Entering Coolest Free-Style Gunpla

Okay, it took me quite a while looking for parts and idea to work on Cutest Super-Deformed (SD) Gundam category. Somehow, it’s doesn’t work out as I wanted too, instead I decided to go for Master Grade. It’s really hard finding the material you need in Brunei. Mostly require to be done online store.
I have some MG kits lying around my room I brought last year. Although I don’t really want to spend my money like no tomorrow. But what is done is done and I own my mom extra money from last month until now. Well, she’s not in Brunei so I just going to keep quiet about it. Yikes!
Anyway, I don’t want to reveal anything about my latest work in my blog yet. This is to prevent someone one might steal your ideas because end of November is still a long way. I will announce once it finish and submit to Danny Choo x AFA x Bandai World Gundam Competition. Most of the things I need already done in online order from HW Japan and Samuel Decal. As for the spray paint, I am going to get in my nearest local toy shop. I really hope the colors are available tomorrow.


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