Plexus Wheel Plus for Backpainer

Damn, my blog is so dead and almost half a year now without any update even the year 2019 already started. There are lots going on but for one of the biggest reasons I stop blogging so long because the terrible back pain I’m experiencing and cannot sit for too long in front of the computer to focus writing. The pain interrupted me quite often and sometimes I need to stand and watch TV series while ironing my clothes to reduce the stiffness of the back wearing back support.
I have been looking for alternative ways to combat these back pain issue for years especially gotten from work after carrying heavy stuff and sometimes had to go massage therapy to loosen the back stiffness once (twice sometimes) per month. It is unavoidable and can only fight this by going exercise to strengthen the back. Planking really help much and it’s challenging since I am aiming to slim down the fat belly at the same time. But I felt that it's not enough (sometimes lazy) and have to turn to other methods searching through at YouTube channels. Some of them don’t seem to have any effect or work instead gotten me an injury.
The only thing I never think of bother trying before is using yoga wheel. I research and found the method quite positive saying that it can help back pain relief including at the same time relieve tightness in your back. One of the products, Plexus Wheel Plus, came to my mind back in September last year when the Kickstarter highlights in one of the newsletter. I looked back, read the buyers comments, find reviews and watch some video how these sexy yoga ladies use it. Take the gamble, hit the purchase ‘3 wheel pack’ (US$119.00 + shipping) button and wait for it to arrive.
My order comes with three wheel sizes and each of them has different uses according to the instruction below.
For a beginner, I start with 12” wheel for gentle pressure and then follow the first time warming up 2 minute step instruction. After I began positioning my back, I can already feel the upper pain and sore on the muscle. Then slowly I moved to the second step rolling upward keeping the position for 5 minutes. Now the final step began rolling back and forth. On the spot, I immediately experience enormous pains in the lower back. It was very challenging for a few days, once I try to do the back stretching two times a day (morning and before sleeping at night). I can tell my lower back feels much better slowly.
While the Plexus Wheel Plus does it magic relieving back pain and also good exercising option for back stretching. I still need to motivate myself further on the workout everyday and learning few yoga moves to strengthen the back. Once you stop, it will eventually come back again especially when you grew older. Sometimes sitting position can affect the back which is why I also purchased Weightless Sitting: Zero-Gravity Upright Posture Cushion. It doesn’t seem to work for me but I am suspecting current chair may have affected it.