Stephenus Prime

One of my oldest friends from kindergarten/primary back then and the only one I have longest communicated until now, from person to Facebook. He has been in Singapore for many years now and also a Transformer collectors. You can check out his blog at Stephenus Prime for bunch of photos.

Although the blog post is really long and takes time to load. It’s worth your time checking out his Transformer and Kamen rider toy collections. The most amazing thing is that, if you know and read about the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convection held last month. He is the exhibitor who display his Optimus Primes and Megatrons at Hasbros booth. Shocking for me and wanted to kidnap it!

Hijack one of his photo! ^^;

It just too bad I didn’t had a chance to go there to meet the old friend and STGCC 2009. Same goes for next year because I just finally got accepted to a new company starting next month so I have to work hard until year 2011 before I can start traveling. To be honest, after looking at his Transformer. I am so crazy wanted to start collecting them again. It also sad remembering my father throw away all my Transformer into the fire and burn them alive. oh My Scorpion King!!!


  1. He`s one cool guy!! I love his S.H FiguArts collections!! x3

  2. Bro, I think your Scorpion King is the Scorponok from the Transformers Masterforce series bah... It's very expensive for one piece now.. more than $1k.

    Anyways, will definitely want to catch up with you when I am back in Brunei man.

  3. You serious? it worth that much? geezz I remember I got it for only B$110.00 or less in SM Tan KB during their discount sales in 199x.


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