Hari Raya Day Off - Update

It’s good to have at least three public holidays. Well, three days is fast and I was able to complete my Gunpla to 80%. The whole kit is almost finishing as there are few additional weapons and booster I decided to add to my MG. I think I wasted quite a few hours of soft mod and looking for correct parts to fit in by digging some of the old stuffs.

My spray paints also ran out and I need to get it soon. I should have run down to KB town to get it but simply too lazy to do that when doing the soft mod. Got dammit! I haven’t received my decals yet from the post and even Play-Asia.com order until now. Damn so slow! Hong Kong post tracking is so lousy unable verify where it is. EMS is the best out of all.

Speaking of EMS shipping, HLJ is now offering FREE shipping until 28th September for using Paypal! I am so heart break seeing this kind of surprise promotion when my credit card hits me with annual fee this month. Those of you haven’t brought anything yet this month should not missed this chance!

However, I am quite worry about this HLJ terms and conditions below. While we can’t received any money. I do not know how they able to refund to us. Anyone care to try it?

Important: Your PayPal billing agreement will initially be charged for the cost of the merchandise AND shipping. The cost of shipping will then be refunded to your account in one or two business days.


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