Jumping to KIA Sportage 2011

Never thought I would simply jump to KIA Sportage 2011 after a still long wait for Hyundai Tucson 2010 from May this year. It was a final made decision yesterday. Although I am a little sad seeing Tucson slip away from my heart, it just doesn’t stop me switching.

Reason? Plenty I have to admit. Firstly, the price is little cheaper (B$29.250) than the previous booked Tucson 2010 only comes with two air bag and leathered seats. However, Sportage 2011 version gives more compare to Tucson 2010. It got LED daytime running lights, reverse camera & sensors, 18" alloy rims, side repeater lamps & electronic folding! The surprise also, it’s now comes with 5 years warranty or 150,00km (whichever comes first).

I never get a chance to attend the opening night in KB. Nonetheless I manage to check out the manual version and seeing some of them in the road today. Sportage 2011 surely is one of the value unbeatable crossover (or SUV) vehicles and beautifully designs by former Audi designer.

It is sad that leaving Hyundai Tucson 2010. If Setia Motor able bringing in the Hyundai 2011 version, I won’t be jumping to KIA because it definitely going to have similar Sportage 2011 features. Trust me. It looks more beautiful than 2010 version. Too bad they are not coming to Brunei, not until next year. Even though it already started selling in other countries, by that time, it could be doom to for most of us require paying 25% down payment first unless you are an idiot enough dumping all you’re saving into it.


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