Should I Get Nerf Stampede?

I have been watching the reviews and checking out local Nerf community or blogs past few days. Man, it sure looks pretty fun sport and probably going to jump in any time soon. For guy like me, I also love thinking about collecting guns. Not sure most of you these days remember, super soaker was a hit and expensive also. Damn that was crazy fun and super wet back then with 40 guys like us shooting around at schools. Really miss those days. It is still selling today, but not quite popular for locals or sold these days.

So, which one do you think I like best if I planning to get one? Actually, Nerf Stampede ECS caught my attention the most. Oh well, yes, because it doesn’t no longer require to reload manually and done by electronic. But it looks cool and advance. Not to mention, many reviewers says it rarely jam up.

As for the pump models, one of my cousins did collect and join in the games. A good chance for me checks out his Nerf collections (mostly clear version). Nonetheless, looks really cool and allow customizing based on your taste. But it jams up a lot when shooting. I don’t know, maybe it needs maintenance or something or modify.

Anyway, I am still considering if getting Nerf Stampede next month. Yesterday I was doing window shopping and found a local toy shop selling around B$120 below (a bit less using membership discount). Okay, now I really am starting to feel so silly.

For your information, there are quite a lot of Nerf fans or group in Brunei. The easiest link you might want to check them out at BruNerf.


  1. yes u shud :) i have one and its awesome :D

  2. Probably next month i will decide again. hehe..


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