FP, Comic and CJ Hunt!

Same as usual, I can’t stop spending on toys without stop getting them. This month, same Transformers, but mostly a year old I miss back then. In these photos below, you will find Fansproject TFX01-city Commander trailer with TFX-03 weapon, Gundam Ecole du Ciel volume 1-11 set and Universe Cliffjumper and Movie Divebomb.

Gundam Ecole du Ciel volume 1-11 set – Always making the same mistake again and again. I should really just do survey first in eBay before getting in YesAsia.com. This is the Chinese version used comic books comes with full 11 volume. I paid nearly B$80+ (including shipping) and the books looks like new. Anyway, still die waiting for the latest volume.

Transformers Universe Cliffjumper and Movie Divebomb – I have searching for Universe Cliffjumper so hard in eBay. After doing my last resort searching in Google, I finally found a seller in Singapore eBay selling B$35.00 brand new! Damn that was real value for such hard to get in the market. It was luck.

As for Divebomb, I also got it from the same seller at B$25.00 brand new.

Okay, FP TFX01-City Commander is the most expensive (US$89.90) toys compare to the rest above. I never thought on spending on one toy but to complete the Ultra Magnus. I decided to go ahead while the US dollar is still weak. There won’t be a second same toy model I swear to myself. It’s nice, quality great but some part of the area are loose. Disappointed I had to say. Nonetheless, it complete my Ultra Magnus.


  1. With great passion, comes great spending bro... keep it up.... cheers


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