HW Japan Last Pre-Order for June 2009

I nearly forgot to post it here. It was received two days ago and damn crazy about the conversion XN kits for Gundam OO Raiser. Due to the recent discovery a new Hong Kong online store, I have to cancel my order. It was a right decision because no one really expecting Bandai to release new version Gundam OO raiser with GN Sword III. Heck! I haven’t start reserved for it yet but currently just making two pre-order for MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise. Yeah, I am going for two!

BTW, it really strike me this time that the two magazine cost me almost hundred of damn dollar. I can’t believe it was so heavy with almost over 400 pages. If you wondering why ordering magazine are so expensive on shipping, just remember the ‘weight’. I have no regrets over this magazine because it provides clearer information inside on how to build XN kit and extra tips for working on 1/144 kits. Another good thing is I can read in the toilet. ^^; More importantly, if I am not mistaken. Gundam 7th or the enemy new Zaku/Gouf like from Gundam Senki might be the next upcoming Master Grade kits according to the Hobby Japan at the last pages.


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