End of October

No one can imagine the days go so fast and now everyone are preparing for year 2011 soon. Not much activities weekend for me as long I don’t have nice car to drive around. Tomorrow will be another crazy day for me as I already start placing orders from HLJ sales period and stock up my tools. This time, Gundam will be included in the order as well.

What change my mind is because of the Yen exchange rate problem. As we do know Yen has been quite unfavor against US dollar and possibly rise for next year. So I decided to just go ahead stocking up my favorite Gunpla first since I got a rise this month. Not much and got to wait until Black Friday Sales then I makes my moves.

How about my Gunpla progress? Actually I already had built some of them, it just that I never thought of taking picture at the moment while waiting for display shelve to arrive. My current work now is working on MG 1/100 Destiny Gundam. No mod or details upgrade for this one. But I decided to do some color changes based on Heine Westenfluss color. Somehow, I made a huge mistake so there are area needed some color tune for it.

Stay tune for next Gunpla update!

Window XP Profile Goes Corrupted by Symantec

Full of pressure these past few days dealing with this issue at my office. I almost got a heart attack when working on Executive Director PC. It really does hit me full of pressure fixing problem in the early morning. He doesn’t like knowing his PC break down when he walked into the office room. Not only that, I have to deal over 20 PC (out of 100+) every day having the same either profile corrupted or unable to login issues. This is the worst thing you likely don’t want to be happening during end of the month.

Luckily, the answers can be found on the internet forums. Apparently, there are IT companies out there experience the same problem about the Window XP profile corrupted issue, screen goes big and userinit.exe errors. They already pointed out the culprit is none other the well known Symantec AV version 9. My boss like to use these brand and I fed up argue with him about the problem. No matter what I do, creating new user profiles and reformats the Window XP. The problem keeps coming back, unless I removed the Symantec AV 9 and everything will get back to normal. You know what? He just wants it to install without question.

I don’t really mind if installing the latest Symantec AV version 10 or later. But he continue insist using the older version and told me it’s already fix. This is the most stubborn server administrator I ever had hard time to deal with. Well, if I hold the server certification. Maybe there are chances to fight back and convince he is wrong. Too bad I am not holding any of it. What to do?

Nonetheless, I continue to see the problem and believe won’t likely easily go away. This affecting the Window 2000 as well I discover. Application failed to launched and lost icon graphics. If you folks companies still using Symantec AV 9 and experience the same problem I mention above. Just removed the programs, everything will get back to normal. Symantec AV 9 is the troublemaker and do remember the support has been ended this year as well.

Should I Get Nerf Stampede?

I have been watching the reviews and checking out local Nerf community or blogs past few days. Man, it sure looks pretty fun sport and probably going to jump in any time soon. For guy like me, I also love thinking about collecting guns. Not sure most of you these days remember, super soaker was a hit and expensive also. Damn that was crazy fun and super wet back then with 40 guys like us shooting around at schools. Really miss those days. It is still selling today, but not quite popular for locals or sold these days.

So, which one do you think I like best if I planning to get one? Actually, Nerf Stampede ECS caught my attention the most. Oh well, yes, because it doesn’t no longer require to reload manually and done by electronic. But it looks cool and advance. Not to mention, many reviewers says it rarely jam up.

As for the pump models, one of my cousins did collect and join in the games. A good chance for me checks out his Nerf collections (mostly clear version). Nonetheless, looks really cool and allow customizing based on your taste. But it jams up a lot when shooting. I don’t know, maybe it needs maintenance or something or modify.

Anyway, I am still considering if getting Nerf Stampede next month. Yesterday I was doing window shopping and found a local toy shop selling around B$120 below (a bit less using membership discount). Okay, now I really am starting to feel so silly.

For your information, there are quite a lot of Nerf fans or group in Brunei. The easiest link you might want to check them out at BruNerf.

Jumping to KIA Sportage 2011

Never thought I would simply jump to KIA Sportage 2011 after a still long wait for Hyundai Tucson 2010 from May this year. It was a final made decision yesterday. Although I am a little sad seeing Tucson slip away from my heart, it just doesn’t stop me switching.

Reason? Plenty I have to admit. Firstly, the price is little cheaper (B$29.250) than the previous booked Tucson 2010 only comes with two air bag and leathered seats. However, Sportage 2011 version gives more compare to Tucson 2010. It got LED daytime running lights, reverse camera & sensors, 18" alloy rims, side repeater lamps & electronic folding! The surprise also, it’s now comes with 5 years warranty or 150,00km (whichever comes first).

I never get a chance to attend the opening night in KB. Nonetheless I manage to check out the manual version and seeing some of them in the road today. Sportage 2011 surely is one of the value unbeatable crossover (or SUV) vehicles and beautifully designs by former Audi designer.

It is sad that leaving Hyundai Tucson 2010. If Setia Motor able bringing in the Hyundai 2011 version, I won’t be jumping to KIA because it definitely going to have similar Sportage 2011 features. Trust me. It looks more beautiful than 2010 version. Too bad they are not coming to Brunei, not until next year. Even though it already started selling in other countries, by that time, it could be doom to for most of us require paying 25% down payment first unless you are an idiot enough dumping all you’re saving into it.

FP, Comic and CJ Hunt!

Same as usual, I can’t stop spending on toys without stop getting them. This month, same Transformers, but mostly a year old I miss back then. In these photos below, you will find Fansproject TFX01-city Commander trailer with TFX-03 weapon, Gundam Ecole du Ciel volume 1-11 set and Universe Cliffjumper and Movie Divebomb.

Gundam Ecole du Ciel volume 1-11 set – Always making the same mistake again and again. I should really just do survey first in eBay before getting in YesAsia.com. This is the Chinese version used comic books comes with full 11 volume. I paid nearly B$80+ (including shipping) and the books looks like new. Anyway, still die waiting for the latest volume.

Transformers Universe Cliffjumper and Movie Divebomb – I have searching for Universe Cliffjumper so hard in eBay. After doing my last resort searching in Google, I finally found a seller in Singapore eBay selling B$35.00 brand new! Damn that was real value for such hard to get in the market. It was luck.

As for Divebomb, I also got it from the same seller at B$25.00 brand new.

Okay, FP TFX01-City Commander is the most expensive (US$89.90) toys compare to the rest above. I never thought on spending on one toy but to complete the Ultra Magnus. I decided to go ahead while the US dollar is still weak. There won’t be a second same toy model I swear to myself. It’s nice, quality great but some part of the area are loose. Disappointed I had to say. Nonetheless, it complete my Ultra Magnus.

Blog Action Day 2010: Water

Today is an amazing day! My blog will be joining Blog Action Day to discuss and write about water issues in our communities and around the world! Of course, some of the local bloggers (Senor Pablo and RATED E!) are participating as well!

Water = Life

No matter how much we argue and denied things in life, Water is the most important resources for global human being. Everyone is depending on it. I am glad to be born and living healthy in a peaceful country because we got access to clean water and including good medical care.

However, with the increase populations, newly setup industries and expand developments over the years. There are certainly continuous issue affecting and threat to the environments in just one country alone. That is water.

Unstoppable Polluted River

Developed or Developing Countries, it doesn’t matter today as we all share the same issue all over the world. Whenever I look at my very own country, both locals and foreigners are doing the same ignoring the facts they are destroying environment and polluting the waters.

How? They dump rubbish’s and garbage’s to the drainages and rivers almost every day. Even the children’s are following the parent’s examples without any proper guidance. Imagine such behaviors continue over decade, our rivers will slowly later become uninhabitable, increase causing blocks on the drainage and sewages problem which can lead to floods on the areas. Not only that, it can bring diseases. Children’s are especially vulnerable.

What are the solutions to this? Sadly, I have no answers and unable to fight this problem just by the public voicing alone. Even I find it weird that we have lack of educations teaching on the environmental subject issue. Our Governments really have to stand to promote and takes the stricter laws protecting the environments. Otherwise, things will go bad to worse for new generations every year.

We Can Improve the Future

We read about the needs of clean water in Africa and Asia poor developing countries every day. I visit some non-profit organizations that offer 100% public donations and fundraiser for water. Most of them are asking US$20-25.00 for life for one life or building wells and sanitation facilities for water projects. I love the ideas and good peoples involving on the charities works to keep the projects alive until now.

The question is. Is that really enough to solve the problems? Everyone knows both Africa and Asia have huge populations rising and expanding too every year. Not to mention people around the world are facing economies issue, losing their jobs, worrying debt or mortgages and had their own stressful life to deal with. To most of us, US$20.00 is hard earn money and cannot easily simply just by giving out to anyone. So how will this water projects and maintenances to survived in the future plans?

My opinions, we need better health research and improve the technology to bring better ahead of us and the poor developing countries. These also bring much more economical returns on repairs and long term maintenances or supports.

Think about it. Medical research helps to improve health, create medicines cure and prevention against many kinds of deadly diseases. Improve technology helps to create cost efficient advance water projects including better maintenance and repairs. Even green technologies are growing fast popularity these days and we might one day going to have a solar recycling water machine in turning dirty or uninhabitable river water into clean drinking water.

Anything is possible for both medical research and technology. It gives us benefits to the economics and brining even better future creating clean drinking water forever.

Final Words

While this idea and opinions may be just a dream, I believe hope for real solutions. Our governments are already focusing on financing and supporting solar energy developments. But still, it’s not enough. As more and more people around the world are waking up to the clean water crisis. I wish Brunei should start looking right now into it and promote global environment educations as well. It doesn’t matter if our populations are small. As long we act early, we can work together to improve the future.

Note: if you would like to donate and fundraising on water projects. You can visit Water.org and charity: water for more information on how you can help and fund the water projects.

The Secrets of Scientology

After I decided to watch Richard Dawkins The Root of All Evil documentary again. It reminds me back about a scientology documentary film by the BBC reporter. It was first called the Panorama: Scientology and Me back in 2008.

Yesterday, I decided to dig up in Youtube and didn’t expect finding the latest broadcast by the same crew last month. You guys have to check it out! It’s call The Secrets of Scientology separate (cut) in four parts. I put up the part 1 below for you guys viewing!

BAD: Two Days Left

I wanted to let you know about an important online event I'm taking part in on October 15th, called Blog Action Day. Each year bloggers from more than 100 countries come together and blog about a single important issue, and this year's topic is clean water. The event includes thousands of blogs - including the White House blog and The Official Google Blog - and they're looking for as many blogs to participate as possible, regardless of their size and focus.

I hope you'll think about joining me for this event. If you want more information, check out the Blog Action Day site at http://blogactionday.change.org/.

Hope to see your post on the 15th!

Kingston Freebie Arrived!

It took forever trying to claims prizes in Kingston Blog. Thanks to the reckless and greedy members kept on claiming multiple prizes non-stop and post stupid topics or comments to earn fake points. These force the Admin changing stricter rules for claiming prizes these days. Thanks to that, I saved quite a lot of points because I miss so many prize redemptions. Only until today I was able to claim a Kingston HyperX 2GB DDR3 memory ram. I was thinking about going for flash drive, after the second thought about personal PC repair business. I need to prepare tools and parts for hardware testing. I can’t say that is the only purpose. As mention before, there are plenty PC parts laying in my room. So I figure it’s better built another performance PC for back up.

Weekend Sad Shopping

Sad! Not quite a good day going for shopping spree for display shelves and installing car rain guard. I was hoping everything would be a nice day for some fun. Never thought it turns out total nightmare. Geezzz…

I went to check out yesterday for the display shelves and finally found it in Court Furniture Company. The sales told me there isn’t any stock available and have to wait for tomorrow confirmation. The display shelves looks promising to me, big, wide roomy for display and stronger compare to last make. The price is B$120.00 after discount. As for the office chair, none of them fit the taste and the head resting part simply too low. Well, unless I go for the expensive one. My friend told me to check out in capital instead because they are half cheaper. Car not yet arrived, so I have skip and find in other location or just keep using the old one.

There is other cabinet interest me also and thinking about having in the middle on my room so that I can easily arrange the clothes for which to wear on the spot. Rather than putting inside the cabinets clothes storage having hard time to search. My room does getting smaller and hell messy because of the increasing boxes (toys and PC hardware stuff), which is why I am hard finding for the plastic multipurpose drawer in KB. Forget about the other places. They are freaking expensive costing around B$40-60.00+. No way with that. Again, no car and last remaining location to look for is at Giant. Crap!

One Year Completed

This month is the mark of my first year with the new company I worked with. Well, yes I already received my bonus and ready to get roll with it. I have lots of thing in mind right now thinking what to during this month. The only shitty priority is I have to settle half of my mum payments and that sucks because I totally lost nearly 40% of the bonus. That’s right, too much Transformers and borrow money to paid car loan deposit.

Nope, I haven’t received my car yet. Totally good news to me for enough time preparing money for saving to ensure enough covers the future insurance fee. Probably chances of getting the car next month or December. Although I don’t really likes paying during end of the year. Still, it is not yet confirm from the sales agent.

The second priority on my wish list will be replacing my room office chair and a display shelves. I have been a long deciding getting one from IKEA. After checking out at Court Furniture Company few months ago with my friend, I discover a pretty nice quality big display shelves with glass window. The price is good also. The only problem is I’m not sure if it still available today. I am going to check out this week once the bonus cheque is clear at the bank. My toys are expanding without any stopping and too much boxes pilling up. I really need to do something about it.

The third will be PC storage upgrading and build a file server from my left over computer parts. Probably going to be the most spend on. There is no other choice, selling doesn’t worth much so better off continue using until it breaks.

I am really lucky too getting a raise next month. Lesser stress and more to spend on, hell, when am I going to stop? There is no telling at all. I do hope it will once my car is out. Since there won’t be enough money getting anymore toys at all. Uh…Oh….

The Mahogany Blog

It’s about time to give my blog discovery category a little update. Just recently, I discover a nice music blog through from my friend in Facebook. To be honest, little were known about them. But I recommend you guys check out the The Mahogany Blog. Not sure if that was correct way to describe it, the blog itself are much like introducing and interview fresh artists or bands that hardly make to the spotlight. No offence to them, I do have to admit most of them are damn pretty good. Check out some of the video below!

The Mahogany Sessions // Delta Maid - Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down
The Mahogany Sessions// Jim Jones Revue - Shoot First
The Mahogany Sessions // Spark - Shut Out The Moon