Moon Cake Present from Singapore

When my mom came back from Singapore last Sunday, she gave me a mini moon cake present from my sister-in-law over there. This is the mini moon cake set and it comes with four different tastes. There are the Traditional Lotus, Chocolate White Lotus, Pumpkin Taro and Espresso chestnut.

IMG_3394 (800x600)

IMG_3395 (800x600)

After looking at it, I couldn’t hold myself yesterday and I eat all of them. It was truly damn good! The box is nice and best for giving gifts to friends and relatives. I really hope we can find such products in Brunei.

IMG_3404 (800x600)


  1. You have that Revoltech Jun too. Order from oversea? How much you bought?

  2. Yup, I got it from HLJ Sales that time with around 30% off if i remember but actually I have two. One for display and photo shot. ^^


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