Coolest Free-Style Gunpla #3

Spend the whole afternoon working on the legs and the outer armors. Not yet finished, I still feel that it needs the decals and the parts present I order to arrive. Can’t explained why but I was totally distract by it without any of them.

On next week, I will begin assemble the wings and used the remaining Tamiya pure white spray paints on it. It really sucks I couldn’t find the white spray in town. I won’t use cheap spray paints on my Gundam because it will definitely spoil the colors. Unless it’s a good brand that works well on plastic, I will gladly try it on my 1/144 kits if there are one out there. But none were found at the moment.

Anyway, hope my stuffs arrive by this week. On the side note, I have been inactive posting anything lately because I was busy with my work (before running to a new company) and dealing with some personal life. Even going to bed was earlier and suddenly falls asleep on my chair quite often lately which is why skipping so many days without any post.

No worries, I already prepare some new online toy shops review to be posted soon. It just that one of my orders hasn’t even shipped out yet so I was terrible worry about it.


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