Weekend Sad Shopping

Sad! Not quite a good day going for shopping spree for display shelves and installing car rain guard. I was hoping everything would be a nice day for some fun. Never thought it turns out total nightmare. Geezzz…

I went to check out yesterday for the display shelves and finally found it in Court Furniture Company. The sales told me there isn’t any stock available and have to wait for tomorrow confirmation. The display shelves looks promising to me, big, wide roomy for display and stronger compare to last make. The price is B$120.00 after discount. As for the office chair, none of them fit the taste and the head resting part simply too low. Well, unless I go for the expensive one. My friend told me to check out in capital instead because they are half cheaper. Car not yet arrived, so I have skip and find in other location or just keep using the old one.

There is other cabinet interest me also and thinking about having in the middle on my room so that I can easily arrange the clothes for which to wear on the spot. Rather than putting inside the cabinets clothes storage having hard time to search. My room does getting smaller and hell messy because of the increasing boxes (toys and PC hardware stuff), which is why I am hard finding for the plastic multipurpose drawer in KB. Forget about the other places. They are freaking expensive costing around B$40-60.00+. No way with that. Again, no car and last remaining location to look for is at Giant. Crap!


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