China Anime Rips Off 5cm Per Second

Wow! This is getting more interesting. A China anime industry is reporting ripping off “5 Centimeters Per Second” anime movie? I can’t believe it when I saw the news at Sankaku Complex. This is totally so disappointed over the Chinese in China and come to question about why these people unable to come up with their own creativity arts. Ripping off other works really make them looks terrible forever. I’m sure this will strike huge anime fans criticisms around the world.

Soul’s Window 2009 (China)

5 Centimeter Per Second 2007 (Japan), Original Below

(Visit Sankaku Complex for all other screenshots comparison.)

5 Centimeters Per Second is one of my favorite anime drama movie and I really hate to see this sucker rip off entirely. These artists may think of their survivor in their homeland, but they simply lose their professionalisms as an artist respect from us all.

China is a really big country, there should have at least thousand beautiful places around there can be used in their anime work. It shouldn’t be that hard by taking the photos to support your original works, right? Is it time consuming? Is it because of the limit budgets or is it just about money? No ones know.

Not only that, 5 Centimeter Per Second anime movie locations is entirely originally based in Japan. The artists should have known that, but they simply took almost everything and tried by adding extra unnecessary objects into it. They are seriously pathetic and make China looks like Japan. I don’t know if they really destroying the images on their own country. But, their art and drawing cannot not easily lie the people eyes especially the Otaku and Anime collectors.

Truly a big shame like showing China has no artists at all showing their own original works.


  1. Just like China to copy.

    Literature, animes, industrial designs.


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