Bandai World Gundam Competition at Figure.FM

Danny Choo just announce the opening Bandai World Gundam Competition in Any Gundam modeler who are interested should join because there will be exclusive prizes waiting for you and also will be selected to display your Gunpla in graphic print at AFA event. This is open for worldwide with four different categories.

The deadline will be on 1st November so there will be plenty of time for you to work out! I haven’t decided which categories to go for. At first I was planning to go for MG challenge, but my guts telling me not to because September is not a good month for me so I have to keep my money very tight. Three years in a row I was fuck up on the same month so my budget is limited.

Probably the best category for me is going for SD Gundam. I haven’t got any idea yet and I need time to think over again if I should join. Anyway, there is a lot of time so I hope the locals would join in! Head over to the official contest website for more information's!


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