Display Cabinet Cancel

Those damn sales ladies in Court Furniture (or Furnishing) are pissing me off badly today which makes me decided to call off the order and look in other places instead. I don’t really remember if these Pilipino ladies are the same employee back then when it still in rental KB town building. Right now I am terribly angry and annoyed by their rudeness behavior.

My friends already warned me twice about the sales ladies are well known pissing people off. I choose to buy from there because it’s easy for to get access with the products instead of going direct to capital. Moreover, I don’t even have any car able to drive to there. There is one display shelf that interests me a lot and decided to get one. They told me it’s out of stock so have to wait for the restock. Of course without any second thought, booking is the only option. It’s big, wide and cost only B$120.00 after discount. I even gave them my phone number to contact me once it arrived. They never once call.

The excuse is simple, they lost the number. I have to get back there to get the update. This time, the stocks are in which it already assemble put on display. I reject it for few reasons. I told them beforehand that I want is none display product, secondly it look badly assemble and thirdly some scratch marking appear on the side. Seriously, who want that? I told them about it and suddenly showing rude expressions by telling me if I want a new one assemble it yourself. Not only that, they ignore me and went back to their sit chatting own languages.

From this moment it sparks the fire inside me and asked them again what they mean by that. They knew I’m pissed off madly and went on confirm me getting a new one down on Monday (today). After I went back, they suddenly told me there is no stock and have to wait for another two weeks. This is really what the fuck in the mind. I gave my numbers again and never bother informing me about this yesterday. This totally erupt the fire in my head and decided to cancel it.

I’m not going show any mercy and let this go easily because I am going to made the complain call to their manager in BSB tomorrow. I have been so patience waiting for coming month and suddenly getting this rudeness behavior treatment from them. They need lesson!


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