Reveal of the Black Box

Last Saturday I received a missed call from the post office informing me a parcel just arrived. I first thought could be the RK pre-order for last month. Somehow it’s not the case after I open the black box.
Okay, want to guess first before hitting read more? Nah, I know you don’t care. Well, it’s a…….

Head Robots – Hot Head Upgrade Review

Here is another review for the third party maker toy from Hot Head is the second upgrade latest product released last month. The upgrade can be use on either Transformers Universe Hard Head and works with any Vintage Headmaster toys which is pretty damn cool.
It just too bad there isn’t any Headmaster body left around in my care. So in this review, I will be using Hot Head upgrade kit on Universe (Ultra Class) Hard Head figure. Yes, this is a redeco version of Onslaught and can only be found exclusively in Walmart US and hardly available in Asia market. The only way to get it is from direct eBay. Do note that the selling price might be going to be expensive by now due to the popularity upgrade kit already available in worldwide market.

What’s This?

I just received a call from the Post Office that a parcel sent from Singapore. I wonder what is this?

Hmm….a Optimus Prime drawing in the box. Nice~!

Racist Employee in Land Department?

Update: I was told by my friends that this guy is from KB and already a well known bad behavior. Even complains were been ignore by the head officers. So does that means the people inside are supporting him being racist?

Let me clear on this, I dislike racists. But I won’t stay on side watching this kind of drama happen. It appear that there are complains circling around from Bandar until KB that there is a male employee working in Land Department has a big problem (very unhappy) with people who were awarded or passes the Brunei citizenship trying to apply for housing and lands.

I myself really interested wanted to know who this guy was. No, I’m not going to beat or punch him because this asshole is a fucking chicken picking on elderly people and ladies. If it was me, I won’t let him off easily. This will surely complained to the head of the department and make sure he apologized.

I’m just a PR and only know there are two types of them. However, for Brunei citizenship, there are more I heard. Correct me if I am wrong. Those who pass the tests are considering 5th grade or something. So this guy pissed off at YOU trying applied for housing and lands. Not only that, he continue scolded the ladies that this lands is only for the only local Malays those who are 4th grade or higher. He went on calling them shameful and should be forbidden to get housing or lands.

No one knows if this idiot is proud what he is saying. But what he did is a barbaric behavior direct attack to all local Chinese, Iban, Dusun, Indian or other races.

No matter what, this is truly an ugly ways of making such drama. If you have problem with it, why not go ahead complain direct to His Majesty instead of getting yourself into troubles. If you got the BALLS. He is the one who gives us chance to take the examinations who wanted better future by obtaining yellow citizenship. Of course they had the right to applied something in Brunei. It’s not up to you decide who can’t get this or that. Only His Majesty who decide.

MG Gundam Destiny – FAITH Terrorism Customize MS

Mini Story:
C.E 74, November. After the second Bloody Valentine war ended and sign peace treaty between PLANT and Orb. The new FAITH organization has been reform again by Durandal former trusted councils, followers and secret recruit elite members planning to over thrown Lacus Clyne and newly appointed ZAFT councils.
In order to restart ‘Destiny Plan’, FAITH has decided to secretly manufacture numbers of advances MS ZGMF-X42S Destiny. During the mid-development, the engineers has improve Destiny into next level by using golden parts that found on both successor, Strike Freedom and the DSSD's (Deep Space Survey and Development) GSX-401FW Stargazer. This vastly improves the mobility and the performance two times than previous the model. It was known only one were successfully produce.
However, soon the plan was found out by ZAFT spies. The defense councils decided to hired mercenary to carry out the attack instead to avoid getting attention to Lacus.
Since it’s hard to sell off the MG Gundam Destiny, I decided to removed from the garage sell list and build it instead. No plan for the extra details except testing out the custom color which my original plan is for Heine Westenfluss rather than Shinn Asuka. Somehow, I messed up during spraying.
The whole color has been redone especially the orange parts. I’m not sure what happen to the yellow spray paint. It doesn’t stick well even doing the second layer spraying doesn’t help either. To solve that, I had to spray it with orange to fix this coloring issue. Also, the body has been painted in gold color to look pair with Strike Freedom. Luckily it didn’t turn out as bad as I think even with decals (30% left) match nicely. As for the face in black, could be the reason my obsession wanted to put them together with Seed VS Astray design. I just wanted to make it looks fiercer compare to normal color version.
I will start working on HG1/100 Gundam Vitue this week since it was done half way cutting and sanding. Same as usual, no details upgrade. Anyway, I will upload the action photo soon.

RK–November 2010 Order

Happy day! Finally a long awaited RK package from the post office this afternoon. It was supposed to be last week, but not sure why delaying for the third week. Probably because of the terrorism checking I guess.

Okay, here’s what I got. You might already guess by looking at this photo. However, I’m sure there is one packing looks unfamiliar to you. That is the second release 3rd party Hot Head upgrade for Transformers Universe Hardhead from which was released worldwide last month.

But I decided to grab later since it won’t easily sold out as the Universe Hard Head rarely sold in Asia. Yup, I got mine from eBay cheap after the announcement of the upgrade. Expecting a full Hot Head upgrade review soon.

Trip to Bandar + Window Shopping - Part 2

At the Mall, there are always limited shopping choices in my lists. I only need half an hour to finish walking around to find what I need, unless there are special events like PC Fairs or something. While continue to wait for my shoe and continue to suffer boringness. I decided to kill off the time and went to watch the latest movie called Skyline, which is a mistake choice btw. I should have gone for Unstoppable movie instead.

Anyway, I’m not going to spoil or reveal any story for Skyline movie. My personal view, the movie is good and possible part 2 coming. The only complain I feel about at the cinema Mall is putting TOO much and useless advertisement. What the hell are they thinking? I’m not quite sure if that is good way promoting the business or helping them to earn income. To me, it’s really annoying spending almost 10 minutes sitting there watching it.

Okay, after finishing watching the movie and receive the Adidas Watkins 2 running shoe. My next location is to new Time Square Mall. I never been there before and need to phone my friend up for direction. Once I got an idea how easy to drive there, the unexpected encounter is the roads is terrible small and fill with holes. I was again lucky enough to get the parking space in front of the main entrance.

Nothing fancy or many shops open yet there. Many of them still under renovations so expect the places look very boring and quiet. Nonetheless, I continue to check out the place and specially dropping by a furniture shop selling IKEA. I’m not really sure if that shop belongs to the same shop in JLN Mata Mata. The selling price is not what I really hoping for, only accessories are affordable from my point of view.

The only thing I got from there so far is plastic multi drawers at GIANT for B$29.90. Smaller and different than the one I brought from Soon Lee. Better than nothing, as long the design looks better than those selling double price and ugly.

Now, the next move is hunting for display shelves before heading home. I’m not really good with the locations in BSB. So I only drop by to the recommended places in Jalan Tutong. Sadly, most of them never sell display shelves I like. The one introduced me are old fashion design. What a dumb ass sales showing me such a tasteless thing.

It was a time waster for at least an hour. No more thinking and went straight to Star Home Enterprise in Mata Mata just get the Glass Detolf instead. Sad again, all were sold off. Dammit, why am I so unlucky at getting for display shelves? Either gets into fight with fucking sales girl in KB or gotten overly pricey display shelves and now out of stock. Dammit!

Anyhow, in the end I simply go for getting IKEA 1x Rigga clothes rack, 2x Bumerang Skirt (for jeans please) Hangers, 1x SKUBB storage 5C and lastly 1x set clothes hanger. All together cost B$85.50 and you can see the finished DIY clothes rack photo above. I am really happy with the purchase, never thought the Rigga clothes rack is a good quality made and stronger compare to those sold in Soon Lee.

On and all, it was a good trip to BSB for window shopping and most of the things that can now draw a cross on the wish list. Hopefully next time I go to BSB again able to grab display Detolf.

Trip to Bandar + Window Shopping Part 1

If it wasn’t Setia Motors insist me going up their main branch collecting the cheque personally. I won’t be planning to for some window shopping and had to borrow car from my sister. I really wish I could get my new car next month so that it will be easier next time.

Now, after collecting my cheque and went straight to the nearby Baiduri banking in the money before headed to The Mall. Morning was good over there and easily found a parking outside. I went straight to Maya Silk Emporium shop to check out Adidas running shoe. I not that kind of person bother much on the shoe design or latest products. As long it worked best for my barefoot and comforting during exercising. Since the guys told me they had to send the new pair from the store. I decided spend some time dropping by CH-ToyNation and Go Figure! including Kawan Ria toy shop for survey.

BTW, I got an Adidas Watkins 2 (Running/Course) shoe for B$120.00.

Ahem…Yup, I didn’t buy any single thing. I know I’m an asshole when it comes to pricing. But somehow, none were interests me except Gundam and trying to look out for MP Grimlock. Too bad, Kawan Ria pricing were so expensive that I have to walk off. Not all, some of them are okay with me especially the HGUC and limited bundle Unicorn with display head stand. I understand Yen has been weakening in the exchange rate and affect the entire business. Nothing against them, it just I use to buying and compare pricing from the internet so which makes me nowadays not use to buying through the local shop.


Go Figure Shop on the other hand has been expanding and improved. It’s good to see them started selling iGear products (Sorry! blur photo!), comics, t-shirts and Star Wars collection. Again, not quite a fan on comic characters except Halo and Metal Gear so far. I did however saw MP Grimlock display in the shelves. It is an open package and the price kinda too expensive for me to afford. I cannot tell if that is the limited released version seems like I have to search through eBay or wait for restock in RK.

Continue Part 2 soon.

HLJ Last October Order

Before I drive to capital yesterday, the first priority is to grab my stuffs at the post office. Both eBay and HLJ orders arrived at the same time. Still there is one more hasn’t arrive yet, which hopefully able to get it on this Saturday.

First thing first, what did I order? The photo above did give you a hint already. MG Gundam Ver.ka, HG1/100 Gale Strike, HG 1/100 Vent Savior, Hasegawa Valkyrie weapon set and lastly Astray Archives: 3D & Settei Materials Collection. I really recommend you guys getting this book if you are Seed Astray fans. The work is amazing and gives nice modeling conversion guide too.

However, readers know there are more in the box. Yes, most of them are restocking Kotobukiya plastic option parts and Gundam marker fine pens (black only). Except this time I brought a few HiQ Parts and new mono eye sensor stickers together with the order. Very nice details made and recommend to you guys as well if you plan on adding or doing modifications on Gunpla.

Actually I am planning for more on the orders. But I didn’t do it because I felt something is wrong with the Yen currency. The latest exchange rate recently shocks me a hell out of my money. $1.00 Brunei dollar is now against ¥60.00 which is now much lower than before. Luckily, I got my bonus last month and smart enough to hold the order until HLJ announced EMS 50% off promotion. All else, I am going to have lots of problem on December and probably upcoming Black Friday Sales.

I’m a Piss off Customer

The shittiest thing you don’t want to get involve is getting customers complain and reaching to the head department ears. Yesterday I posted my bad experience shopping in Court Furniture (Furnishing) in KB and decide call up their HQ manager explaining the sales girl rudeness behavior. Well, today there is another one torch the flame inside me again. This time, it’s about my refund for the Hyundai Tucson 2010 booking.

Same again, a sale girl, but she pisses off me instead. The reason is simple. I decided to cancel my booking because I waited for too long (around six months now) without any news about the availability. This turns on the bad mood mode in my head and switch to newer KIA Sportage 2011 instead. Now, since my KIA friend told me it doesn’t require depositing to apply the car loan last month. Of course, I want my refund back as soon as possible. B$400.00 is a lot of money to me.

I admit this also the main part triggers the argument between us. But she makes me no choice making call complain her to the head of department (again). I won’t reveal the name but she is well known experience car sales for many years now in KB (I heard). From my own point of view, I don’t think so.

Let me explain why I conclude that. Firstly, she missed call almost every time about enquiry about the documents and process of the bank application approval. What the hell? Is this how you deal business by miss calling and expect your own customer to call back you? I can’t believe a sales girl is being so cheap over the calls. She using DST line and even got a company phone line why and why not using it?

Not only that, she makes me wait and even missed the appointments more than once that arrange by her. Not informing she’s going to Bandar or unable to meet. I was there in front of their company wasting time waiting. Worst, I have to do the enquiry and call her myself! Who is a sales agent now?

When it comes to refund, it get even worst. Every company has its own policy, either the customers had to wait at least two weeks or maybe one month to get the refund. The problem is, I have no single idea or knew anything about the mention policy. She never told me anything and the only replied was ‘soon’. Of course I would feel nervous and continue to inquiry the refund every once a week because she told me soon. You see, I’m messaging her for update myself YET AGAIN! I’m doing all the work for the sales girl when it was supposed to be her work? This pisses me off greatly and decided become no more Mr. nice guy taking action against her.

Although things in the end turn out ugly. The refund cheque is ready for collection in BANDAR. The account told me I have to go there myself and no such service sending to KB. It suck you know I have to drive over there just to collect the payment this coming Saturday wasting my half day leave. Well, I will just do some window shopping during my time there since I’m planning to look for display shelves in Jalan Tutong area.

Display Cabinet Cancel

Those damn sales ladies in Court Furniture (or Furnishing) are pissing me off badly today which makes me decided to call off the order and look in other places instead. I don’t really remember if these Pilipino ladies are the same employee back then when it still in rental KB town building. Right now I am terribly angry and annoyed by their rudeness behavior.

My friends already warned me twice about the sales ladies are well known pissing people off. I choose to buy from there because it’s easy for to get access with the products instead of going direct to capital. Moreover, I don’t even have any car able to drive to there. There is one display shelf that interests me a lot and decided to get one. They told me it’s out of stock so have to wait for the restock. Of course without any second thought, booking is the only option. It’s big, wide and cost only B$120.00 after discount. I even gave them my phone number to contact me once it arrived. They never once call.

The excuse is simple, they lost the number. I have to get back there to get the update. This time, the stocks are in which it already assemble put on display. I reject it for few reasons. I told them beforehand that I want is none display product, secondly it look badly assemble and thirdly some scratch marking appear on the side. Seriously, who want that? I told them about it and suddenly showing rude expressions by telling me if I want a new one assemble it yourself. Not only that, they ignore me and went back to their sit chatting own languages.

From this moment it sparks the fire inside me and asked them again what they mean by that. They knew I’m pissed off madly and went on confirm me getting a new one down on Monday (today). After I went back, they suddenly told me there is no stock and have to wait for another two weeks. This is really what the fuck in the mind. I gave my numbers again and never bother informing me about this yesterday. This totally erupt the fire in my head and decided to cancel it.

I’m not going show any mercy and let this go easily because I am going to made the complain call to their manager in BSB tomorrow. I have been so patience waiting for coming month and suddenly getting this rudeness behavior treatment from them. They need lesson!

Employee Will Have 7 Days Leave Yearly Soon?

This is rather uninteresting RUMORS to all folks still currently looking for jobs or working right now. It appears that our Governments have recently approved a new rule that starting next year, new employees or already employ with any companies will only get 7 days leave yearly policy. That is seriously got to be WRONG!

I myself already complain 14 days leave is not enough and now we are going to get half? This is truly suck if this is going to happen. Nonetheless, some says it only affects only for the first year employee and some says that this rule applied to the Governments. No one knows which is true. So at the moment, everyone should hold your breath and wait for official news.

The Mall Food Court on Fire?

Just knew when I watch the video blog. BTW, I just knew this guy is a well known in local blogger who proclaim the best broken English in Brunei. Nothing against him whatsoever but it’s great to know about Tiger Lim. The only things I feel he suck are speak too much like Singlish. No Bruneian feels man!

Anyway, he report about the fire at the Mall below. Check out the video!

Angry Birds Up for Pre-Order

I am pretty sure you guys already read the news last month. You all are going to jump in for one five plush birds toys. Rovio will be selling five 8” plush birds for each US$14.99 and going to ship out in December holiday. It was told going to be limited! Of course, I also plan to get them fast. But for all of us living in Brunei, better hold off first because you don’t like to see what I am posting below.


Yes, the total shipping and handling for five Angry Birds cost me US$699.99 using UPS Saver. What in the world those birds made off? That was truly surprising and sad. So I sent out a mail for inquiry if that was a mistake. Hopefully I am able to get the answer by tonight or tomorrow.