End of October

No one can imagine the days go so fast and now everyone are preparing for year 2011 soon. Not much activities weekend for me as long I don’t have nice car to drive around. Tomorrow will be another crazy day for me as I already start placing orders from HLJ sales period and stock up my tools. This time, Gundam will be included in the order as well.

What change my mind is because of the Yen exchange rate problem. As we do know Yen has been quite unfavor against US dollar and possibly rise for next year. So I decided to just go ahead stocking up my favorite Gunpla first since I got a rise this month. Not much and got to wait until Black Friday Sales then I makes my moves.

How about my Gunpla progress? Actually I already had built some of them, it just that I never thought of taking picture at the moment while waiting for display shelve to arrive. My current work now is working on MG 1/100 Destiny Gundam. No mod or details upgrade for this one. But I decided to do some color changes based on Heine Westenfluss color. Somehow, I made a huge mistake so there are area needed some color tune for it.

Stay tune for next Gunpla update!


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