My Aunt Ling in Hospital

Simply can’t believe I was the last person to know my auntie Ling currently in the critical conditions yesterday. This is starting to trigger my hate towards the relatives and cousins more why any one of them bother give me a call about her situation happen so many days ago. It’s not like I was traveling to anywhere to long distance and not to mention we are the most closes to family.

Without taking a second thought, I take an half an hour earlier from my work and rush over there to check her out. It was really sad after seeing her condition worsen and her face become so different lying in the bed. She was blurring and almost can’t recognize who I am anymore. This kind of scenario is very hurt and the only thing I can do is watch her taking care by the maid and uncle.

My mother is coming back this Sunday after canceling her trip with my big brother to Australia from Singapore. I hope my Aunt Ling can stay put until my mom backs to Brunei.

I also really hope the researcher could find a way to cure cancer. Even though, I believe last or two years ago there was news about the vaccine for it. It was not public announced the availability. It’s really sad seeing anyone suffering from it even my classmate were the victims of it who already passed away.


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