One Year Completed

This month is the mark of my first year with the new company I worked with. Well, yes I already received my bonus and ready to get roll with it. I have lots of thing in mind right now thinking what to during this month. The only shitty priority is I have to settle half of my mum payments and that sucks because I totally lost nearly 40% of the bonus. That’s right, too much Transformers and borrow money to paid car loan deposit.

Nope, I haven’t received my car yet. Totally good news to me for enough time preparing money for saving to ensure enough covers the future insurance fee. Probably chances of getting the car next month or December. Although I don’t really likes paying during end of the year. Still, it is not yet confirm from the sales agent.

The second priority on my wish list will be replacing my room office chair and a display shelves. I have been a long deciding getting one from IKEA. After checking out at Court Furniture Company few months ago with my friend, I discover a pretty nice quality big display shelves with glass window. The price is good also. The only problem is I’m not sure if it still available today. I am going to check out this week once the bonus cheque is clear at the bank. My toys are expanding without any stopping and too much boxes pilling up. I really need to do something about it.

The third will be PC storage upgrading and build a file server from my left over computer parts. Probably going to be the most spend on. There is no other choice, selling doesn’t worth much so better off continue using until it breaks.

I am really lucky too getting a raise next month. Lesser stress and more to spend on, hell, when am I going to stop? There is no telling at all. I do hope it will once my car is out. Since there won’t be enough money getting anymore toys at all. Uh…Oh….


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