HLJ Last October Order

Before I drive to capital yesterday, the first priority is to grab my stuffs at the post office. Both eBay and HLJ orders arrived at the same time. Still there is one more hasn’t arrive yet, which hopefully able to get it on this Saturday.

First thing first, what did I order? The photo above did give you a hint already. MG Gundam Ver.ka, HG1/100 Gale Strike, HG 1/100 Vent Savior, Hasegawa Valkyrie weapon set and lastly Astray Archives: 3D & Settei Materials Collection. I really recommend you guys getting this book if you are Seed Astray fans. The work is amazing and gives nice modeling conversion guide too.

However, readers know there are more in the box. Yes, most of them are restocking Kotobukiya plastic option parts and Gundam marker fine pens (black only). Except this time I brought a few HiQ Parts and new mono eye sensor stickers together with the order. Very nice details made and recommend to you guys as well if you plan on adding or doing modifications on Gunpla.

Actually I am planning for more on the orders. But I didn’t do it because I felt something is wrong with the Yen currency. The latest exchange rate recently shocks me a hell out of my money. $1.00 Brunei dollar is now against ¥60.00 which is now much lower than before. Luckily, I got my bonus last month and smart enough to hold the order until HLJ announced EMS 50% off promotion. All else, I am going to have lots of problem on December and probably upcoming Black Friday Sales.


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