Window XP Profile Goes Corrupted by Symantec

Full of pressure these past few days dealing with this issue at my office. I almost got a heart attack when working on Executive Director PC. It really does hit me full of pressure fixing problem in the early morning. He doesn’t like knowing his PC break down when he walked into the office room. Not only that, I have to deal over 20 PC (out of 100+) every day having the same either profile corrupted or unable to login issues. This is the worst thing you likely don’t want to be happening during end of the month.

Luckily, the answers can be found on the internet forums. Apparently, there are IT companies out there experience the same problem about the Window XP profile corrupted issue, screen goes big and userinit.exe errors. They already pointed out the culprit is none other the well known Symantec AV version 9. My boss like to use these brand and I fed up argue with him about the problem. No matter what I do, creating new user profiles and reformats the Window XP. The problem keeps coming back, unless I removed the Symantec AV 9 and everything will get back to normal. You know what? He just wants it to install without question.

I don’t really mind if installing the latest Symantec AV version 10 or later. But he continue insist using the older version and told me it’s already fix. This is the most stubborn server administrator I ever had hard time to deal with. Well, if I hold the server certification. Maybe there are chances to fight back and convince he is wrong. Too bad I am not holding any of it. What to do?

Nonetheless, I continue to see the problem and believe won’t likely easily go away. This affecting the Window 2000 as well I discover. Application failed to launched and lost icon graphics. If you folks companies still using Symantec AV 9 and experience the same problem I mention above. Just removed the programs, everything will get back to normal. Symantec AV 9 is the troublemaker and do remember the support has been ended this year as well.


  1. Yes!

    My company have 100+ computers with SAV9, their profiles were corrupted too.

    Luckily we have ghost all of the user's PC so that i can work easier.

    Really a bad experience with Symantec!

    Donald - HongKong

  2. So far, tested with WinXP SP2 and Window 2000. Both having the same issues either, application errors or login problem.

    Best solution? Removed Symantec 9 or upgrade to 10.

  3. Hello, same issue in France in many pc

    I found that SAV update corrupted winxp profile with Intel graphics card

    Our technicien changes memory from 512 to 1024Mo and it then works
    Other way is to start in ModeSansEchec(F8), restore last WinBackUp and then reboot to uninstall SAV
    Some post on Internet advises to change PagedPoolSize=ffffffff but i did not yet test it
    Hope it helps you

  4. Your steps is a lot of work in safe mode. hehehe...i go for the fasters route by removing the Symantec in Safe mode by running the SafeMSI (free) and revouninstaller.

    However, for the memory one, I will try and see if its work by changing the memory to 1024MB.

  5. Hello
    registry modification works
    in wrong loaded profile, launch the reg and reboot and everything comes back to normal
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]

  6. Thanks for the guide. I will try it on my office PC.


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