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Should I Get OEM Gaming PC or Back with Build Your Own?

Building your own gaming PC usually is the most recommended route to take. But after MOF slap 5% tax in Brunei, my mindset have to change if I want to continue bringing parts from Singapore. The airport and the post office customs are becoming more active inspecting the stuffs coming into the country. So it’s not a joke if you get caught sneaking in and I’m sorry, 5% tax (reported more) is a fucking big deal to me right now. I’m currently considered getting from the local computer shops. But who is the best should I source the parts from? Few of my friends recommend me Chong Hock computer and told me their price are quite reasonable. In order to find out whether its true or not, I went to their FB and PM for the quotation for CPU, motherboard, graphic card, their recommendation memory ram and power supply unit last week. What do you know, I was surprised the price they quote me.They are unimaginable very competitive even I admit it was acceptable price you can get locally. Chong Hock …