Walter Hobby September Order 2009

This is my first time ordering it from Walter Hobby online store in Hong Kong. It took me a while looking for the limited version of MG Aile Strike Gundam in Japan. Although I do remember this was actually sold in Bandai events only in Japan, Korea and other Asia regions. I am really happy getting hold myself one at the price of US$35.00. Happy~!

I also order two Unicorn Gatling gun resin kits from him for US$22.00 (@US$11.00) and currently out of stock. I hope I can received it soon and see it myself how the resin kits actually looks like. Anyway, I will be posting up Walter hobby review tomorrow and update for review soon.

Read more for the pictures and some special stuff I find in the box.

Simple cover black and white color

Strange? How did the Seed VS Astray brochure ended in here? If you are curios what is all about, the back says that Bandai have release four different special marking stickers for the 1/100 Gundam Seed model kits. It also mentions that each kit is marked with a label so you know it contains a special sticker.

I’m not really sure when did it actually started but those of you encounter might interested getting one or two from it. The following available selected HG 1/100 Seed kits are:

  1. Launcher Strike Gundam
  2. Sword Strike Gundam
  3. Aile Strike Gundam
  4. Saber Gundam
  5. Sword Impulse Gundam
  6. Force Impulse Gundam
  7. Providence Gundam
  8. Justice Gundam
  9. Legend Gundam
  10. Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd
  11. Gundam Astray Red Frame

BTW, those of you who wanted to pre-order PG Gundam OO with special clear parts is also available over here. You do not need the special ticket to purchase it online!


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