Covering Future Self Insurance

Never thought I would jump in buying life insurance when I don't really feel like getting one. However, with some changes and restriction made to the bank policy in Brunei for applying investment. I hardly able to think of a way securing safe financing in the bank not unless you have at least 100k lying around when I hardly able to save 1k in a year. What option should I look into? Life Insurance.

This is the simplest way to financing and securing your own future saving especially after retirement. Why now? Well, considering when I started working just earning $400.00 per month. There's no way I am able to pull that off paying life insurance per month. Only until today my pay are stable enough to move forward with the plan because the car loan have remaining three more years to go and looking at my current age. It is time adding extra accident plan and finance into it.

As far I remember, the agent said it was premium insurance (accident + life). Yes, it going to cost quite a bit more and cheaper idea going with this plan. If you never buy before, there are indeed some different between the price working in office and in construction area. I asked the agent listed me in construction zone because I do sometimes involving site office and in constructions. It's just a way having some peace of mind in case shit happen no matter if companies have strict safety policy or not.

Action Figure Very Slow But Not Plastic Kits

Yeah, again and again not doing any update post this month. I spend most of the time now motivating on work out and jogging to get myself in healthy good shape 4-5 times a week. Even my sleeping hour adjusted as early 9.30PM after watching one hour shows. So the mindset about blogging simply put, already forgotten when the body automatically hits bed time alarm.

Now the toys, I still trying to get rid some Transformers MSIB that I don’t need or interest keeping. However, the selling prices in the market are entirely screwed over. Just this month when I visit Toy R Us shop in the capital. Few Transformers toys like Voyager Sound Wave (Blaster) were sold for $25.00 (BND) each and generation Shockwave $12.00 (BND) each for clearing sake. My mind was eventually blasted by it seeing how bad the Transformers market has become. Selling your MSIB or used toys are now harder at Facebook. The competition is terrible slashing between more than 60%-80% for complete loose even for MSIB toys. The result of this actually affect the resales value no matter if its great new or loose condition. I'm not really desperate getting back the money. Recovering lesser than what you paid for doesn’t worth it despite we face bad financially. My MSIB price will remain as it is following the local market or online price.

Well, as for the plastic kits, nothing change at my end. Bandai screw the builders by offering too many P-Bandai exclusive and limited kits this year. I actually went crazy with Pale Rider (ground type) by buying five of them and all three Jegan variation from Gundam F91 movie. The RGM-89A2 Jegan Type-A2 (General Revil) version was announced last month so this is definitely going to be high priority wish-list. Hopefully they might consider reissue the ReZEL Type-C (GR) and Jegan D type again. The build fighters Cathedral Gundam and Hi-Nu Gundam Influx also got me interested. As for now, I am looking forward finding ways to get RGM-89s Stack Jegan CCA-MSV version because I am too late to pre-order.