during check out.
  • The 2nd event is you will be automatically entered to lucky draw. One order, one lucky draws ticket.

The Bad

You have no idea if items are available in stock. That’s the bad point about Walter Hobby I encounter so far after I checkout. Although, I believe the site is only manage by one owner only. But informing the customers about the available stock items is important and should be update often.

I have waited almost more than one week without any news about the item and I have to use the MSN chat system tried to enquire about my stuffs. Not to mention he went offline so often I have to send him an email for the second week.

Payment Methods

Walter Hobby only accepts Paypal and Western Union payment methods. But for Western Union, its best you contact him through his email (walter [at] walterhobby [dot] com) first before you made any orders because I didn’t find any selection payment options during on the check out.

By the way, no extra charges for the Paypal users. But do note that this require direct payments for both orders and pre-orders.

Packing and Shipping

The items weight is calculated by the system and it’s not a good sign for us. Chance of getting over charge on the shipping fee is possible. So far for me, the total weight for the EMS shipping fees is quite reasonable. Until my biggest surprise was, he actually sent my limited MG Aile Strike Gundam first without my 2x Unicorn Resin Gatling gun and he didn’t even inform me or send the tracking number. He just put a note in front of the cover that he will sent later for the other two soon.

I am also stunt by how he packs my stuff. He did mention about using bubble plastic sheets to protect the items. After looking at it, I was so lucky it was not badly damage it. Look at the photos below.

He uses the bubble plastic to warp around with simple weak cotton box to pack and tide it with a string. Man, Walter Hobby really does save a lot on this shipping. I have to be honest, but the risk of getting stolen and damage is quite high, worst than packing I have seen so far.

The shipping method offer both EMS and Hong Kong post airmail.

Final Thought

What do I think? Well, to me. Walter Hobby can consider as a newcomer in toy business. I can’t say it’s really disappointed, but the only thing I am complaining the most is how he packs my stuffs and shipped to overseas. He really needs to do something about it.

As for the price, I can’t say they are cheaper or affordable. Like I always said, the best are looking at the special offer products page. But it’s good to see the store selling resin kits and upgrade accessories parts for plastic models with quite a good price point. For example the MG Unicorn Gatling gun selling at USD$11.00 each and MG Sinanju Bazooka is selling at USD$13.50 each. Not bad for a resin kits, huh? Well, just without the novel books.

Nonetheless, this store looks promising for me to drop once in a while to check out special or limited items. I’m not sure how he able to get hold on the MG Aile strike Bazooka limited, but it was a rerun production which includes Seed VS Astray brochure inside the box and I was happy getting one myself.

About Walter Hobby

Walter Hobby Store was established in 2008 and has since been operating as an online retailer in Hong Kong. We provide a wide variety of Japanese toys at prices much lower than those you can find in your country.

Also we believe most of them are hard to come by in your own country.


  1. Hi
    I was wondering about the MG hands. I'm wanting to buy the TT Hongli 1/100 Akatsuki Full Set. I like MG hands because they are moveable compared to the one that would come with the kit, two parts coming together. Could you give me a link for the hands from Walter Hobby Store.

  2. Hello, I'm sorry to tell you that TT never made a optional MG hands in the market. it was my fault not explaining clearly what i meant in my review. I was trying to say hopefully they might made those to sell in the market. sorry again for the misunderstanding.

  3. This shop is out of service, he went along with the money of many customers who have paid and so far not answered if you send their models or their money will be refunded


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