Should I Get OEM Gaming PC or Back with Build Your Own?


Building your own gaming PC usually is the most recommended route to take. But after MOF slap 5% tax in Brunei, my mindset have to change if I want to continue bringing parts from Singapore. The airport and the post office customs are becoming more active inspecting the stuffs coming into the country. So it’s not a joke if you get caught sneaking in and I’m sorry, 5% tax (reported more) is a fucking big deal to me right now.

I’m currently considered getting from the local computer shops. But who is the best should I source the parts from? Few of my friends recommend me Chong Hock computer and told me their price are quite reasonable. In order to find out whether its true or not, I went to their FB and PM for the quotation for CPU, motherboard, graphic card, their recommendation memory ram and power supply unit last week. What do you know, I was surprised the price they quote me.

They are unimaginable very competitive even I admit it was acceptable price you can get locally. Chong Hock also confirmed me their warranty follows the original manufacturer so it's a double plus. In case, you wonder what kind of hardware am I asking for. It’s the AMD Ryzen 1700X, MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon, MSI RX580 Gaming 8GB, lastly their recommendation Corsair 2666 (not sure which model) memory ram and Cooler Master V850 (modular type) power supply unit. All of these total cost around $1950.00 (BND). If I choose AMD Ryzen 1600X, the total cost would be 1,774.00.

Now, let’s compare to OEM gaming system everyone now could get in Brunei. With this money you can get an OEM Acer Aspire GX-281-1700 for $1,838.00. When you purchase from Netcom Computer House (September 2017 brochure), the bundle comes with 24” Gaming LED LCD monitor and Kingston Hyper X Cloud Stinger Gaming headset including free speaker (selected model). You are basically paying with all in one package deal.

Acer Aspire GX 281-1700 is an interesting and likely the most affordable gaming PC compare to Predator series. Not without sacrificing the performance and features. Yes, it has AMD Ryzen 1700X but the rest are basically downgraded and assemble with the cheapest hardware's Acer could put together. The AMD RX480 graphic card 4GB is okay, the motherboard reported using B350 model and chassis design only able to house two 3.5” (2.5”) HDD from what I see from the reviewer photos. The HDD expansion slots will be a future issue not unless I plan to buy dedicated NAS machine to host my files. I am environment friendly person and will continue to use existing PC for custom NAS running so nope.

I felt a bit surprise about the additional 24” Gaming Led LCD monitor. I deal quite a bit with Acer Aspire product and never failed to amaze me with the extra they willing to throw at. While the Acer Aspire GX 281-1700 hardware cannot really compete with the spec I plan to build (incomplete) above, the price and the stuffs you get really just unbeatable.

As for right now, I haven’t decided yet which path to choose. My aim are seeking the right PC gaming hardware able to last around 4-5 years. Yes, Acer Aspire GX 281-1700 does met the requirement and I can loan using credit card payment. Chong Hock computer require in cash payment. It just that I want to keep my spending minimum without regrets especially how do I going to reusing the existing good old Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 (I got two, mind yuo). There is no reason for me to get another chassis when you can’t even sell it off and recycle for money. I know my chassis are classic especially without or upgrade any USB 3.0 ports. Since I am flying to Singapore coming November, I will be heading to Cybermind hunt for DIY parts. From there onward, I may already have an answer for my need.