Racist Employee in Land Department?

Update: I was told by my friends that this guy is from KB and already a well known bad behavior. Even complains were been ignore by the head officers. So does that means the people inside are supporting him being racist?

Let me clear on this, I dislike racists. But I won’t stay on side watching this kind of drama happen. It appear that there are complains circling around from Bandar until KB that there is a male employee working in Land Department has a big problem (very unhappy) with people who were awarded or passes the Brunei citizenship trying to apply for housing and lands.

I myself really interested wanted to know who this guy was. No, I’m not going to beat or punch him because this asshole is a fucking chicken picking on elderly people and ladies. If it was me, I won’t let him off easily. This will surely complained to the head of the department and make sure he apologized.

I’m just a PR and only know there are two types of them. However, for Brunei citizenship, there are more I heard. Correct me if I am wrong. Those who pass the tests are considering 5th grade or something. So this guy pissed off at YOU trying applied for housing and lands. Not only that, he continue scolded the ladies that this lands is only for the only local Malays those who are 4th grade or higher. He went on calling them shameful and should be forbidden to get housing or lands.

No one knows if this idiot is proud what he is saying. But what he did is a barbaric behavior direct attack to all local Chinese, Iban, Dusun, Indian or other races.

No matter what, this is truly an ugly ways of making such drama. If you have problem with it, why not go ahead complain direct to His Majesty instead of getting yourself into troubles. If you got the BALLS. He is the one who gives us chance to take the examinations who wanted better future by obtaining yellow citizenship. Of course they had the right to applied something in Brunei. It’s not up to you decide who can’t get this or that. Only His Majesty who decide.


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