Trip to Bandar + Window Shopping - Part 2

At the Mall, there are always limited shopping choices in my lists. I only need half an hour to finish walking around to find what I need, unless there are special events like PC Fairs or something. While continue to wait for my shoe and continue to suffer boringness. I decided to kill off the time and went to watch the latest movie called Skyline, which is a mistake choice btw. I should have gone for Unstoppable movie instead.

Anyway, I’m not going to spoil or reveal any story for Skyline movie. My personal view, the movie is good and possible part 2 coming. The only complain I feel about at the cinema Mall is putting TOO much and useless advertisement. What the hell are they thinking? I’m not quite sure if that is good way promoting the business or helping them to earn income. To me, it’s really annoying spending almost 10 minutes sitting there watching it.

Okay, after finishing watching the movie and receive the Adidas Watkins 2 running shoe. My next location is to new Time Square Mall. I never been there before and need to phone my friend up for direction. Once I got an idea how easy to drive there, the unexpected encounter is the roads is terrible small and fill with holes. I was again lucky enough to get the parking space in front of the main entrance.

Nothing fancy or many shops open yet there. Many of them still under renovations so expect the places look very boring and quiet. Nonetheless, I continue to check out the place and specially dropping by a furniture shop selling IKEA. I’m not really sure if that shop belongs to the same shop in JLN Mata Mata. The selling price is not what I really hoping for, only accessories are affordable from my point of view.

The only thing I got from there so far is plastic multi drawers at GIANT for B$29.90. Smaller and different than the one I brought from Soon Lee. Better than nothing, as long the design looks better than those selling double price and ugly.

Now, the next move is hunting for display shelves before heading home. I’m not really good with the locations in BSB. So I only drop by to the recommended places in Jalan Tutong. Sadly, most of them never sell display shelves I like. The one introduced me are old fashion design. What a dumb ass sales showing me such a tasteless thing.

It was a time waster for at least an hour. No more thinking and went straight to Star Home Enterprise in Mata Mata just get the Glass Detolf instead. Sad again, all were sold off. Dammit, why am I so unlucky at getting for display shelves? Either gets into fight with fucking sales girl in KB or gotten overly pricey display shelves and now out of stock. Dammit!

Anyhow, in the end I simply go for getting IKEA 1x Rigga clothes rack, 2x Bumerang Skirt (for jeans please) Hangers, 1x SKUBB storage 5C and lastly 1x set clothes hanger. All together cost B$85.50 and you can see the finished DIY clothes rack photo above. I am really happy with the purchase, never thought the Rigga clothes rack is a good quality made and stronger compare to those sold in Soon Lee.

On and all, it was a good trip to BSB for window shopping and most of the things that can now draw a cross on the wish list. Hopefully next time I go to BSB again able to grab display Detolf.


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