I’m a Piss off Customer

The shittiest thing you don’t want to get involve is getting customers complain and reaching to the head department ears. Yesterday I posted my bad experience shopping in Court Furniture (Furnishing) in KB and decide call up their HQ manager explaining the sales girl rudeness behavior. Well, today there is another one torch the flame inside me again. This time, it’s about my refund for the Hyundai Tucson 2010 booking.

Same again, a sale girl, but she pisses off me instead. The reason is simple. I decided to cancel my booking because I waited for too long (around six months now) without any news about the availability. This turns on the bad mood mode in my head and switch to newer KIA Sportage 2011 instead. Now, since my KIA friend told me it doesn’t require depositing to apply the car loan last month. Of course, I want my refund back as soon as possible. B$400.00 is a lot of money to me.

I admit this also the main part triggers the argument between us. But she makes me no choice making call complain her to the head of department (again). I won’t reveal the name but she is well known experience car sales for many years now in KB (I heard). From my own point of view, I don’t think so.

Let me explain why I conclude that. Firstly, she missed call almost every time about enquiry about the documents and process of the bank application approval. What the hell? Is this how you deal business by miss calling and expect your own customer to call back you? I can’t believe a sales girl is being so cheap over the calls. She using DST line and even got a company phone line why and why not using it?

Not only that, she makes me wait and even missed the appointments more than once that arrange by her. Not informing she’s going to Bandar or unable to meet. I was there in front of their company wasting time waiting. Worst, I have to do the enquiry and call her myself! Who is a sales agent now?

When it comes to refund, it get even worst. Every company has its own policy, either the customers had to wait at least two weeks or maybe one month to get the refund. The problem is, I have no single idea or knew anything about the mention policy. She never told me anything and the only replied was ‘soon’. Of course I would feel nervous and continue to inquiry the refund every once a week because she told me soon. You see, I’m messaging her for update myself YET AGAIN! I’m doing all the work for the sales girl when it was supposed to be her work? This pisses me off greatly and decided become no more Mr. nice guy taking action against her.

Although things in the end turn out ugly. The refund cheque is ready for collection in BANDAR. The account told me I have to go there myself and no such service sending to KB. It suck you know I have to drive over there just to collect the payment this coming Saturday wasting my half day leave. Well, I will just do some window shopping during my time there since I’m planning to look for display shelves in Jalan Tutong area.


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